I Fucked My Best Friends Hot Daughter

Back in the late 80s My wife and I were living in Southern California. We had left our friends back here in Idaho. After a few years we were enjoying our life there and doing good financially. Our best friends were working on a farm back in Idaho and were tired of the low pay and decided to join us. They have 4 children. 3 daughters and one son.
Their oldest daughter had always had a crush on me. One night the kids were staying at our house. My wife had gone to bed early. The younger kids were asleep on the floor in front of the TV. Shannon came over and sat next to me on the couch. I had a blanket across my lap and legs. As we talked and watched TV she started to rub her hand on my thigh under the blanket. She was a beauty with a nice young body. She was 16 at the time and I was 30. She was also a virgin.
I started to get a hard-on thinking about the things that were happening. I set my hand on her thigh under the blanket. We knew this was wrong but it was too late. She moved her hand up my bare thigh as I was wearing shorts to my hard cock. There was no turning back now for me. She was jacking me off under the blanket. She lifted the blanket and put her head under and started sucking my cock. I was so excited I blew a load in her mouth. She was so happy and said she couldnt wait to come over next week again.
I wouldnt come so fast the next time I promised myself and her.
Let me know if I should continue. The story lasts till the present time as I still see her.

Our little get togethers continued in the same manner for the next month. With her sucking me off and I would finger her sweet virgin pussy. One day I came home from work just as my wife was leaving to take our kids and our friends kids to pizza. I said I felt dirty and was gonna shower and rest. Shannon said some friends were coming by to pick her up so we had the house to our selves.
I jumped in the shower thinking of her taking my cock in her mouth again. When I came out she was laying naked on my bed. I almost shot right there. She said she wanted to make love. I walked to her and knelt down between her spread legs and started to kiss her unused pussy. It tasted so sweet I didnt want to stop. As I licked and tongued she got hotter and hotter. wiggling and bucking and pulling my head hard to her. She came that first time with screams of passion telling me not to stop. I ate her for what seemed like hours then I pulled away and brought my cock to her hungry teenage mouth. She sucked and licked on me till I almost came in her mouth.
I got between her legs again and put my hard cock against her little pussy. I took several short strokes not wanting to hurt her. A little at a time till I felt that barrier. God I was so close to cumming already. I new once I popped her and pushed all the way in her I wouldnt be able to last long. I asked if she was ready and she told me to shove it in her. With one gentle push I felt that rip I had only felt once before in my life. She gave a little whimper and grabbed my ass.

She told me fuck me fuck me. And that I did. We fucked the afternoon away in every position we could think of. I shot load after load into her beautiful pussy. We got cleaned up in time before the group got home and they were none the wiser. We continued to get together every chance we got. Up in the mountains in the back of my truck. In the front seat of my 924 Porche. Not easy but can be done. For the next 2 years we were fucking every time we could get together until her family decided to move back here to Idaho.
My wife and I eventually moved back here also. We were in contact with the family but Shannon and I never got together again until last year. My wife had passed away so I was living the life of a bachelor. I had contact with everyone on Facebook. Shannon was now married with 3 children. One day on one of the games we were playing, she started flirting a little and she said she missed the fun we used to have. I agreed that I also missed them. We made plans for her to drop by the house.
She came by and yes we were fucking within 15 minutes. At least once a week she would come by and we would satisfy each other. One night she asked if I would help her with one of her fantacies. I asked what it was and she told me she wanted to be in the middle of 2 men. Wow I told her. I think that would be fun. And I went to work to find the right guy to share her with. I checked Adult Friend Finder and Craigs list. I got plenty of responses but we were looking for some one with an extreemly big cock.

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