Husband finds out his black partner is screwing his wife

The music was blaring as Earl took another swig of his mixed drink. He had no idea where his partner had disappeared for the last hour. Knowing how Clyde was, he was probably out trying to pick up a date for the evening.

Earl caught a glimpse of the dark haired woman again as she briskly walked past his stool at the bar. He barely caught a peek at her large breasts swaying but he got a very good look at the way her hips swayed as he watched her disappear into the woman’s lounge.

Earl motioned to the bartender to get another drink and turned back toward the rest room as he waited and watched for that gorgeous woman to come back his way.

He could still see the vision of her full round cheeks swayed above those beautiful long sleek legs as she strutted by him moments ago. She resembled his wife to a tee the way she was when they were married ten years ago.

Janice had gained a lot of weight and Earl was always nagging her about her appearance. Earl took a swig of his new drink as he remembered the day when he moved out of the house.

That was sixteen months ago and he hadn’t seen her since. They talked on the phone a couple times but never got a chance to get together.

Early moved to Miami soon after moving out of their house in Tampa and started an advertising firm with his old army buddy, Clyde. He couldn’t even remember all the reasons why he moved out other then the fact that they were having financial problems at the time and Early didn’t like the fact that Janice wasn’t taking care of herself at the time.

The last time they spoke on the phone, Janice wanted him to come back home and start over again. Earl still loved her dearly and he knew she loved him but Earl had gotten the business started and found it very difficult to try and move it back to Tampa.

Earl remembered telling her he needed more time to get his business stabilized before he considered coming back home. She told him she was doing great selling real estate and was working on changing her life.

Earl caught the glimpse of the dark haired woman again. She was strutting her way toward his stool and Earl was getting ready to stop her when she came near. She was wearing a tight gold dress and Early could see those huge melons swaying as she walked his way.

Here she comes. Let her get a few steps closer and stop her. Yes. Early reached out with his arm to stop her and she starred his why and smiled.

Earl smiled back. “Janice? Is that you?”

“Earl? I didn’t expect to see you here!”

Janice stepped closer as Earl got off the stool and gave her a hug. He stepped back and glanced down at her low cut dress and saw that half her breasts were displayed to the patrons of the lounge.

“You look absolutely gorgeous, Janice. What happen?”

Janice playfully spun around in a circle giving Earl a good look at her figure.

“You like?”

“I can’ believe you look so good! What happen? What have you been doing?”

Janice let out a girlish giggle as she reached out and held Earl’s arms.

“I’ve been working out with my friends for the last several months and I’ve been eating right and working pretty hard.”

Earl kept looking at her figure with a wide grin on his face.

“Janice. I think you look beautiful. I can’t remember seeing you look this good since our wedding day.”

Janice smiled then gave him a quick look over from head to toe.

“Your looking pretty handsome yourself tonight. What are you doing here? Are you alone?”

Earl shook his head and smiled. “Of coarse I’m here alone. Except my business partner is running around here someplace.”

By :Karenkay

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