Husband finds out about wife’s visits to a swingers club

My story really starts about ten years ago, I had just walked into Johnson’s Lumber yard to pick up a few things I needed to finish up a house I was building. I needed some cabinet screws, another pair of cabinet hinges, a couple of finish saw blades and a few other things and as I stepped into their showroom, there was a very good-looking young couple talking to Tony and Fred, two of the countermen. I heard Tony say, “You could get ABC or Delaney to build you one but you would probably end up with a piece of junk. If I wanted a quality house built, I’d get Carl Bullock to do it,” which made my chest swell, since I’m Carl Bullock. Just then Fred said, “I have to agree with Tony. Hell, in fact, there the son-of-a-gun is now. Why don’t you go over and talk to him?” as he pointed to me.

They quickly headed over my way as I got out my wallet to get out one of my cards. The guy kept getting larger as he approached me and I found myself looking up at this very muscular guy in an expensive looking sportscoat, slacks and high-priced shoes. He was at least 6’5″ and very chiseled. He looked straight out of GQ. Then I got a look at the woman with him and I had to swallow hard. If he was out of GQ, then she was out of Penthouse. I mean her strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, perfect probably 38 D cup breasts with puffy nipples, narrow waist and long legs which were accented by the plunging neckline of the very short flowery sundress she wore made my mind turn into mush.

It took me a minute or more to realize what they were asking. They were Tom and Lola Patterson and had recently moved to our area. Tom had taken the position at the high school as assistant football coach and also taught English 80, also called Seniors English or as it was called in my day, dumbbell English as it was for those that hadn’t passed regular English and needed an English class to graduate. Lola had taken a position at our local community college as a volleyball coach and her 5’10” height matched mine. We decided to meet for lunch and talk things over.

I suggested O’Brian’s as it’s my sister’s place and I love the food, Plus, she usually gives me a free beer if I behave myself. She had married Charlie O’Brian and helped him build up the Irish themed bar and restaurant, then came back after getting their kids down one night and found good old Charlie boy tapping one of the waitresses in the back room. She caught him square in the back of the head with a bottle of Guinness before ripping out a couple of handfuls of the young gals hair. Let’s just say old Charlie boy got the shit scared out of him by Darlene and agreed to anything she wanted in the divorce, which was just about everything. Anyway, we had three delicious corned beef sandwiches with fries and several pints of beer which my sister insists are always served in iced mugs.

I was the only brother left and her and the kids were pretty close. That is until her new cook Billy came to work for her, then he seemed to be top priority, but that’s another story altogether.

My father and uncle had started this business, eventually my father bought my uncle out. I worked for my father from the time I was little and all through college, meeting Sandi my sophomore year and falling in love. A broken condom during Christmas break and we married that Easter, Carl Jr was born in the early fall. By the time I graduated, my darling Rebecca was child number two. My father and mother spoiled them so. It really didn’t seem such a chore. Then Bobby came along and what a screamer. I don’t know, somehow, I thought he didn’t quite look like me. I buried that thought and loved him like the others and worked my ass off to build a better life for my wife and kids. Then dad had his heart attack and I took over the business. The rest is history they say.

Tom and Lola had traveled the state and fell in love with this area and were looking to build. I asked them what their budget was and Lola smiled at me and said, “I don’t know, whatever it takes.” Now in my 15 years of contracting, I had never heard a customer tell me that.

I asked her, “Do you have any plans or ideas of what you want?”

Tom cut in and said, “We’ve put some money down on old man Paulson’s woods just out of town. We’d like you to go out there with us and take a lay of the land and give us your best opinion of where to best place the house. We’re thinking of maybe a three-story house with a daylight basement, say around 13 to 15 thousand square feet with a pool and two hot tubs, one outdoor and one indoor. We want this place to be party central. I would also like a two-story shop out back, say around 8 to 10 thousand square feet, heated of course with two multi stall bathrooms and a kitchen in case we need extra room for parties.”

Curious, I asked what them what their budget was and before Tom could say anything, Lola said, “Carl, I’d like to keep it under fourteen but if I have to, I can go as high as twenty.”

