Husband sets up wife so he can have a fling then divorce her

As Carol merged into traffic, heading east on highway 10 towards Big Bear Lake from our home in Monterey Park, towards the cabin she and Mike had built two years ago as their private getaway, she wasn’t sure if it was the traffic that was making her nervous or the fact that in a couple of hours, she would be having sex with the man she had secretly lusted after for years, and all with the permission of her loving husband, Mike.

It had started it a couple of months ago one lazy Saturday morning after a late breakfast. They had just finished putting the dishes in the dishwasher and Carol said, “Time to get dressed.”

Then Mike came up to her, wrapping his arms around his beautiful blond wife’s waist and kissed her and said, “How about you and I going for a swim first?”

Thinking about it for a second, Carol said, “Let me go grab my suit.”

Mike got this sly grin and said, “With your hot body, why don’t you and I just go skinny dipping?”

Carol blushed and said, “Michael, what would the neighbor’s think?”

With a big smile he said, “The Simms are in Europe for the next two weeks and Jim and Karen are down in San Diego. Their youngest daughter just had a girl so they’re gone for a few days. Jim asked me to watch over the place for him. No one is going to see us.” Before Carol could object, Mike began to unbutton her blouse as Carol stood in front of him by the sink. As he undressed her, his eyes savored all the hard work she had put in to maintain her lovely figure. Carol worked out at least 3 times a week at the country club and the two of them biked together quite often.

Once she was nude, Mike playfully slapped her on the butt and said, “How about you grab us a couple of towels and I’ll open up a bottle of wine, Riesling ok?” Carol nodded and she ran off. By the time she returned, Mike was in the pool, a bottle of wine in an ice bucket and two glasses near the edge waiting for them.

Carol threw the towels in a chair and ran to the diving board and dove in, swimming across the pool, then back to Mike. As she came up to him, they kissed, softly at first; followed by a more passionate one as their tongues began dancing together, her still firm breasts pressing against his chest. She could feel his manhood rising against her crotch and it began stirring good feelings in her. They had been busy and it had been almost two weeks since their last coupling.

With one hand behind his back, her other dropped to his manhood and she began stroking him to get him fully hard. Mike was on his tip toes, just keeping their heads above water as he lovingly stroked every inch of his wife’s body that he could reach. As his hand found her shaved pussy, he softly moaned as her vulva seemed to separate on its own, as if inviting him to enter. Softly rubbing up and down, lightly brushing across the top of her clit, Carol’s breathing began getting heavier and heavier until she pushed his hand away, wrapped her legs around his waist and guiding his shaft into her wanting pussy, drawing him deep inside of her. It only took a few strokes and she began to orgasm.

“Oh my God, Michael,” Carol softly said, her head on his shoulder, “I didn’t realize how much I missed this. Why in the hell haven’t we been doing this more lately?”

Mike’s hands were on her ass as he bounced her up and down on his steel-like shaft, the pleasure she was giving him building exponentially. Not really wanting to talk but figuring it was best he said, “Really, my love, you and I have been so busy with other things it just seems to slip our minds. I do love you so much. It’s just after 23 years, I guess at times we tend to take each other a little for granted.”

Mike kept pounding away with abandon as Carol orgasmed over and over on his granite-like shaft. Carol squeezed down and Mike couldn’t hold out any longer and began to shake as his semen began to travel up his shaft and deposit itself deep in Carol’s love canal. She held onto him for a long time as they floated together in the warm water, until Mike asked, “How about we get some sun? Would you care to join me?” Carol nodded and Mike got out and retrieved two chaise lounge cushions and laid them out next to the pool together.

As they lay side by side, Mike caressed his wife’s lovely body. His head was supported his arm to get a better look. He couldn’t help but wonder if she had ever had ever had a lover, or even entertained the thought of having one. Then Carol turned and seeing his pensive face asked, “What’s up, hun?”

“Ah, nothing, why?” he lied.

Knowing him all too well, Carol said, “Come on, Michael, spill the beans. What’s going through that head of yours? I can almost see those gears turning.”

Rubbing her cute little butt, Mike sighed and said, “Have you ever had an affair?”

