Husband holiday with his wife

Tom has been my best friend since high school and we even stayed best friends after he got married and had a kid, it was through Tom’s wife, Sarah, that I met my own wife, Amy. We have stayed that close over the years that we even go on holiday together as families with me and Amy joining Tom, Sarah and their daughter Emily, this year we had gone to Spain together.

The holiday had been going very well so far and we have enjoyed the week we have already spent here exploring and doing all the things you would expect from tourists and then at night retreating to the two side by side cabins we had rented. Tonight though Amy and myself had decided to stay out a bit later and have a few drinks, all night Amy had teased me, whispering into my ear the things she wanted me to do to her later so by the time we had left the bar I was about ready to tear her clothes off and fuck her in front of everyone there.

I can’t help but feel a bit annoyed as I carry my now unconscious wife out of the taxi and into the cabin we are staying at, I gently deposit her in the bed and kiss her forehead but I know that just masturbating won’t be enough to truly relieve me of this arousal and that I have no other way of getting off so I strip down and head for the hot tub. I have wanted to strip down and use the hot tub naked since the moment we had arrived at the cabins but with Tom’s teenage daughter Emily around it had felt inappropriate, it is close to midnight though and everyone is asleep so I feel like this would be the perfect time and I hope that it might even help me unwind from my massive case of blue balls.

I sink down into the hot tub with a soft moan as the warm water envelops me making all of my aches and pains melt away, I lean back and relax but even though I feel relaxed I still feel sexually frustrated. I consider masturbating in the hot tub but then I think about how my cum would end up swirling around in the water with me and decide against it, a moment later I’m even more glad that I had decided against it.

“Uncle Dean?” A soft distinctly feminine voice says questioningly from a few meters behind me and I instantly know who it is, because I don’t have any siblings only one person in the world calls me Uncle and that is Emily.

“What you doing out here little one?” I ask calling her by the nickname that I’ve had for her since she was a baby but at the same time I’m silently cursing because this is the exact situation I had wanted to avoid.

“I couldn’t sleep. I’m not little anymore either.” She tells me putting on a pretend annoyed voice and pouting at me with her admittedly full lips.

Looking at Emily I certainly agree with her that she isn’t exactly little anymore with her almost five-foot four height and because she is wearing nothing but a skimpy blue bikini I can see the other ways that she has matured. Her breasts are still developing but the shape of them and her nipples within her bikini top are obvious and I can’t stop myself from noticing her toned ass when she walks past me to the other side of the hot tub.

“Yeah, you aren’t little anymore.” I say instantly regretting it when I hear the huskiness of my voice that is born from a mixture of my blue balls and the fact that Emily’s bikini leaves nothing to the imagination which is highlighted even further when she starts to climb into the hot tub and I can see her bikini bottoms clinging to and outlining the contours of her pussy.

“Are you checking me out Uncle Dean?” Emily says, her voice is light and teasing and from a woman I would think that she is teasingly flirting with me but I doubt Emily would do that, then she looks down into the hot tub and no matter how much I try to hide it the fact that I’m naked is obvious.

“Are we finally allowed to be naked in the hot tub?” She asks noticing my nakedness and when I can’t find the words to reply she quickly starts to pull off her bikini starting with the top that once off reveals her budding breasts and pointy pink nipples. With zero hesitation she shimmies out of her bikini bottoms revealing a small sprinkling of light pubic hair.

“Oh, that is so much better.” She says with a soft moan that sounds purely sexual and has my cock twitching even as I try and hide it beneath my hands.

I can’t stop myself from staring at her as she relaxes back in the hot tub and she pushes her breasts out towards me while running her hands down her body making me think even more so that she is flirting with me.

“Emily, what are you doing?” I ask her trying to give her a way to stop what she is doing and write it off as something else as her hand dips between her legs.

“What? Do you want a better view Uncle Dean?” She teases confirming my suspicion that she is flirting with me when she opens her legs wide putting her young pussy on full view for me.

“What the fuck are you doing Emily?” I snap the question keeping my voice below a shout because I don’t want to wake her parents or my wife up where they will find me in such a compromising looking situation.

“Oh come on Uncle Dean, I’ve seen the way you look at me, I know you want me.” She says as she stands up and wades toward me with her legs spread wide putting her pussy at the same height as my head and when she reaches me she leans down and whispers in my ear, “I want you too.”

“I think you have the wrong idea.” I tell her, my words are a lie though because right now I can feel my cock hardening as I look at her naked teen body and I do wonder what it would be like to fuck her and feel her cum on my cock.

“I know you want to fuck me, so why don’t you? All you have to do is put this.” She says gripping my cock before rubbing her pussy and adding, “in here.”

