I Catch My Son Son and Daughter Having Sex!

I decided to take off from work early and go home to relax around our swimming pool. When I get home, I notice my married son’s car in the driveway. He has a key to our house and comes over now and then to borrow his Dad’s tools. Anyway, I am always glad to see him because he gets tired of his wife’s pussy and comes home to get some of mine every now and then. As soon as I walk in the back door, I can hear my son and daughter arguing. I can see them in the living room perfectly, but they don’t notice I am in the kitchen watching them.

Andy is holding Amber’s bikini top up in the air while Amber jumps up trying to get it back. She says “Give me back my bikini you fucking pervert!” Andy keeps her bikini top high up in the air and reaches out with his other hand to touch his sister’s bouncing breasts. Amber slaps his hand away, then takes a couple of steps backward and says “Andy, if you are looking for a piece of ass, then you are going to have to wait until Mom gets home! My boyfriend already fucked me twice this morning, and that is all I need for one day!”

Andy says “Did he fuck you in the ass?” Amber replies “No, he didn’t fuck me in the ass! You are such a pervert!” Suddenly, Andy puts his arms around his sister and holds her close while he tries to kiss her. Amber struggles for a few moments, then gives in and begins french kissing her brother. She starts moaning as Andy slides his hands down underneath her bikini bottoms and begins squeezing her tight little ass cheeks. After a couple of minutes Amber takes couple of steps back and pushes her bikini bottoms down to her ankles. Then, she says “Okay Andy, you know how much I like having anal sex! Get your clothes off right now and let’s fuck!”

Andy quickly strips out of his clothes, then Amber gets down on her knees and starts sucking his cock to make it hard. She loves sucking her brother’s cock and softly moans while she strokes the shaft back and forth while sucking on the purple head. After a couple of minutes, she turns around and gets into the Rockygy position. Andy gets down on his knees behind her and spreads her ass cheeks apart. Amber looks over her shoulder at him and says “Don’t just shove it dry into me! Fuck my pussy a few times to get it lubricated!” Andy runs his cock up and down his sister’s pussy lips a few times, then thrusts his hips forward. About four or five inches of his cock disappear into her pussy, then he pulls his cock almost all the way out, then shoves it back in again. Amber starts screaming “Fuck me Andy! Fuck me good!” Andy screws her for three or four minutes, then she looks over her shoulder at him and says “Okay Andy, that’s enough! Now, stick your cock in my ass!”

I watch as Andy’s hard cock slowly disappears into is sister’s little brown asshole. After a few attempts, he gets the whole thing inside and begins to slowly fuck her while he reaches around to her front and plays with her young little breasts. Amber is really enjoying the sensation of having her Brother’s cock inside her ass, and says over and over again “Keep fucking Andy! Keep fucking me! Please don’t stop!” Every once in a while, she will look over her shoulder at her Brother, and he will lean forward and tongue kiss her for a few moments.

Watching my two children having sex in our living room is making me horny, so I strip naked and walk towards them. Amber sees me first and is very startled. She screams at her Brother “Oh my God Andy, Mom is here! Get your cock out of me right now!” Amber starts struggling to get away from him, but he wraps his powerful arms around her waist and prevents her from moving. After a few moments, Amber settles down, then Andy looks over at me and says “Hi Mom! I couldn’t wait until you got home from work, so I decided to fuck Amber instead!” Immediately, Amber says “That’s the truth Mom! This was all his idea! I didn’t want him to fuck me! He forced me down on the floor and shoved his cock inside me!”

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