Husband pays for forcing wife

There comes a time when every man has to reflect on what he has done, and come to terms with it. For me, that time is now, whether I want to or not. Nevertheless, it is hard for me to admit that I am the one that caused everything, although I am the one that made the first move. It was my idea and I guess that I should take responsibility for it. Yet, I never imagined, not in my wildest dreams that it would turn out the way it did.

Maybe, I should start at the beginning. I have always been interested in sex, but have only had two women before I met Connie. The moment I saw her, I know that she was the one for me. She was endowed with the most unbelievably sensuous body that I had ever seen, at least in my opinion. From the top of her sandy colored hair to the tips of her bright red toenails, she radiated sex. Although this was more than enough to entice me, I think it was her pleasing personality, and her compassion that clinched it.

We became an old fashion family, with me as the breadwinner, and Connie staying home. She was a great wife, keeping the house immaculate, and always had my dinner ready when I came home. At night, if I was not too tired, she would give herself to me, and we would have the most glorious sex that I had ever received. Yet, it was not the way that I had envisioned it.

While the sex was fantastic, it was always the same routine. The only time I could have her was at night, with the lights out, and under the bed covers. There was no spontaneity. Numerous times I had tried to get her in the mood, other than in the bedroom, but she would have nothing to do with it. I even tried to vary the position, to add a little spice to our sex.

This produced a slight change to our love making, but nothing like what I was hoping for. I did manage to get her on top, and ride me, however she would always complain that her legs hurt, and we would go back to the missionary position. When I started to eat her pussy she enjoyed it, but never wanted to reciprocate, not even when I asked. And, taking her butt was totally out of the question.

It was around this time that I had an opportunity to have an affair. Nora and I were coworkers, and I had foolishly confided to her my frustration with my sex life. I think that I was searching for a woman’s point of view, and ideas on how to get Connie to perform the way I wanted her to. While she was sympathetic, she would not divulge any secrets that I could use. Instead, she offered to give me the sex that I had been craving. Without think about the consequences, I accepted her invitation.

We both called in sick, and met at a sleazy motel. There she gave me her body, allowing me to do all the things that I had been dreaming about. She gave me my first blowjob, and even drank my cum, which was something that I had not expected. Once I had recovered, I took her doggie style, forcing my entire cock into her pussy, enjoying the exhilarating experience of being totally inside a woman.

Nora must have been aroused by what I was doing, because she began uttering words that I had never heard a woman say before. I found them so stimulating that I wanted to cum right then, but I held back, allowing her to orgasm twice before I joined her on the third. Afterwards, we lay together, nestled in each other’s arms, making small talk, to keep from falling asleep.

“How are you going to hide this from your husband?” I inquired, aware that she was married.

“There is no need to. He already knows.”

“And, he doesn’t mind?”

“Honey, we have an understanding. I give him what he wants and he lets me do what I want.”

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