I feel my cock twitch and grow even harder at her actions and I realise with a kind of fucked amazement that I’m not moving her hand off of my cock as she starts to slowly stroke it. I can practically hear my mind arguing with itself as part of me wants nothing more than to grab Emily and fuck her until I cum deep inside her little teenage pussy while the other part of me knows that if I did I could get in a lot of trouble, lose my best friends and wife and maybe even get arrested. All thoughts of what I should or shouldn’t do are wiped from my mind when Emily releases my cock and throws one of her legs over both of my legs so that she is straddling me and then brushes her long dyed pink hair over her shoulders before leaning forward and kissing me.

I don’t know how to respond to her kiss, if I should push her away or open my mouth and let her tongue that I can feel flicking over my lips enter my mouth. My mind is screaming at me to push her away and get myself out of this situation as quickly as I can but my body seems to rebel against my mind and my lips open accepting Emily’s tongue into my mouth. Kissing Emily is strange because I would never think about kissing someone her age like this and I know it should feel wrong and while it does feel wrong it also feels good, in an eating the forbidden fruit kind of way.

“I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist me, no guy can if I really want them.” She informs me while she starts to grind her pussy against my cock as her words make me completely re-evaluate this girl I have know since the day she was born.

“I bet you’re trying to guess how many guys I’ve fucked.” She whispers in my ear, her voice becomes even more husky with arousal as she adds, “why don’t we add you to that list.”

“No I can’t.” I tell her but at the same time i don’t make any moves to push her away or stop her from grinding on me, “if your dad found out.” I almost whisper letting the idea hang in the air like it’s a threat.

“You think I haven’t already had daddy fuck me.” She almost growls slamming her pussy down on my cock and forcing it between my legs, “he couldn’t resist my tight little pussy.”

“What?” I ask my voice coming out in pretty much a whisper because of my shock over her words combined with the sensation of her lifting up so my cock can spring back up which she then starts to rub her pussy along it again.

“Daddy loved fucking me and so will you.” She says quietly as she leans against me pressing her budding breasts against my chest.

“Emily, no, I’m married and you’re too young.” I tell her before a soft moan escapes my lips because she is still grinding her pussy against my cock.

“What Aunt Amy doesn’t know can’t hurt her.” She says her voice a low purr as she runs her hands down my chest, “maybe you just need some convincing.”

The words have barely left Emily’s mouth when she starts to slowly slide down my body pressing herself against me the whole time so I can feel her hard nipples and her soft lips trail across my body. I watch in a paralysed trance as Emily throws her pink hair behind her head and then while looking up at me with those bright blue eyes she dips her head below the surface of the water and engulfs my cock in her mouth. I watch in amazement as she bobs her head up and down on my cock while also using her tongue to give me what I’d have to say is the best blowjob I’ve ever had.

A part of me knows that I should stop her right now and that this has gone too far but another bigger part of me is just glad that something is being done about the blue balls that had been caused by my wife passing out on our way back to the cabin from the bar. The dark part of me that wants her to continue triumphs and even though I know that this is wrong I don’t try to stop her because I don’t want her to stop anymore, I can feel myself getting more and more aroused by the second, especially when she continues to suck my cock even though she must be running low on air like servicing my cock is more important to her than breathing.

I start to worry about Emily as she continues to suck my cock like her life depends on it, I consider pulling her up out of the water so she can breathe but as I’m about to reach underneath the water I feel her push her head down and take my cock into her throat trying to fit my entire length inside her. I can’t stop myself from letting out a moan as my cock enters her throat and she carries on lowering her head pushing my cock further and further into her throat even though it must be stretching her small neck. I’d never had anyone deepthroat my cock before and didn’t really get the appeal behind it but having Emily force my cock down her throat makes me realise that I’ve been missing out.

Emily leaves my cock in her throat for a moment before bringing her head up letting my cock slide out of her throat and then mouth as she lifts her head up out of the water coughing softly. Emily slides her body up mine when her head breaks the surface of the water and I see that her bright blue eyes are stained red from a mixture of tearing up while deepthroating my cock and the chlorine in the hot tubs water. She comes to rest sitting on my lap with her legs spread on either side of my legs and her pussy pressed against my cock, I pull her against me and without hesitation press my lips to hers, kissing her deeply and not caring about the fact that her lips had been wrapped around my cock mere seconds ago.

“Are you going to fuck me now Uncle Dean?” She asks with her voice practically a purr as she rubs herself against me making me moan softly and move with her rubbing my cock against her pussy.

“I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.” I growl making her smile in such a lewd way that my cock feels like it is aching to be inside her.

“Yes Uncle Dean fuck my slutty little pussy.” Emily gasps as I grip her hips lifting her up so I can push my cock inside her, as I lift her she reaches down lining my cock up with her entrance so when I start to lower her down she is impaled on my cock.

“God you’re so tight.” I growl as her pussy seems to resist being penetrated by my cock like my cock is too big for her little teenage pussy.

“Fuck, you’re so fucking big.” She groans sounding like she is in a bit of pain which makes me stop lowering her down out of fear of really hurting her even though only the head of my cock is inside her.

