I Cheated

(Well I love sharing true stories so this is my first time doing it here. I am attempting to write some good stories and I use a lot of my experience from real life in my stories. I’m attempting to become better at writing but sometimes I get a little sloppy especially when trying to write a memory or something so please bare with me. Thanks!)

In all honesty this story isn’t one of my finest moments but sexually I loved it. This story deals with me cheating on a boyfriend when we were having a rough time and I know that doesn’t excuse it or make it alright but like I said I feel as though it is a good erotic story.

When I started high school my brother was beginning his junior year. We always got along but when I got to high school we actually started to become pretty good friends and I started being friends with a lot of his friends as well. One particular friend was a guy named Dustin and he and I actually began dating as my freshman year came to an end.

Dustin and I actually had a really good relationship through high school. We shared a lot of first and just like a lot of relationships had our ups and downs. When he graduated he left for college and we had our first experience with a long distance relationship. We fought a little more while he was away but I think we still did pretty well.

Well I guess when Dustin was at college he hit some money problems and maxed out a couple of credit cards and ended up leaving after a year and coming back to town. When he got back he didn’t have a job and spent any money he had trying to pay off some bills he had racked up. He did some work for his parents but till he had a job his parents didn’t want him driving around or going out a lot.

So when I started my senior year Dustin was back in town but I had to drive to his house five miles out of town to see him most of the time. I also had started my first job and was working as a cook for a local restaurant and most nights this meant I worked till ten or eleven. Afterwards I would make the drive to his house but we only had an hour or so together before I needed to get home and go to bed. Also by the time I got out there both of us were usually tired so we tended to put in a movie and fall asleep.

At this time my brother was still living at home and working part-time for a local news station as a camera man. One of our other friends Stewart was kind of a party guy and still trying to figure out what he wanted to do but his family wasn’t really enjoying him taking his time. They ended up having a huge fight and kicking him out of their house. He went to my brother and asked if he wanted to get an apartment together but neither really had the money. My brother came up with the alternate suggestion that maybe he could stay at our house for a little bit in the extra bedroom we had. He asked our parents and they said they were fine with it.

Well when I’d get home from seeing Dustin, Stewart would often be up as he was a night owl. He and I were friends so he’d often ask me how my day went and we’d just sit down and talk for a little bit. My brother and he worked opposite schedules so I think he was just happy to have someone to talk with. So it became pretty common for us to talk for a little bit after I get home from work or from seeing Dustin.

Well as you can imagine with Dustin we weren’t exactly having a lot of sex. Not that we had tons before because I didn’t want to get pregnant. Here we were though only getting together after both having long days so were both tired. His parents are either out in the living room or in their bedroom and usually I just got done with work so I smell like a restaurant and that doesn’t exactly set the mood for me. We messed around here and there but nothing like full out and out sex.

By :~AngelBrooke~

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