I forced My Mother to Fuck!

My name is Gary and I have just turned 20, but since I was 15, I have had sexual urges for my mother. Every time I look at my mother, all I can think is how much I would like to take my 9-inch cock and just ram it into all her holes. Mom is a college professor at our local college and I see that lots of college men and other professors see mom as woman they would also like to fuck.

My mother, Taylor, is a gorgeous thirty-eight-year-old redhead, has medium long hair and green eyes. Mom wears sexy short flare skirts that really show off her long legs off, I quickly get a hardon when I see her short skirts. Mom likes to wear very skimpy bathing suits when she swims at our house pool, I often just think of forcing her down and fuck her brains out. My father for years had long gone, it was only me and mom living in our house. I knew that if I ever started to force her, I couldn’t back out, I would have to follow through and force her into fucking. I don’t know if she would scream or something, but no matter the consequences, I am resigned to fucking my mother brains out!

I have placed hidden mini cams in my mother’s bedroom, make recordings of her taking her clothes off and watching her fully naked. When watch mom’s naked videos all I can think is, man, what a MILF and I jack-off watching her videos. I also like to view mom’s recordings of mom in the mornings when she is dressing especially, to see what design and color panties and bra she will be wearing for the day. Sometimes I wonder what mom would say or do, if she knew that I know every stitch of clothing she wears down to her panties every day. I take the opportunity every time I can to look up mom’s skirts and confirm she is wearing the same panties I saw her slip up her beautiful legs and ass during the morning recordings.

Through the recording I discovered that mom has a hard time sleeping, so she takes 10mg of melatonin before she goes to sleep, and the melatonin makes her sleep real deep. I found it was melatonin because I went into her room when she was gone. I researched the sleeping aid and found out it makes some people sleep very deep, just like mom. I started going through videos and she did sleep without waking up and this gave me an idea.

It was about 11:30 at night, I was watching mom on my laptop, mom was sleeping very deep. She had a blanket that was partially off her and I could see she was sleeping in sheer short white nightie. Mom appeared to be sleeping deep so I wanted to go to her bedroom and feel her off. My plan was to walk over to her bedroom door and knock, if she answered I would say, I thought she called me. I walked over to her bedroom door and knocked on her door, there was no answer. I knocked again, and still no answer, so I slowly opened the door and walked over to the bed where mom was sleeping, I slowly removed the rest of the blanket and mom, looked gorgeous in her nightie. I could see mom’s gorgeous tits right through her sheer nightie, I raised her nightie and mom was not wearing panties. I was finally staring mom’s beautiful shaved pussy, wow, more than ever I wanted to fuck her.

I quickly moved grabbed one of the hidden cams and brought over to record mom’s pussy and tits right up close. As I was recording video of her pussy, I got brave enough and touched it several times, I hoped mom would not wake. I touch her pussy several more times and after I was confident she was in deep sleep, I slowly inserted a finger in her pussy, I quickly felt her pussy juice and it felt great. I did nothing but leave my finger inserted for about another 5 minutes, then I started moving my finger very slowly in and out, about a minute later mom started moaning lightly, I kept on going and mom kept on moaning, it looked like she was really enjoying my finger. Mom suddenly started turning around and I quickly withdrew my finger from her pussy, but she did not wake up, mom was still sleeping very deeply.

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