Husband sets up wife so he can have a fling then divorce her

As Carol merged into traffic, heading east on highway 10 towards Big Bear Lake from our home in Monterey Park, towards the cabin she and Mike had built two years ago as their private getaway, she wasn’t sure if it was the traffic that was making her nervous or the fact that in a couple of hours, she would be having sex with the man she had secretly lusted after for years, and all with the permission of her loving husband, Mike.

It had started it a couple of months ago one lazy Saturday morning after a late breakfast. They had just finished putting the dishes in the dishwasher and Carol said, “Time to get dressed.”

Then Mike came up to her, wrapping his arms around his beautiful blond wife’s waist and kissed her and said, “How about you and I going for a swim first?”

Thinking about it for a second, Carol said, “Let me go grab my suit.”

Mike got this sly grin and said, “With your hot body, why don’t you and I just go skinny dipping?”

Carol blushed and said, “Michael, what would the neighbor’s think?”

With a big smile he said, “The Simms are in Europe for the next two weeks and Jim and Karen are down in San Diego. Their youngest daughter just had a girl so they’re gone for a few days. Jim asked me to watch over the place for him. No one is going to see us.” Before Carol could object, Mike began to unbutton her blouse as Carol stood in front of him by the sink. As he undressed her, his eyes savored all the hard work she had put in to maintain her lovely figure. Carol worked out at least 3 times a week at the country club and the two of them biked together quite often.

Once she was nude, Mike playfully slapped her on the butt and said, “How about you grab us a couple of towels and I’ll open up a bottle of wine, Riesling ok?” Carol nodded and she ran off. By the time she returned, Mike was in the pool, a bottle of wine in an ice bucket and two glasses near the edge waiting for them.

Carol threw the towels in a chair and ran to the diving board and dove in, swimming across the pool, then back to Mike. As she came up to him, they kissed, softly at first; followed by a more passionate one as their tongues began dancing together, her still firm breasts pressing against his chest. She could feel his manhood rising against her crotch and it began stirring good feelings in her. They had been busy and it had been almost two weeks since their last coupling.

With one hand behind his back, her other dropped to his manhood and she began stroking him to get him fully hard. Mike was on his tip toes, just keeping their heads above water as he lovingly stroked every inch of his wife’s body that he could reach. As his hand found her shaved pussy, he softly moaned as her vulva seemed to separate on its own, as if inviting him to enter. Softly rubbing up and down, lightly brushing across the top of her clit, Carol’s breathing began getting heavier and heavier until she pushed his hand away, wrapped her legs around his waist and guiding his shaft into her wanting pussy, drawing him deep inside of her. It only took a few strokes and she began to orgasm.

“Oh my God, Michael,” Carol softly said, her head on his shoulder, “I didn’t realize how much I missed this. Why in the hell haven’t we been doing this more lately?”

Mike’s hands were on her ass as he bounced her up and down on his steel-like shaft, the pleasure she was giving him building exponentially. Not really wanting to talk but figuring it was best he said, “Really, my love, you and I have been so busy with other things it just seems to slip our minds. I do love you so much. It’s just after 23 years, I guess at times we tend to take each other a little for granted.”

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