Nervous as hell, I asked, “A . . . are y . . . you talking hundred thousand?”

Tom and Lola rolled with laughter and chuckling like crazy she said, “No, I meant million, silly.”

Now the biggest custom I had done was almost a million dollars and that one scared me to death. So I asked about financing. Lola smiled then said, “Money isn’t an issue, before we married, I set aside fifty million as a home account once we decided where we wanted to settle down. We’ve been married for nearly five years now and have traveled every place we thought we might like to put down roots and this quaint little area is perfect for us. I might even open up my art studio again.”

I turned to Tom and said, “So, did she tell you she was rich before you married this gorgeous example of womanhood?”

He looked over at his wife and lovingly took her hand and raising it to his lip, tenderly kissed the back he said, “Of course, and I gladly signed the pre-nuptial and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.” Lola turned her head, blushing, then blew her husband a kiss.

My sister had just brought us another round of iced mugs of that dark golden nectar when Tom started in on Lola’s tale. “You see Carl, Lola’s brother was quite the scallywag. One could probably call him a thief because he’d ask to borrow some money with no intention of ever paying you back. He had borrowed money from nearly everyone he could. It got to the point that his grandparents were making him sign a note with assigned interest and a due date with a penalty clause but he still never paid them back so they had written him out of their will. When they passed away, their entire estate went to Lola.

Tom had gotten out of the service five years ago and they had started their search for their new home. When they found their spot, they had both gotten their teaching certificates re-instated in our state although neither of them really needed to work. They had gotten married right out of college, just before he went in the service.

My mind was reeling at what kind of dollars these two were talking about and they hadn’t even seen an architect yet. I suggested we go see Glen Taylor and if they liked him, the four of us could go to the property and check it out. Later that day, the four of us drove out to their property in their new AMG wagon. To say Glen and I were impressed would have been an understatement.

This piece of property had never been logged off and was mystical, you almost expected to see a dinosaur stepping out any minute, at least I did. There were moss covered trees, the ponds and creeks were abundant. Limestone jutted out defiantly; as if some unseen underground giant was trying to pierce the earth to break his way out. Glen was taking pictures and sketching like mad and grinning from ear to ear. To me his eyes looked like dollar signs, he was spending their money in carloads and I stood there shaking my head and slowly walked back towards the car.

I had stooped down to feel a crop of new ferns under one of the towering pine trees when I felt her tender fingers run from the small of my back up to the nape of my neck, it sent shivers up and down my spine and as I slowly rose, my pants were tenting up. I was nervous as hell. Lola pushed me to where the tree blocked our view from the others and rubbed my hard shaft and said as she licked her lips, “It’s too bad we weren’t alone, isn’t it?” She then turned and walked back to her husband and Gary who were discussing the details of what they wanted in the house. I made it back to the car and was so frustrated. In the twenty-one years Sandi had been married, I had never cheated on my wife and I don’t think she had ever cheated on me. I needed to stay away from Lola to protect my marriage and that’s just what I did.

I always made sure that I had a workman or apprentice with me, even if he had nothing to do. Though I could almost always find something to keep him productive and within sight. Lola would often ask me to come upstairs or into another room to check out something and whoever I was with knew that if I was gone for more than five minutes, he was to come looking for me to ask me a question. Let me tell you, I was saved more than once. It took about six months but she finally gave up.

My wife often came over to check on this monster of a home, complete with upstairs and downstairs laundries, kitchens, bathrooms and even two elevators, one in the main hallway and one from the basement party room directly to Tom and Lola’s master bedroom. Their master bedroom was enormous, sporting a huge gunite hot tub and a glass enclosed shower that could hold at least a dozen people, maybe more. And that wasn’t the only bathroom in the house like that, they had six more.

Then there were the ‘secret’ rooms. I had to hire a German locksmith with special tools to set up these mysterious doors. You had to touch them just right and they opened themselves, then a push of a button they would close. They had six secret rooms, two were safe rooms. The one in the master bedroom I thought was rather strange. It had an 8-foot by 6-foot high two way mirror that let you see out into the bedroom but not in. I smiled as the glass man said, “You know I’ll bet the husband is a kinky SOB!”

