Husband fulfills his wife’s fantasy

My wife Kari and I have always had a good sex life and a good fantasy life. This story may begin easy, but like my wife, it gets nastier the further it goes.

She is the attractive, but normal and unassuming everyday woman in the office, at least on the outside. But underneath, she’s a sexy woman that has always wanted to be let out of her cage of ‘conservative upbringing’. She just has trouble letting herself go.

I am a Creative Director for an ad agency and Kari works in a studio across town. We both need our lives to be creative in all aspects, and especially enjoy creativity in the bedroom.

Our trust has allowed us to openly share our wildest fantasies with each other, some of which involved people outside our marriage, but we made a decision early on, not to cross that boundary.

We chose to develop a wild and vivid fantasy life instead, being free to have fun within our marriage. We came up with what we call ‘The Fantasy Night Rules’. This included imagining fantasy lovers in bed and having ‘special fantasy nights’. This we could do without crossing the boundary of the actual reality of having other sexual partners.

Kari is the one that put the limit on our fantasies. “Fantasies are fantasies and reality is reality, and to keep a healthy marriage we should keep the two separate.”

Our fantasy rules are, or maybe I should say were: She has to do what ever I tell her to, within the limitations of the rules. She can do what ever she wants within the limitations of the rules and I can not stop her. No actual oral sex or making love with another person. (kissing and feeling is allowed when ever she wants it) She must leave with me.

She loves it when I make her do sexy things and dress sexy on those special nights, especially when we are out of town and no one knows us. We found that, that excites us the most.

I shared with her how’I’d like to see another man make love to her and how much it would turn me on if she really enjoyed it’.

She told me how, ‘she would like to be tied up and forced to have sex with several men at once and how she would want them to treat her like a slut’.

She said. “Oh, I think deep down inside most red blooded girls has had that fantasy at one time or another! Being controlled and made to do it, that relieves us of ‘the guilt so we can enjoy it’.” She smiled innocently.

She and I loved hearing each other’s fantasies. A couple of times we acted as though we were going to make the others fantasy actually come true.

Once she called me after work and left me a message on my answering service that she was out having drinks an old boyfriend of hers, and might be home late. She had told me about him. ‘A great lover, though not much more’.

She giggled on the phone and told me she didn’t think I’d mind and promised to give me all the lusty details, which she did the next morning. Telling me a very detailed but fabricated story.

For days she made live with the reality, that she had actually had sex with him, before confessing that she had only told me the tale to turn me on.

“I think you would have actually let me do it!” She said, a bit shocked that I didn’t get mad about it.

I once had an out of town client that was getting married, and I really had to attend. I told Kari, as though it was deadly true, that ‘the boys’ had hired a girl to serve drinks to them at the hotel room, before they all went ‘out on the town’. Something had happened and the girl couldn’t make it, and they could not find anyone to replace her. Kari once worked in a restaurant serving and I knew she could do it.

By :Tony88888

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