Husband shares wife with another man

I wanted to write to try and sort things out in my own mind and to share some erotic ideas with you. I love reading about other peoples experience, I think it makes me more open-minded.

To be truthful, now that I’ve had a few attempts at starting this I’ll confess writing about my affair does turn me on!

I’d been married to Vince for 8 years and was a faithful wife. I would never have had an affair except my husband encouraged me to.

Last year my husband Vince had an affair with a friend of mine I soon found out, through another friend!

Things got pretty tense between us.

We don’t have children so we almost split up and went our own ways.

Anyhow we got to talking about our lives together, to shorten the story, I forgave him, I’m not a jealous person and neither is he.

Vince is a good guy at heart, just really insecure, I think he needs to please women to build himself up, guess I have a little of that in me too!

Vince started the ball rolling, wanting to open up our relationship to new ideas.

His way of making things right was to get me to have sex with, kind of to even up the score I guess.

Actually he had been hinting at this fantasy he has of me being with another man for a couple of years!

After Vince’s affair, I thought about doing it, kind of as revenge, but I was too afraid to go all the way with someone else other than my husband.

I love Vince, he was the one to take my virginity and that meant a lot to me, I wanted to be loyal to him as I always have even with his little faults!

Vince wouldn’t let up on his fantasy, he said he owed it to me to make sure I enjoyed myself. He wanted me to go out with my girlfriends and find someone to have a fling with!

As a compromise I did start going out on Friday nights with an old girlfriend, Kathy.

We danced together and she flirted a bit, but that’s all!

When I came home Vince would get around to asking if I had found someone.

Gradually I realized how much it was turning him on. I kept on telling him there were no nice guys out there and he’d complain that I was too fussy.

I had only seen a few nice guys and most of them were already taken. I admit that I am quite fussy, I couldn’t make love to someone I didn’t know very well and respect.

This was hard to explain to Vince!

After this had been going on for a few months, I was getting a bit sick of drinking at various pubs and coming home smelling like an old cigarette.

One night when I got home, Vince started his usual questions. This time I made up a story about meeting someone to see how he would react.

I told him I’d met a nice guy and that he’d bought me a drink and that he ended up walking me to the car.

I thought Maybe Vince would get jealous and ease up on his hints.

It didn’t have that effect, he loved the idea of me having sex with someone else.

I was going to make up something extra to tease him with but he pestered me so much to tell him about what went on I refused and went to sleep.

The next morning as we lay in bed Vince asked me about the night before.

I was about to tell the truth but was met by my husband poking his hard penis none too subtly at me.

I didn’t tell any thing at first, then I made up a bit of a story to test his reaction.

I told him I had kissed the stranger goodnight before he left.

Well I could tell Vince was disappointed that nothing more had happened and I was having fun leading him on, so I made up a small “confession.” For Vince’s benefit.

“Darling don’t get mad at me but he did something else, he felt my boobs!”

Vince got really turned on and my role-playing was making me feel nice too.

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