Husband wants to share me

I didn’t think I would ever do it.

I am an average woman let me stress that point. Fifty years old no perfect d cup breasts or flat stomach. No I am 5’2″ tall my boobs sag a little and I carry some extra pounds around the hips and thighs. I have red hair and freckles. I am married to my second husband we have been together for 8 years now and before that I had 25 years with my first Husband and had three children. These two men are the only ones I have ever had and it was a big step for me to sleep with my current man after so long with only one man.

My current man Steve has had a lot of experience which included group sex with his ex. We have discussed his exploits and I have made it clear that I am far too conservative and old to consider any sought of activity like this but we fantasize while making love and Steve has taught me a lot about sex. He says I am very good in bed. While sex was very vanilla with my first husband it is exciting with Steve and he has taught me to be more demanding. I ask for what I want and he always allows me time to orgasm. Steve eats me like pussy is his favourite meal and now I love to suck and lick his cock where before it was a chore.

Anyway I have worked as a PA for the owner of a medium player in construction for the past 15 years. Peter Sinclair my boss is around 45, short balding with a paunch that comes from middle age. Peter and I have always worked well together and our relationship has been professional at all times but we are friends and sometimes we go out as couples. Peters wife is a stunning lady.

On occasions we have had to travel interstate for meetings to secure construction contracts and each time Peter has always conducted himself as a boss should. Yes we went to dinner together but there was never an indication of attraction either from him to me or the other way.

Well last month we had to go to Melbourne for two nights for negotiations of a new contract. This deal was very important to the growth of our company and in the current economic environment an insurance for our employees. We booked into a nice hotel and had connecting rooms so I was close to take notes and as the meetings were held in a small conference room in the hotel gave us a convenient home base to adjourn and prepare further briefs and change any documents. The hotel provided a printer copier and Internet connections so I could easily access our server at head office to access any documents or plans.

The meetings went extremely well and we managed to seal the deal which made Peter very happy. He and I went to dinner to celebrate and the wine flowed free. I like a drink and the mood was that of a celebration so after dinner we went to a local bar to continue. Good drinking and a few laughs saw us reach closing time well and truly inebriated but on a real high from our business success. We returned to our hotel and went to our rooms. I undressed and slipped into my nighty a shortish red satin one that was low cut but not what I would call overtly sexy.

I was heading to bed and the phone rang it was Steve. We talked for a while about the successful meeting and he knew I would be getting a bonus. Steve picked up that I was under the weather and made a joke about how I should give Peter a bonus. I knew he was suggesting that I sleep with Peter which is something we joked and fantasized about. I was never going to do it so we just laughed when I said I might just do that, giving Steve something to think about while he wanked off in my absence.

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