I Fuck my First Pregnant Woman

I agreed to mow a friends lawn while they were away overseas.

The first time I did it their daughter Sue was there checking the house to see everything was ok.

She had a girlfriend with her. The girlfriend was pregnant.

When I came around to mow the back lawns I saw them in the pool and both were naked. Sue introduced me to her friend Jan. I knew Sue was single and I had dated her a couple of times. She was a good sport and had no problems being nude with me as we had both skinny dipped at parties I had taken her to. I had fucked her once. Neither of them was concerned about me seeing them naked. Jan I learned was just over six months pregnant when I enquired.

When I finished mowing the lawn I was about to leave. Sue asked me if I would like a swim as it was hot mowing the lawns. They seemed unconcerned about their nudity.

I stripped off and joined them.

Jan commented, “Nice cock”.

“And he knows how to use it too,” Sue added.

“Has he fucked you,? Jan asked.

“What are you doing later this afternoon?” I asked making a joke.

“Waiting for you to ask,” Sue replied.

“Looks like you are on a promise,” Jan said.

“Just so long as she doesn’t end up like you,” I quipped back.

They both laughed.

“Who is the lucky guy?” I asked thinking I may know her husband.

“Was,” Jan said. “He wasn’t my husband but we have parted. He didn’t want the kid and wanted me to have an abortion and I won’t go there. I will have it and see how I go handling it.”

“Shit, I am sorry to hear that,” I replied.

“Have you ever fucked a pregnant woman?” Jan asked.

“No, or got one pregnant that I am aware of.”

“Why don’t you and Jan have a quickie?” Sue asked. “I am sure she wouldn’t mind, she can’t get pregnant again. Would you like to fuck him?” Sue said looking at Jan.

“Wow, I thought he had just propositioned you?” Jan replied.

“I am sure he could handle us both. He has a nice cock, he knows how to use it I liked it with him.” Sue chided.

I was in the water and my cock began to rise. Neither of them had noticed.

“Ok, I am game if he is, I haven’t had one for a couple of months,” Jan replied.

It seemed I was not going to be consulted.

“Right big boy now’s your chance. Don’t pass an opportunity up like that.” Sue said encouraging me.

Jan was sitting on the steps into the pool and got up and went to the lounge by the pool. “Ok let’s not waste any time, I might change my mind.”

I followed her and as I left the water Sue said, “See he is nicely built, you will enjoy it I am sure.”

My erection was poking out in front of me and wobbled as I walked toward where Jan was laying.

Jan had her legs over the end of the lounge and said, “you may have to stand up, it’s a bit uncomfortable on top of me with my bump.”

She raised her legs and I put them on my shoulders and then guided my cock into her.

“oh that feels wonderful,” Jan said as I slowly pushed my cock down into her vagina.

The feeling was wonderful, despite being pregnant my cock felt tight inside her.

I began to fuck her as I would normally have done in the missionary position, I am not sure what you would call this. It was a form of missionary I guess.

It was hard at first as she was a bit low and I had to lean right over her to get the thrust right.

Sue said why don’t you put a couple more mattresses under you to get yourself a bit higher. That looks very uncomfortable as she watched me fucking Jan.

I pulled out and we gathered three more mattresses and Jan lay back again and I reentered her.

“Thar feels much better,” I said.

“I agree,” Jan said as I resumed my fucking of her.

By :maddie345

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