Husband, wife, mistress and lesbian lovers

“You bitch, you fucking, dirty, cheating bitch.”

“What? What are you on about?”

“You know full well what I’m on about.”

“Look quieten down and come in,” Amanda said looking past the distraught, slim blonde woman screaming at her from the front door of her terraced town house. She saw the Mini with two wheels on the pavement, the door open and the engine still running.

“Don’t fuckingwell tell me what to do you sodding cow.”

“Fiona, I have no idea what you are on about, so why not sort out your car and come in and have a cup of tea?”

“Tea, you’re fucking my husband and you offer me tea!”

Amanda eventually persuaded Fiona to move the car and come inside.

They had known each other for three or four years having been neighbours until almost a year ago, when Fiona and David had moved to a large rambling house a few miles into the country from the Essex suburb where the townhouses were located. David’s business had boomed and he was making big money, hence the move.

Fiona and David had been very helpful when Amanda bought and moved into the town house adjacent to theirs. Her divorce from her husband of fifteen years had just come through and, although she had learned how to do things around a property, she had didn’t have a man to help her and so David was extremely useful as she sorted the place out. Fiona was equally helpful as Amanda settled in and the three of them became firm friends.

Both in their late thirties, the girls had lots in common including having no children, but were different in many ways. Amanda was a career woman. She had a high powered job in a medium sized advertising agency, whereas Fiona didn’t seem to work at all and looked after David’s every need. When younger, she had been a moderately successful actress, having bit parts in a few soaps and doing quite a lot of repertory theatre work and a model, mainly for catalogues, but also for some TV ads. And a little ‘glamour’ stuff. She was still registered as an actress and model and did go on the occasional audition or reading.

They were very different physically. Fiona was blonde, Amanda had chestnut coloured hair that she wore long, tumbling down onto her shoulders; Fiona’s was cut short in a bob with a long wave at the front, which continually fell down over her stunningly blue eyes. Amanda had a rounded figure with full D cup breasts and a curvaceous body. Fiona was taller and slimmer with a ‘fashion model’s’ figure; long, long legs, flat tummy, a slim body, pert, at most, B cup boobs and an amazing bum, which was beautifully round, tight and shapely, a real head turner in tight jeans, which she wore frequently.

As Fiona moved the car so Amanda had to think quickly, she would have liked to phone David, but there wasn’t time. She made the tea and, just as Fiona came back in shutting the front door behind, she lit a cigarette.

“Can I have one of those?” Fiona asked, surprising the other woman who didn’t know she smoked; not that Amanda did much, mainly feeling the urge after dinner or sex.

“Of course.”

They sipped their tea and smoked their Marlboro Lights.

“I know you’ve been seeing him you know,” Fiona said looking at Amanda.

“What are you saying?”

“I know.”

“What you mean you know?”

“I just know it’s you.”

“What’s me?”

“The bitch David has been fucking, it’s you.”

Amanda was thinking furiously trying to work out the best way to handle this. She had a quick mind and was brighter than Fiona, who was very much a girly woman and not too shrewd, but she was finding difficulty in working out the best way.

“Why do you think he’s been with anyone.”

“I know, wives just know that sort of thing.”

“Yeah tell me about it,” Amanda said thinking back to her wreck of marriage, which had failed due to both of them screwing around.

“And I know it’s you, you bitch and I thought we were friends.”


“You know I have always fancied you,” David said as he broke the kiss with Amanda and, lifted up the hem of the black, cashmere sweater she was wearing. He pulled the sweater over her right breast and kissed it through the black silk and lace of her delicate bra. He sucked on her already swollen nipple and let his hand fall onto her upper thigh in the tight, white jeans. “And I know you’ve always fancied me as well, haven’t you?”

Amanda didn’t reply, there was no need for what he was saying was true. She had fancied David almost from the moment they had met when she moved into the house next to his and Fiona’s. He was her type of man. Quick witted, bright, vibrant, with a great way with words, a self deprecating sense of humour and bags of get up and go and drive. He was the type that got things done and made things happen, no wonder, Amanda often thought, his business was successful. She often also thought how the hell he and Fiona went together, concluding that she was the sort of trophy wife men like David seemed to collect. Beautiful airheads to marry and women like me to fuck, she thought as he eased her breast out of the bra and sucked greedily on nipple.