“Are you ok? Am I hurting you?” I ask the questions quickly a little worried about her and wanting to know if she needs me to pull out of her.

“Just give me a second.” She says gasping for air making me think that the sensations are too much for her but then a second later she speaks again, “you’re bigger than anyone who’s ever fucked me before.”

“We’ll just take it slowly then.” I tell her not wanting to cause her any pain or injure her sensitive area and waiting a moment before I start to slowly push inside her, “talk to me, tell me if you want me to slow down, speed up or pull out.”

“Just please go slow.” She says quietly and sounding a little worried with all of the cocky confidence from before now gone from her voice leaving her sounding like the young teenage girl that she is.

“I will.” I tell her before capturing her lips in a soft yet deep kiss as I slowly push my hips up to slide further inside her instead of lowering her down onto my cock.

Emily makes soft sounds that are part moan and part whimper as I slowly push my cock further inside her, I consider pulling out and stopping over the fear that I’m hurting her but I had told her to tell me to stop if I am hurting her and she hasn’t told me to stop yet, so I don’t. I don’t stop slowly pushing until I bottom out inside her unable to fit any more of my cock inside her, I hold still inside her letting her grow accustomed to my length and girth while I enjoy the feeling of her tight wet pussy wrapped tightly around my cock.

“You can start moving now.” She tells me her voice husky and low but before I start moving I lean forwards and kiss her softly.

I keep my lips pressed to Emily’s lips as I slowly start to pull my cock almost all the way out of her until only the head of my cock is left inside her. I break our kiss to let her breath and she does, taking in gulping gasps of air as I slowly trail soft kisses over her neck and then down her chest until I reach her small budding breasts and when I do I suck one of her nipples into my mouth. I alternate between her nipples sucking and licking them both as I start to slowly push back inside her hoping that the added pleasure will help her loosen up a little bit so I can fuck her properly and I’m rewarded when I feel myself sink inside her easier than before.

Emily makes soft moaning almost whimpering sounds as I start to pull back out of her once again leaving just the head inside her. I think about taking one of my hands from underneath her to play with the nipple that my mouth isn’t attached to but I decide against it out of fear of dropping her down on my cock and hurting her. I don’t stop teasing her nipples with my mouth as I again push inside her noticing that it is easier this time like she is starting to get used to my size making me think that soon I’ll be able to fuck her properly which I so desperately want to do now.

“Go faster.” Emily groans softly taking me by surprise and making me pause with my cock buried deep inside her.

“Are you sure?” I ask as I remove my mouth from her breast, I was certain that I was going to be the one asking to speed up so I can’t help the disbelief in my tone.

Emily nods her head slowly but clearly letting me know that she is sure about it, I’m that surprised and in awe of her that I lunge forward pressing my lips hard against hers in a deep almost punishing kiss that has us both moaning into each other’s mouths. I don’t stop kissing her as I start to repeat my actions of pulling my cock mostly out of her but this time I do it a little faster and don’t pause before pushing back inside her with the same slightly increased speed which I do again and again as I start to fuck her slowly and softly.

“Fuck me properly.” Emily demands her voice practically a growl, her voice is so commanding that I almost instantly obey her but I catch myself before I do because I’m still worried about hurting her.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” I tell her softly concerned that she is telling me to fuck her properly because she wants to impress me or because she feels guilty that I can’t fuck her the way I want to.

“I can’t take it anymore, I need to cum, so you need to fuck me.” She says with her voice rough from lust and need as she starts to use her legs to fuck herself on my cock like I’m taking too long.

Feeling Emily try to fuck herself with my cock makes me lose every last shred of self control I have left and I thrust up into her drawing a soft cry of pain and pleasure from her lips. Emily’s legs go weak over my thrust and I have to hold her up to stop her from falling down onto my lap but even as I do her small body collapses forward against me so her body is pressed against mine. I kiss her to muffle her cries as I fuck her, I try to fuck her softer than the way I want to fuck her because a part of me is still worried about hurting her but the way I can feel every twitch of her body and convulsion of her pussy makes it hard for me to hold back.

“Put your hand over your mouth.” I practically order her when I have to break the kiss, because even though I’m not worried about fucking her anymore I am worried that her cries of pain and pleasure will wake up either her parents or my wife and I do not want to be caught fucking the young teenage daughter of my closest friend.

Emily obeys me and presses her to her mouth but her cries still leak out and after only a couple of thrusts her hand falls away like all the strength has leaked out of her arms. I don’t want to risk taking one of my hands from underneath her in fear of dropping her down full onto my cock and hurting her but I also don’t want to get caught fucking her so I make a decision and lift her up off of me making her groan at the sudden loss of my cock filling her. I don’t stay out of her tight pussy for long though because the second that I pull out of her I change our position, flipping us over so that she is lying back in the water with me poised above her.

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