I changed my profile from MSF to MSM for the first time

About six months ago, my girlfriend broke up with me. We just didn’t see eye to eye anymore. She also became uptight with sex, things eventually fizzed out. I decided to try some online dating. It did work Ok, I managed to go on a few dates with some of the woman I met online. Problem was, things just didn’t go that well with any of them. They were either way overweight, or looked a lot older in person. None of them were genuine at all, they all seemed like they just wanted a free meal.

I was getting frustrated and horny for some good loving. I was tired of beating off to the same old things. I just wanted to get laid on a regular basis again, with a new hottie. I was even considering getting a hooker or going to a cat house outside of Vegas for some relief. I was keeping my options open.

Then one day after seeing a happy gay couple at the market, I began to wonder what sex with another guy would be like. So I started watching some gay male videos for the first time. There are tons of great ones out there. Most of them really turned me on, a lot more than I expected. I began to really enjoy watching good looking guys in speedos or sexy underwear getting hot for each other. I loved seeing guys cocks growing, as his partner massaged his cock. The whole process had me hard as a rock. I especially liked the videos of younger guys with big smooth cocks going at it. I can never get to the end of these video’s before I shoot cum all over the place. My bi-curiosity was growing fast. I was considering a male lover for the first time.

I began to gradually desire touching another mans body, in a sexual way. I started wanting to feel a nice big cock swell and grow big in my hand. I wanted to give a blow job and feel warm cum shooting into my hungry mouth. I wanted to take a guy from behind and I wanted to be taken all the way too.

I just wanted to try it once, to see if it really was all that great. If it wasn’t for me, I’d go back to looking for a new girlfriend and keep it a secret to my friends and family. If I did enjoy it, I’d have to see where it went. I had to find out for myself if it was something I would thoroughly enjoy. Some of the guys in the video’s I watched, I could definitely go for in person. I was sure I would be brave enough to try it for real, with the right guy.

As I went about my business the next few weeks, I began to check out guys in a new way. I noticed there bodies and gestures more. I started going to the gym several times a week and was attracted to some of the guys there. I also began to shower at the gym every time, something I never did before. I liked checking out the guys in the shower, from the corner of my eye. Watching some of the guys dressing was exciting too. This always got my heart racing, as I tried to play it cool. There were a few guys at the gym I wanted to experiment with but I felt way too weird to hit on any of them. Plus they were not the gay type as far as I could tell.

I was thinking of going to a gay bar and other ways I could meet a hot sexy guy, to experiment with. Then I thought about online dating again but instead of MSF, I could change my profile to MSM. I decided that would be the best way to find a nice guy without embarrassment. So I went for it.

I had fun setting up my new MSM profile. First, I spent a few hours taking body selfies in thongs and bike shorts around my place. Then I downloaded the pic’s to my laptop. I had fun working on my new profile, hoping to appeal to the right type of guy.

By :bogey4u

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