“That’s as maybe, but that doesn’t mean I am going to sleep with you,” she replied, pushing him away and wiggling her bra back in place.

“Why not?”

They were in the kitchen of Amanda’s house on a Saturday morning. He’d turned up unexpectedly and she’d made some tea. As they finished that he had kissed her. It wasn’t the first time they had been alone together. He had seen her at a bus stop outside Buckhurst Hill Central Line station one evening a few weeks ago and had given her a lift home. They’d chatted and stayed in his car outside her house for quite some time with the main topic being how unhappy he was at home and with Fiona. That was a subject they had often discussed when they were neighbours and he would pop in. Several times he had tried it on in visits like that and whenever they went to parties or functions he monopolised her on the dance floor, occasionally getting an erection as they danced and doing nothing to hide it, in fact he exaggerated it by pressing himself hard against her.

At first Amanda hadn’t liked it, but she was flattered and got used to him and his ways. She even flirted back. Often Fiona was around, but she didn’t seem to mind or, maybe she didn’t notice or, possibly didn’t care, Amanda thought. They had first kissed at another neighbour’s party and had repeated that a couple of times at other functions, but she hadn’t let him go any further. It was harmless she thought, just harmless, albeit a little naughty, fun.

After David and Fiona moved, she didn’t see either of them for a while, although she spoke to Fiona on the phone two or three times a week. The next time they met was at a tennis club dance and, as usual Amanda and David danced together several times. Nearing the end of the evening he kissed her neck. She didn’t pull away, it felt nice.

“Come on,” he’d said grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the door as a dance finished.

Hardly before she knew it they were outside in the dark. They were both a little pissed and it took no time at all for him to take her in his arms and kiss her deeply his tongue plunging quickly between her willingly opened lips. His hand found her breasts in the thin, low cut top and he squeezed the full flesh and pinched the erect nipples.

“No David, no,” she gasped with little conviction as he put his hand on her leg just beneath the hem of her, rather short for a mid thirties woman, skirt.

“He kissed her harder and pressed his erection more firmly into her stomach.

“God you are a sexy bitch Mands,” he groaned sliding his hand upwards on the outside and slightly towards the back of her left leg.

“David no,” she groaned as she felt his hand on her bare bottom.

“Fuck you got no knickers on?”

“No it’s s a thong.”

“Bloody hell, let’s have a look,.” He growled pulling her skirt up and turning her round so he saw where the thong plunged into the crease of her bum. “That’s fantastic,” he went on stroking one of Amanda’s cheeks.

She pulled herself together and pushed him off.

“Now stop it this is crazy.”

She went home shortly after worried like hell at what had gone on. Worried but secretly pleased and flattered and certainly excited. She knew that he would have had to do little more to her to have made her start to cum.

He started texting her, asking her to see him. She replied saying no and that it was unfair to Fiona who she genuinely liked and admired for her elegant beauty and nice nature. Then he pulled up alongside her in his BMW M5 at the bus stop and gave her a lift home.

She didn’t think much about it putting it down to coincidence, but it was far from that for David had seen her there a couple of nights earlier getting on a bus and had been waiting that evening. Just as he was waiting a couple of evenings later and again gave her a lift.

As it happened, Amanda was in a hurry and immediately he stopped the car outside her house she was opening the door and getting out. She thought that was fortuitous as she said.

“Thanks for the lift David, but I must rush,” and then she was gone.

He sent her more texts that evening ending with

‘Amanda we have to talk.’

She went back with. ‘I don’t think we do.’

She was away on business in Paris for the next few days so she didn’t see him although he sent more texts asking to meet her.

‘I have something that I have to tell you.’

His persistence wore her down.

‘Ok meet me off the train tonight.’

‘What time?’

‘Around seven thirty.’

