I found help when my husband could not get me pregnant

Don and I had been happily married for a year when we decided that it was time to start our family. Then we tried for almost a year to get me pregnant without any luck. We still made love at any time we wanted to just for fun but when I calculated that it was my fertile time we would make a special effort by doing it as often as we could, adjusting the room temperature, keeping my bottom elevated after Don came so all the sperm went to the right place and anything else that we had heard about to help. I could tell that he was getting frustrated and I felt that he was blaming me for not getting pregnant.

I suggested that we go see a specialist to find out if there was a problem but Don could not accept the possibility that he could have a sexual problem and would not agree to go. Finally one night I collected a sample of his sperm after we fucked and went by myself. The doctor said that he could not give a definite answer without a fresh sample but from what he could see he felt that Don had a very low sperm count and was probably infertile. I thought about telling my husband but I felt that it would crush his ego and make him feel like less than a man so I kept it to myself till I decided what to do.

For weeks I thought about what I would do. We could not have the doctor do anything because Don would know, even if I did not tell him and it was just because he saw the medical bills. Finally a thought came to my mind that I almost dismissed as not a possible solution. What if I had another man get me pregnant?

The more I thought about it, the stronger the idea became in my mind. I started looking on-line at the sex ads. I singled out ads from guys that were much like us in skin, hair and eye color. I would not want to give birth to a baby that nobody would believe was Don’s. I researched the ideal age for a man to get a woman pregnant and what the odds were that I would get it done from a one night stand. I was talking myself into doing it.

I decided that I needed as many sperm as possible swimming their way up my passage to find my egg as possible and what if one didn’t make a connection or what if the guy I picked was also infertile? My mind came up with the answer even though I could not believe that I would actually do something like that. I decided that I needed to let more than one guy fuck me and fill me full of sperm.

I was not a virgin when we got married and Don knew it. I had slept with two boyfriends prior to meeting Don but I had never done anything like what I was thinking about doing and I was not sure I could do it but whenever I thought about it, I would get a funny feeling and I would soak my panties. Then I would fuck Don like a mad woman and come quickly and easily.

Yes, I was going to go thru with it. I made up my mind. Don had told me that in two weeks it was opening day of trout fishing season and wanted to know if it were OK with me if he went up in the mountains with a couple buddies for a couple of days of trout fishing. I said sure. Later I checked my calendar and the timing was perfect. I would be at the peak of my fertile period while he was gone.

The next day I got on the internet and selected five ads to respond to, to be able to select a couple guys to help me with my plan. I used a fake name and told them that I was looking to have my first fling with more than one guy. I told them that I was twenty-three with long natural blond hair. I said I was five foot four and 122 pounds with 32C boobs that did not sag. That was all true. I made up the name Amy. I thought a couple of them would probably agree. Things did not go exactly as I thought they would. Four of them excitedly said yes. The fifth said he already had a hook-up arranged for that night but he wanted to stay in touch to get together some other time.

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