I have a young cheating wife

After finding out my wife was the center of a gang bang I left her to think I was leaving her. It was the third time that I knew that she cheated. I had told her three times and I would be gone but this time she told me she was pregnant. I left her crying in the drive way thinking I was going to fuck the woman that paid her to fuck who knows how many men. Instead I went and had sex with her girlfriend,the girl my wife had tried unsuccessfully to get to join us in a three some .

I had seen Linda naked for the first time last night when they came home from the g.b. But I didn’t expect Linda to take me to her bedroom .She only did it after she filled me in on what they did the night before .She said that there were 7 or 8 guys that she had to keep hard, while my wife was tied to the bed fucking them.

“Their dicks were too big for me,” she said”but Mar was up for the challenge.I couldn’t believe how easily she took those dicks,” she said “I could barely get them in my mouth.When I saw yours last night I knew we could have fun”. She was saying that all while she was leading me to her bedroom. My cock was getting harder as we walked down the hall, just knowing what we were soon going to do.

“I don’t know why we haven’t done this before when Mar wanted me to ”Linda said as she let her robe drop to the floor. “I also don’t think Mar should know about this “ she said “keep in on the down load like she has done to you”.

It must have been that she had practiced last night sucking cocks that were much bigger because she easily took my 7 inch deep in her mouth.She moved my hands to her head where she wanted them and began fucking me faster with her mouth.

“I like this”she would say when she would take her mouth away. She then would lick and suck up and down my shaft. Her hands went from cupping my balls to stroking me,looking up into my eyes with just the head of my cock in her mouth.

She sucked and jerked me for almost a half hour and was pleased that I would last that long. Mar has programmed me to last to fulfill to her sexual desires. This was the first time I was able to do it for another woman.I pulled my shirt off and stepped out of my pants and said “lay back it is my turn”.I think she was surprised when instead of my cock going into her well trimmed pussy,it was my tongue .

She was holding her lips away from her tiny pussy until I was able to lick inside her hole then started running her hands through my hair. I was also good at that thanks to Mar and it didn’t take long to get Linda’s juices flowing.

She was taking deep breaths in between orgasms ,telling me how I was doing , but I could tell. When her legs would push her pussy up harder against my mouth,I knew.”God damn” she would say each time her pussy would tighten on my mouth. Each of her small orgasms would be more intense and emit more cum .

It was nice to be able to see up her belly and watch her small breasts rise when she took a deep breath. I watched as her small nipples began to grow longer while I orally pleased her . When I decided to move up and suck on them I put her thin legs over my shoulders.

She guided my head up to each nipple then back and forth on them until she seemed ready to take my cock.As I in positioned to to fuck her she said softly “go slow,and don’t cum in me”.She then took a deep breath when she felt my cock slipped inside her.She pulled my head down and kissed me as I slowly began a rhythm with each stroke. Her legs clamped around my body holding on to me while her tongue dipped farther in my mouth.

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