He was waiting when she came out of the station. She had been in client meetings all day so she was wearing one of her ‘power suits.’ Black pin striped, thin wool, with a four button tight jacket and a pencil skirt with black tights and high heels.

“Like a drink?”

“Best not to,” she replied.


“Well not round here.”

“So you would elsewhere?” He said quickly.

“Maybe, but we aren’t elsewhere are we?”

He drove slowly away from Buckhurst Hill station towards Loughton where the small estate where she lived and they had met was located.

“What are you doing?” She asked when he took a turn towards Epping Forest.

“I thought it might be better to talk somewhere we won’t be seen. You know how nosy your neighbours are.”

He pulled into a car park near to a lake that was used by anglers and dog walkers, but at this time of evening in the late Autumn, by few others. He drove to a far corner and turned the car round before stopping the car under an overhanging tree and killing the ignition.

Amanda could see what he was doing and whilst she was concerned about her friend Fiona she was also excited. She did fancy him and had for some time.

‘I’m leaving Fiona,’ he blurted out.

Amanda asked lots of questions about the ‘whys, wherefores and whens’ that David answered with conviction and assurance.

“We no longer have sex and I’ve moved into another bedroom,” he said leaning over the central console of the car, taking her chin between his fingers and thumb and kissing her.

“No,” Amanda said pushing him off. “When did all this kick off?”

“It’s been coming for ages.”

“So when did you stop having sex with her?”

“I haven’t had her for probably three months, we’re just not compatible,” he replied leaning further towards her. “I can’t get you out of my mind and when I used to have sex with her, I was imagining I was fucking you,” he told her, kissing her again

This time finding little resistance he reached over and cupped her left breast with his right hand.

Amanda hadn’t had sex for a couple of months. After her marriage break up she had, she readily admitted, put it around a bit, but that had proved to be unrewarding. She found having sex with no emotional involvement unsatisfactory and she didn’t want any emotional involvement so she had no sex.

As his hand found and squeezed her breast the sensation was so acute that a low whimper came from her mouth.

“Oh Mans,” he groaned, moving his hand and slipping it inside her jacket. She was only wearing a bra under it and he easily found the smooth flesh of the swell of her breast above that.

As they kissed, he fumbled the top two buttons undone on her jacket. He could see her lacy, low cut bra and the expanse of flesh above it and recalled the night at the tennis club when he had sucked her nipple.

She came to her senses. “I think we should go now,” she suggested and despite his protestations she insisted.

Now, though, in her house on that Saturday morning Amanda struggled to come up with a convincing reply to his question, ‘Why not?’

“Because we shouldn’t,”

They both knew that was a weak and unconvincing answer. So when he again kissed her, again slipped his hand up the cashmere sweater, again cupped her breast, again pinched her nipple and again eased her boob out from her bra, there was less resistance from her. She couldn’t bring herself to stop him as she knew she should, he excited her so much. Her arms went round his neck and she pulled his lips more firmly onto hers as her tongue went into his mouth and duelled with his tongue. David rolled the sweater up, pressed her back against the granite work surface and wiggled himself between her slightly parted legs in the thin, white jeans. With no resistance whatsoever, he lifted each boob out from the black bra. He kissed each breast and sucked each nipple as he pressed his swollen cock right against her pussy and clit. He started to rub her with his erection.

“No,” she groaned again, but with no conviction.

“Yes Mans, yes, we have to,” he muttered kissing her, squeezing her boob and thrusting his cock hard against her.

“But Fiona, what about her?” Mandy groaned, worried about her friend.

“I think she’s seeing someone else so don’t worry about her, in any case she and I are finished,” David said reaching down and grabbing Amanda’s ample bum. It felt lovely to both of them, as did his erection against her pussy, as his hand did on her breasts and as his mouth did on hers. Any earlier resistance or inhibitions she had were now gone.

“Oh god, Mandy, I so want you. Say you want me too?”

“Oh David, I just don’t know,” she groaned back feeling his fingers slipping into the waist band at the back of her white jeans.

