I Arrange Two Women for My Man

“Why not?, I owe Roger after that lot,” I smiled back. A week later we have arranged for Mary to join us.

“I want to pleasure both of you, we should have done this before now, I have been so horny ever since I watched you with two hung men, very horny. And the way they both kissed your arse was really something, I loved that.” she confided over coffee during the week.

“Have you been using your vibrator?”

“Yes, I have been Sarah. Would you like to watch me?” Mary asks sheepishly.

“You took the words out of my mouth, I was going to ask if you would like me to watch you use it?”

“It’s a cliche, but let me change into something more comfortable for you.”

Mary reappears a short time later in killer heels and a just a skimpy blouse with all the buttons undone, “I learnt to dress like this after watching you, less is more.”

“My man would like to watch you doing that,” I smile very aroused as I watch Mary sliding her vibrator into her cunt lips.

“I haven’t seen a naked woman for more than a month, and I haven’t had a woman since then either,” I tell Mary.

“You are turning me on, really turning me on,” I whisper as I tongue kiss her.

“I was a little bit naughty this afternoon, I watched Mary pleasure herself with her vibrator, it was very exciting for me,” I smile sheepishly at Roger as we finish our dinner.

“You know she wants to pleasure both of us on Sunday. After today I can’t wait for her to have me while you watch.”

Without saying a word Roger undresses me (I wasn’t wearing much, as I expected this) and bends me over the dining table, parts my legs and thrusts his rock hard eight-inch cock into me.

“Tell me what happened, did you have sex with her?”

“No I just watched. It really was exciting watching a naked woman pleasuring herself. ”

“Was that all?” he asks thrusting his very hard erection into me with his hands holding my arse cheeks.

“Was that really all?” he asks again as he slides his full length into me as his body slaps against my arse.

“We tongue kissed when she was getting close to orgasm.

“And we kept on tongue kissing until her second orgasm, then her third.

“When she was close to her fourth she told me she wanted to kiss my arse just like you two men did on Sunday. That was very exciting for me.

“Then when she was about to cum for the fifth time she was begging me to let her lick my cunt.

“So I let her and baby it was good, so exciting, almost as good as you fucking me now.

“Remember I had never had a lesbian experience until you organised the first one.

“Right now baby, right now, cum with me.”

“What a fuck that was baby, can’t wait to watch you and Mary together,” he whispers in the afterglow.

“Another lady is visiting us tomorrow and she wants to do to you what I am doing you right now,” Roger tells me on the Saturday as he is licking my eager cunt lips and has me on the brink of orgasm. “Would you like me to watch her pleasuring you?”

“Yes, you know I would. You know I love you watching me be pleasured by another person. I have had men and women provide sexual pleasure for me while you watched, often at the same time,” I tell him as I shudder and cum.

“What would you like me to do while I watch,” he asks as he has me close to my second orgasm while he continues licking my very wet cunt.

“You usually masturbate for me, would you like me to suck your eight-inch erection while Mary is licking my cunt?” I tease just before I cum again.

The next day after we showered together and prepared for Mary we debated what to wear for her. “Why not just wrap a towel around ourselves? Then Mary can undress us, but you need heels,” Roger suggests.

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