Carol pushed herself up off the cushion and sternly said, “Michael Taylor, you are the only man I have ever had sex with in my entire life. What in the world gave you the idea that I’ve been having an affair?”

Mike was shaking his head no and said, “I didn’t say you had, I just asked is all. You know, 23 years with the same man, I was wondering if things might be getting stale. Could you be honest with me?”

Carol said, “Of course. I’ve always been honest with you.”

Taking a deep breath, Mike asked, “Has there ever been a guy that you might have liked to taken to bed. You know one that turned you on or made you wet?”

Carol started to shake her head no but turned her head so she was looking straight down, biting her lip. Eventually she nodded as she turned to face Mike, as she spoke, “There was one, Bob Andrews.”

Mike sort of smiled, “Bob, the swimming coach at the country club? So, what makes him so special?” Mike remembered that he had taught their kids competitive diving which had helped their daughter Tami, get a partial scholarship in college.

Carol thought for a bit then laying on her side, giving Mike a splendid view of her gorgeous tits and cute pussy, said, “I don’t know. He used to flirt with me a lot back then, plus seeing him wearing just his speedo, running around the pool, giving the kids orders was kind of sexy. When the kids were doing laps or practice dives, he’d come up into the stands and sit close and as we talked, his hand would seem to drift to my thigh, especially if I was wearing shorts. I found myself wearing shorter shorts to the practices just so see how far he’d go. I could clearly see the outline of his cock through his speedo. Honestly Mike, we never did anything but I often went home with a soaked crotch.”

Mike asked, “So how would you like to actually fuck him?”

Carol said, “Oh, Michael, I could never do that. I love you too much.”

Over the next few weeks, Carol noticed that they were making love more frequently and that Mike was interjecting the fantasy of her taking Bob as her lover. He would ask her what she’d like to do to him and what she’d want him to do to her. At first, she just sort of poo-poo’d him but after a while she kind of got into it. Carol found herself getting rather aroused, thinking of Bob taking her, of the two of them having illicit sex somewhere. At first it was just while her and Mike were having sex but then she was thinking about Bob while she was doing other things like the laundry or grocery shopping. Walking by the cucumbers, she picked one up and thought, was this the size he was, poking through his speedo? God, what had Michael started. She quickly threw it back and walked away.

Mike had an investigator check up on Bob and found that since they had last had an interaction with him, he had become divorced. He was living off and on with a young waitress from the country club, Tia who was only 22. The picture the P.I. provided showed the voluptuous little brunette. Mike wondered how Bob did it because he remembered the Christmas when Bob brought his then wife Kris with him. She was a beautiful redhead. The P.I.’s report said the divorce only said irreconcilable differences. Mike asked the P.I. to look her up and get her story. He said he’d try.

Mike had ulterior motives for enticing his wife into having an affair. His new I.T. tech, Lauren, was a sexy little, raven haired girl that just oozed sex. She wore short skirts, crop tops and high heels to work. Since most of the workforce there were guys, nobody complained. Mike thought if he was divorced he might stand a chance of getting into Lauren’s pants.

The next day, Mike opened his computer and there was an email from his P.I. He had been in touch with Bob’s ex-wife Kris. Apparently, Bob had brought home a friend of his from the service, a very large black man, Kris thought his name was Tony. According to her, Bob had gotten Kris drunk and when she passed out, he had his friend take her to bed and he had sex with her. She woke up to Bob taking pictures of the black guy cuming in her pussy. Kris screamed and kicked them both out of their apartment and she filed for divorce. The P.I. said, “At least that’s her story.”

Then one morning, Mike called Carol and said, “Hey, how’d you like to have lunch with me today?”

Carol said, “I’d love to, honey. Where would you like to meet?”

“How about the country club?” he told her, “We haven’t been out there to eat in a while. I thought we might pop in and see how the food is and check out the place.”

Carol swallowed hard before answering. Mustering up her courage she said, “That sounds good, dear. What time works for you?”

Mike told her, “How about we meet at 11:30? That way we beat the lunch crowd and maybe have a drink or two first.”

