I Fucked Two Girls on Single Night

I’ve gone through promiscuous phases throughout my life. Sometimes it’s made me wonder if I’m a binge-sexer, in the same way some alcoholics are binge-drinkers. Anyway, during my first promiscuous period, I didn’t have the capacity to consider that my behavior was risky and even borderline predatory. I was just into photography, music, pot and getting as much sex as humanly possible. And I had a certain fearlessness that made that end up being quite a lot of sex.

This is about how I broke up with my 22 year-old girlfriend, Kat, in the spring of that year. Kat and I had been dating since shortly before winter break. She seemed out of my league at first but it turned out she wasn’t. I lied to her about my age and we hooked up the first night we met. We made out and I fingered her in her car. Later she found out I was just a freshman and decided to stay with me. She was a sort of former goth chick, dyed black hair, pale skin, tall, wore a lot of dark clothes. She was a criminal justice major. Would late be diagnosed as bi-polar.

Then, when we got back from winter break, she started finding out about the infidelities. The girls I’d had relationships in high school who I screwed around with back home, plus one girl at college I’d continued seeing into early in our relationship. We got in fights and one of them resulted in Kat calling me a narcissist, saying I needed help and kicking me out of her apartment. This must have been in February. I could have simply waited a week until we apologized to each other and were back together again. That had happened once before. But I shuddered when I though about going that long without getting laid. So I considered my options and decided to seduce this girl named Megan (18), who was in my criminal justice class.

Megan was a brunette with freckles, shy and really academically smart, but had a twisted sense of humor when you got her to open up to you. Which I did, whenever I saw her around. I could tell she was interested in me despite her better instincts. I asked her out after class one day. She hesitated, but I persisted. We ended up going out for pizza on Friday night. She wore a sexy purple dress and I, like a bum, wore an un-collared dress shirt and blazer. She came from a much more functional family background than me, I learned. She’d recently broken up with her bf from high school. I was fine with being a rebound.

Afterwards, we went to my pal Dirk’s ‘cocktail party ‘ hosted in his dorm room. Of course, it had just devolved into teen drinking by the time we arrived. I brought this expensive bottle of gin Kat had bought me. Unless you count the orgasm she had the night she bought it–me between her legs, pumping away like the movement of my life depended on it– I’d never paid her back. Tonight I did some shots with Megan and put my hand on the small of her back as she laughed after downing one and burping. She let me. I was gradually easing into things. Then I had my devious idea of how to accelerate her attraction to me. I went up to the hottest random girl I could find and started hitting on her in sight of Megan. I did exactly the same thing I’d done with Megan, because they were both wearing necklaces. I scooped her necklace into my hand and told it was pretty, asked her about it while looking into her eyes. Guess what? It did work on Megan. She was mortified and confused but also started to want me more.

I came back to her and told her that girl was just a friend. She was upset but never told me off, like she should have, in retrospect. I just made constant eye contact–my main method in those days–and asked if she was okay. I asked if it was about her ex. She had to nod at that. So the conversation got steered that way. We went out on the balcony and smoked a bowl and talked about it. She poured out all the drama that had been inside her and started crying. She laid her head on my shoulder and I comforted her. I knew I had her.

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