She kissed him harder. His tongue was probing deep into her mouth, his hands and mouth were all over her breasts and he was slipping the fingers of his other hand into her jeans. The sweater was bunched round her neck, her bra was pushed down and her full tits were bare. His fingers were fumbling at the zip on her jeans. She was so torn. She knew she was being disloyal to Fiona, but then she had burned her boats with David, and he was now a free agent. She so fancied him, she was so attracted to him, she was so turned on by him and, she had to admit, she so wanted him. All discretion left her. All considerations for anyone or anything went out of the window. She had just one objective in mind, her pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

Taking the sweater in her hands she pulled it over her head and shook her long, unkempt hair into some semblance of order. As she did, her boobs jiggled and wobbled wonderfully. Now confident and sexually so aroused, Amanda reached behind and undid the clasp on her bra. She bared her tits for him and shuddered with expectancy as he slid the zip on her jeans down. She pulled at the hem of his polo shirt and they wriggled it up his body, over his head and off. He had a nice chest she thought as he pressed it against her naked breasts. Somehow both her jeans and his track suit trousers slid down their legs at the same time.

“God am I going to fuck you,” he groaned as he felt her hand grasp his cock outside his boxers.

Almost simultaneously, although neither were really aware of what was happening, his boxers and her panties slid down their legs, They both then had that exquisite experience of a bare cock pressing against a bare stomach for the first time; that made Amanda shudder and a low grunt escaped from her mouth as David moaned.

“Oh yes, oh yes.”

He lifted her up and sat her on the edge of the work surface. Her jeans were round her ankles, her panties round her knees. His beautifully rampant cock was just millimetres from her open, hot, bloated and so very wet cunt. It took very little thought, planning effort or consideration for him to thrust his hips forward and send his cock surging deep into her.


“We are friends,” Amanda said limply as she stared at Fiona in her kitchen.

“Friends, we aren’t friends. Friends don’t fuck each other’s husbands.”

Amanda didn’t reply, after all what could she say? David and she had been seeing each other for the past few weeks and they had been shagging at every opportunity. They went well together. He was an excellent lover spending ample time on foreplay arousing her before slowly or urgently screwing her dependent on their mood and the circumstances. She thought she may be falling in love with him.

“But then you don’t sleep with him do you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Just that, you lead separate lives don’t you?”

“What do you mean?”

Amanda realised that she was giving the game away, that she was admitting she had been with her friend’s husband. She didn’t reply.

“Why did you say that? What made you say that?”

“I don’t know.”

“Don’t be daft, you said we lead separate lives, why?”

“I saw David, he mentioned it.”

“He what?”

“Just that, he said you were leading separate lives.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well that you didn’t sleep together and that you both sort of did your own thing.”

“The fucking liar,” Fiona said much to Amanda’s concern.

“Really?” She said hoping against hope that she wouldn’t hear what she knew deep down she was going to hear.

“Yes really, we sleep together and our sex life has never been better. We have sex most nights.”

Amanda’s heart sunk. The man she thought she was falling for, no not thought, was falling for had misled her, lied to her and had conned her.

“Anyway,” Fiona went on. “Why would he tell you that if, as you say, you haven’t been fucking each other?”

Amanda couldn’t reply; she didn’t have one.

Belying her rather slow mind, Fiona pressed on. “You have been seeing him haven’t you?”


“Darling you are just so wrong,” David said.

“David I can smell her fucking perfume on your shirt and suit.”

“I have no idea, perhaps a girl in the office sprayed her perfume as I went past or something.”

“Don’t talk stupid, perfume doesn’t go like that,” Fiona said standing beside their bed in just her panties, which she always slept in, unless David removed them.

David had just come home. It was after ten and he had been at Amanda’s. He had collected her from the station and they had kissed round the corner from her house. Neither of them had expected much to happen as they had spent the previous afternoon making long, languid and thoroughly satisfying love in a hotel in St Martins Lane in Covent Garden, close to where Amanda worked. Somehow, though, as they kissed in his car their passion built up. He had undone her blouse, slipped her boobs out of her bra and had slid his hand up her skirt. He had pressed his fingers right on the top of her thighs inviting her to open them. She did and he pushed further so that his fingers found her clit inside her panties.

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