“Ok,” she said, “see you there.” Oh, God, she thought, what was she going to wear. She ran to her bedroom and all of her dresses seemed too formal just for lunch, digging through her drawers, her shorts seemed baggy. Carol jumped into her convertible Mercedes and quickly headed to the mall. Victoria’s Secrets netted her a sexy pink lace bra and thong and the misses shop down the way had the cutest pair of skin-tight fluorescent pink short shorts and a white see-through blouse. The shoe store gave up a pair of 6” cork strappy clogs that accentuated her shapely legs perfectly. Rushing home, she showered and shaved everything from her armpits down then sprayed her favorite perfume in all areas she thought needed, even her special place. Carol pulled her hair up near the top of her head in a scrunchie, letting the rest cascade down behind her. If Bob was there, she was going to give him something to think about.

As she stood in front of her mirror, she hardly recognized the woman in front of her. She applied some soft make-up and pink lipstick and matching nail polish. As she drove to the country club, she was getting all sorts of honks and waves from guys driving by her. It made her feel good to know that at 45, she still had what it took to make men desire her.

As she parked, she saw Mike’s Hummer already parked and headed towards the door. As she entered the room, most of the men snapped their heads in her direction, including Mike. He was sitting at a table and as she walked up to him, she said, “Hi handsome. Is this seat taken?”

Mike sort of sighed and said, “Sorry, I’m waiting for my wife. I wish I wasn’t though. Damn you’re sexy.”

Rather pissed, Carol stuck her rings in front of his face and said, “Michael Taylor, is that the way you act when I’m not around?”

A couple of the golfers at the next table broke out laughing as Mike searched for an apology.

“Honestly, Babe,” he said, “I didn’t recognize you.”

“That’s obvious!” Carol said rather curtly, her hands on her hips, a hurt look on her face.

Just then Tia, who happened to be their waitress, came over. She put her hand on Mike’s shoulder and asked him, “Everything ok here, Mike?”

Mike told her, “It will be, Tia. Do me a favor, bring my wife a chilled Riesling, would you?”

Tia looked surprised and Carol could her whisper to him, “She doesn’t look anything like you described to me. She’s really cute.”

Mike asked Carol to sit down and soon Tia brought Carol her wine. Mike said, “Damn, honey, what did you do to yourself. You look 20 years younger.” Then he leaned in close and said softly, “Is that for me or for Bob?” Surprisingly he could feel his cock rising at his wife’s new look.

Gritting her teeth, Carol told him, “If we weren’t in public, I’d slap you silly right now,” and downed her wine in one gulp, motioning Tia for another.

As Tia brought the glass of wine over, she said to Mike, “Bob’s in the kitchen now. He came in to get a sandwich. Should I tell him you’re looking for him?” Mike nodded.

Bob walked over and Carol was slightly disappointed as he was wearing a country club polo shirt and kaki shorts. Bob shook Mike’s hand then turned to Carol and said, “Long time no see. It’s Tami, right?”

Carol blushed and with a smile said, “You are such a flatterer. No, I’m her mother, Carol.”

Bob almost fell into the chair, saying, “No way. You can’t be her mother.” Then he turned to Mike and asked, “Is she pulling my leg? Is this really Carol?”

Mike nodded and said, “Yes, she’s Carol alright, Tami’s mother. Doesn’t she look sexy?”

Bob grabbed some napkins from the dispenser and shoved them down the front of his pants, saying with a grin, “Does that answer your question?”

Carol was obviously enjoying the looks Bob was giving her and for the first time in a long time, she was flirting with a man, other than her husband. Tia came back and they ordered lunch. As they were finishing up, Carol needed to use the powder room and left. The two men began to talk.

Bob said, “Man Mike, Carol looks so damn hot. You are one lucky S.O.B.”

Mike smiled and leaned in close, saying, “So you’d really like to tap her, huh? Maybe spend the weekend fucking her brains out?”

At first Bob didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know if Mike was serious or pissed but he figured he’d tell it like it was and said, “Sure, I’d love to spread her legs and have some fun with her but that’s probably not going to happen, is it?”

Mike looked at him and said, “It could, if you played your cards right. Would you be interested in, say a swap?” Bob pointed to Tia then to Carol’s seat and Mike nodded.

Mike said, ‘One thing though, Carol can’t know about the trade. She thinks I’m giving her a free weekend pass. Can I trust you? You two could go to our cabin in Big Bear Lake next weekend.”

