Husband holiday with his wife

Tom has been my best friend since high school and we even stayed best friends after he got married and had a kid, it was through Tom’s wife, Sarah, that I met my own wife, Amy. We have stayed that close over the years that we even go on holiday together as families with me and Amy joining Tom, Sarah and their daughter Emily, this year we had gone to Spain together.

The holiday had been going very well so far and we have enjoyed the week we have already spent here exploring and doing all the things you would expect from tourists and then at night retreating to the two side by side cabins we had rented. Tonight though Amy and myself had decided to stay out a bit later and have a few drinks, all night Amy had teased me, whispering into my ear the things she wanted me to do to her later so by the time we had left the bar I was about ready to tear her clothes off and fuck her in front of everyone there.

I can’t help but feel a bit annoyed as I carry my now unconscious wife out of the taxi and into the cabin we are staying at, I gently deposit her in the bed and kiss her forehead but I know that just masturbating won’t be enough to truly relieve me of this arousal and that I have no other way of getting off so I strip down and head for the hot tub. I have wanted to strip down and use the hot tub naked since the moment we had arrived at the cabins but with Tom’s teenage daughter Emily around it had felt inappropriate, it is close to midnight though and everyone is asleep so I feel like this would be the perfect time and I hope that it might even help me unwind from my massive case of blue balls.

I sink down into the hot tub with a soft moan as the warm water envelops me making all of my aches and pains melt away, I lean back and relax but even though I feel relaxed I still feel sexually frustrated. I consider masturbating in the hot tub but then I think about how my cum would end up swirling around in the water with me and decide against it, a moment later I’m even more glad that I had decided against it.

“Uncle Dean?” A soft distinctly feminine voice says questioningly from a few meters behind me and I instantly know who it is, because I don’t have any siblings only one person in the world calls me Uncle and that is Emily.

“What you doing out here little one?” I ask calling her by the nickname that I’ve had for her since she was a baby but at the same time I’m silently cursing because this is the exact situation I had wanted to avoid.

“I couldn’t sleep. I’m not little anymore either.” She tells me putting on a pretend annoyed voice and pouting at me with her admittedly full lips.

Looking at Emily I certainly agree with her that she isn’t exactly little anymore with her almost five-foot four height and because she is wearing nothing but a skimpy blue bikini I can see the other ways that she has matured. Her breasts are still developing but the shape of them and her nipples within her bikini top are obvious and I can’t stop myself from noticing her toned ass when she walks past me to the other side of the hot tub.

“Yeah, you aren’t little anymore.” I say instantly regretting it when I hear the huskiness of my voice that is born from a mixture of my blue balls and the fact that Emily’s bikini leaves nothing to the imagination which is highlighted even further when she starts to climb into the hot tub and I can see her bikini bottoms clinging to and outlining the contours of her pussy.

“Are you checking me out Uncle Dean?” Emily says, her voice is light and teasing and from a woman I would think that she is teasingly flirting with me but I doubt Emily would do that, then she looks down into the hot tub and no matter how much I try to hide it the fact that I’m naked is obvious.

By :Larten21

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