About 3 years ago, Scott came home from work, put his briefcase down by the front door, and hurried into the kitchen to find his wife, Amy, preparing dinner.

“Amy, I need a pretty big favor, and it might help me get a promotion at work.”

“Oh, yeah?” she said. “What’s that?”

With a sheepish grin Scott said, “My boss needs a place to stay while his house is being renovated and I offered our place for the next few weeks. He was going to stay at a hotel, but I think having him stay here might tilt the scale in my favor when he promotes someone to the vacant regional sales manager position.”

Amy looked up and said, “What?? A few weeks! That’s a long time. Isn’t he married? What about his family?”

“Yeah, his wife and kids are staying at her mother’s place in North Carolina while the renovations are being done.”

Amy wasn’t crazy about the idea, but she could see how excited Scott was about trying to impress his boss, so she grudgingly nodded, saying, “Sure…I’ll make up the guest room.”

Scott grabbed her from behind in a big hug, kissed her on the cheek and said, “Thanks, honey…..I think this is going to work out great.”

Two days later, Scott came home with his boss and Amy got to meet Derek for the first time. He was a pretty good looking guy, about 6 years older than Scott, and seemed nice enough. The three of them ate the dinner Amy had cooked and spent some time enjoying each other’s company. Scott was happy to see that Derek and Amy seemed to be getting along really well….they even seemed to have a flirty vibe going on, which Scott felt would definitely help his promotion prospects with his boss.

After dinner Scott suggested they all change into bathing suits and spend the rest of the evening drinking wine and chatting out by the pool. Derek and Amy agreed, and they all headed to their rooms to change.

Amy was an attractive and youthful thirty-two, and still had a gorgeous body. With 36DD tits, and a slim waist, she wasn’t oblivious to the looks and nods she received from men…and women….wherever she went. As Scott pulled on his swim trunks, he called over to Amy to wear her sexy bikini…the hot pink one that barely covered her nipples. She looked over at Scott with raised eyebrows, and Scott nodded, saying, “I’m sure Derek will be impressed, and every little bit helps, right?” Then he left the room to join Derek on the pool deck while Amy changed.

Amy shrugged, pulled out her hot pink two-piece and slipped it on. She glanced in the mirror, knowing what she would see….an attractive brunette, with big, natural boobs….in a bathing suit that did nothing to hide or constrain them. She liked the feeling of near nakedness in this swim suit, so she actually felt quite attractive and confident as she stepped through the patio doors to join her husband and Derek by the pool.

Derek was lying on a chaise lounge by the pool, and Scott was pouring glasses of wine at the patio bar. Both looked over at her when she came out of the house and whistled. Amy stepped over to the chaise lounge next to Derek, her heavy hangers swaying back and forth as she walked. She was pleased to see that Derek couldn’t take his eyes off her wobbling boobs as she sat, then laid down, on the chaise lounge next to his.

Derek looked over to Amy and, fighting to keep his eyes from focusing on the nipple bumps in her bikini top, said, “Amy, I just want to thank you again for letting me stay here while my house is being worked on.” With a handsome grin, he added, “I know it’s an inconvenience, but I’ll try to be the most pleasant houseguest you’ve ever had.”

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