Bob said, “Yeah, sure. I’m just not sure how Tia will take it. Let me ask her.” Bob got up and walked over to the bar where Tia was and pulled her aside. They talked for a bit and then he turned to Mike and gave him the thumbs up as he walked back over to the table. “Mike,” he said, “I have a meeting so I can’t make it until late Friday, is that ok? Could you email me the directions?” Mike nodded.

Just then, Carol returned. Mike reached out and held her hand and said, “Honey, how would you like to meet Bob up at our cabin in Big Bear next weekend and show him around. It’d be just the two of you since I have to work. You wouldn’t mind, would you?”

Carol’s eyes went back and forth between Mike and Bob for what seemed to be a long time but was probably only a few seconds. Eyeing Bob’s crotch, she took a big breath and said, “Sounds like fun.”

After two grueling hours of Friday night traffic, Carol was finally pulling up to their cabin. Mike had this built as their private little get-a-way, the only trouble is that they were so busy that they seldom had a chance to use it. In the two years since it’s completion they had only used it twice. Neither of which were just the romantic interludes for just the two of them like she had envisioned when Mike had proposed it. They had brought the kids up for Christmases which was fun but not romantic.

Carol had stopped at the market and stocked up. She wished she had asked Bob what he liked to eat. She figured he would have to make due with whatever she fixed, either that or they’d just have to go out. Then she giggled to herself, thinking or he could just eat her. Turning on the gas to the big stone fireplace and making sure the water was on and everything was ready, including the hot tub outside, Carol’s mind began to wonder why Mike was so amicable in allowing her to have a weekend fling with Bob. She didn’t think he was having an affair. He hadn’t been coming home late. He had none of the usual signs of a cheating husband. Well, she was here now and unless Mike showed up and put a stop to it, she was going to relax and enjoy herself. Carol opened a bottle of wine and turned on some soft jazz, relaxing in front of the fireplace in the big overstuffed leather couch in her silk nightie and slippers. She was reading a steamy romance novel to bide her time, hoping Bob wouldn’t be too late.

Bob was sitting on the sidelines of the conference room as the board of directors met. He was wishing they’d hurry up as he wanted to get on the road to Big Bear and get between Carol’s legs. He wasn’t really sure why he was told to be at the meeting when the CEO asked him to stand and said, “And now, Mr. Andrews will give us his report on the cost of updating the pool to meet the new A.D.A. Standards.”

Bob looked at him in disbelief and said, “Sir, I don’t know anything about that report. No one ever said anything to me about it.”

The C.E.O. said, “Sir, I sent you an email over a month ago. Didn’t you read it?” Bob grabbed his laptop and began scanning his emails and finding nothing he showed it to him.

The C.E.O. said, “I’m sure I sent it to you.” Then he opened his own computer. After a bit he grew rather red faced and apologized saying, “Sorry there Bob, it’s in my drafts. Apparently, I forgot to hit send. Please accept my apology. We’ll see you next month. Have a nice weekend. Take Monday off with pay as my peace offering.”

Bob was out of there like a shot. Speed limit be damned. Thankfully the CHP must have either been busy with others, on break or didn’t see him as he seldom was under 90. Following Mike’s directions, he found their cabin and ran the bell.

When Carol answered the door, she took his breath away. He held her close and kissed her passionately. Carol responded in kind. No words spoken, they moved to the couch and fondled each other like two teenagers in heat. Carol pulled at his clothing and soon they were both naked, hands exploring new bodies.

Bob began kissing his way down Carol’s lovely body as they laid on the leather couch, taking time to savor her lovely breasts and nipples as she caressed his head and shoulders. Then he moved down and tongued her navel a bit, teasing her as she arched, her wetness hoping for attention. Bob looked at her face through her heaving breasts and softly kissed his way down to her soft bare pussy and dipped his long tongue into her vulva. Carol moaned and shuddered as his tongue hit her clit and sent a small shock through her body with hints of what was to come. His lips sucked her pussy lips into his mouth deeply as his tongue began an assault on her clit. Carol could hardly breathe as she was building one hell of an orgasm. When it released, she let out a screech that worried Bob, the neighbors might come and check to see if she was OK but he kept on sucking and licking. Shuddering, she pushed him away.

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