I couldn’t say no

I’m a single dad, my daughter Halle is growing up way to fast.

The usual routine was no different this night, put her to bed, then we would talk for a while.
Halle is a smart girl, and I think she pretty much always knows what she’s doing. As she jumped into bed this night, I noticed she had no panties on. I asked her why she didn’t have any on, I dunno is all she said.

She lifted up her gown with out thinking twice, and said see I don’t have any on. She also exposed her hairy little pussy. I looked on for the brief moment she allowed me. Then she pulled it back down.

She had a big smile on her face, and said Dad did you see something you like? I said, what?
Halle asked me if I wanted to see it again, ok, was all I could think to say.

She sat up in bed, pulled her gown over her knees and said go ahead and look again.
I peered up under her gown, my heart pounded as I saw her fully erect clit, nestled inside her pussy lips. I gazed at it for about 3 minutes, inspecting and exploring. Then she said, ok my turn.

Your turn? For what? She asked if she could see mine. I was blown away. I was already almost hard but I took a breath of air and stood up, I stood there for a second not sure what to do.

Halle said go ahead, I wanna see yours. Ok, I slowly pulled my zipper down, she looked up at me with her beautiful brown eyes, I felt the love of a father, and I reasoned that it’s better she learns this from me than somebody else.

I pulled my semi erect cock out and let her see it. She moved closer to get a better view, then she asked if she could touch it. I said go ahead sweet heart. Halle slowly ran her fingers along the tip, then the shaft, Wow dad it looks funny. It’s a cock I told her, they all look like this. After a few minutes of show and tell. I put her back to bed. Then the questions came. We talked about masturbation, what different words meant and so on. I was getting pretty turned on, she told me that sometimes she rubs her self and she gets a tingly feeling. I explained about orgasm’s and what it’s called. I told her that when she wants to rub her self it’s because she is Horny. She said I’m horny all the time then dad.

With that being said, I asked her to show me how she rubs her self, so I could see if she was doing it right. She eagerly pulled off her gown, revealing her beautiful young breasts. My cock sprang to life.

Halle started rubbing her pussy with her middle finger, I asked how long it normally takes her to cum, she said usually about 10 minutes. To long I thought to myself. I said I know a way to make you feel good a lot faster, How she asked. I told her with my tongue. Show me she said. I nudged her legs open and positioned my head between her legs, her juices were already flowing, I parted her young sweet pussy lips and started licking her clit, mmm baby you taste good I said, she moaned as I continued licking and pushing my tongue inside her very wet pussy. Oh daddy that feels good she moaned, don’t stop. My cock was rock hard as I ate my daughters young pussy out. It was the best pussy I had ever tasted.

Halle started trembling and pushing against my mouth, she was moaning louder now, I knew she was about to cum. I kept going sliding my tongue into her mound, deeper and deeper, my mouth fully engulfed her she grabbed my head and pulled me into her. I slowly slid a finger into her soaking wet pussy as I licked and slurped up her juices. Oh Daddy, that feels so good oh my gosh, daddy yes, daddy yes, oh my god daddy yes. She started to cum as I tried to get every last bit of her pussy juice.

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