I thought, ‘No way would Tom let any man fuck his wife, I know if she were mine, I’d kill first before I’d allow that.’ Anyway, Sandi and Lola soon became fast friends, my wife was the vice-principal at the middle school. So we had three teachers, and this carpenter who happened to become friends. To our kids they became Aunt Lola and Uncle Tom. We spent a lot of time together, though some of their parties were rough. To me it seemed a few of the female friends were too friendly, and their husbands were definitely rather handsy with Sandi. More than once I felt I had to rescue her, as I watched some suave guy corner my wife with his hand casually drifting over her ass. I never questioned her about it, but it really stuck in my craw.

Now here we are ten years later. We were damn near empty nesters. Sandi has risen to become the assistant district school superintendent, Carl Jr. had just gotten out of the two tours in the Air Force, and was engaged to a wonderful young lady from Long Island named Sun Le. Our daughter Rebecca had graduated college and was working for a bio-tech firm out in California and our youngest Bobby was about graduate high school, wouldn’t you know it he had Tom for a teacher this year. His mother and I had tried and tried but he was too interested in girls and sports to study, and Sandi spoiled him rotten. She wouldn’t let me take away his car or ground him, or even make him work for my company. She gave him $50 a week as an allowance plus he had a company credit card for gas and tires which could at times double or triple that.

It was Bobby’s 18th birthday and Sandi wanted a big party for his friends and ours too.

Two years earlier Sandi had insisted that as the area’s biggest custom home contractor we needed a showplace of our own. Two years, tons of late nights and at least 100 cases of beer. Did I mention the 5 million dollars? Well my wife finally got her wish. I on the other hand, wasn’t comfortable there, Sandi would never let me relax or let the place get dirty, it always had to be Home and Gardens ready.

When Tom, Lola and their friends got to the party, Sandi seemed to gravitate towards that group and I couldn’t help but see my wife getting and giving lots of hugs and kisses to people I didn’t know, some of which seemed to be rather hot. I kept out of sight but was watching all the same. I didn’t like what I saw.

Bobby and his friends were splashing about in the pool, two of his friends manned the barbecue. Then Tom came over with a platter of steaks my wife had given him for the adults and put them on one of the grills, I wondered why she hadn’t asked me. I started thinking back and then realized that once the house was finished, my wife hadn’t made love with me one single time.

She always had some excuse, too tired, too late, stomach cramps. I didn’t eat much that evening, I drank my dinner instead. I ended up talking with my good old friend Billy, him and Darlene had been married for seven years now. We were sitting out in my big new garage looking over my new Corvette. Sandi insisted I needed it but she had driven it the most so far.

We had been talking sports, when out of the blue he tells me that my sister was wilder in bed now than she was when he first met her and wasn’t sure he could keep up with her much longer. What he said next really knocked me to the floor. Looking at me through a glass of my best single barrel malt whiskey he said, “Darlene wants us to join Tom and Lola’s swingers club. Has Sandi said anything to you?”

I just sat there dumfounded and said, “What the fuck? Sandi who? You can’t be talking about my wife, now can you?” Billy nodded as he looked at his feet. I said, “Would you kindly explain?”

Billy told me that the big house they built out in the sticks, was really a swingers retreat. They had couples coming from all over to spend weekends and they threw hellacious parties. Billy told me Sandi had attended a few. I jumped to my feet and shouted, “Do you know if she fucked anybody?”

Shaking his head, Billy said, “She told Darlene that she hasn’t yet. But Carl, she wants to real bad but is afraid if she does, you’ll divorce her. I thought she was going to talk to you before this party, at least that what’s Darlene said. Otherwise I never would have said anything bro. I should have kept my big mouth shut. Darlene and Sandi are going to kill me I know.” He poured him another full glass of my whiskey and downed it then walked out of my garage and I sat there fuming. Was I going to divorce my wife?

Then as people were leaving and I was about to clean up. Sandi was walking Tom and Lola and some of their friends to their cars, I decided to watch them say their goodbyes and moved to the side of the house. When they got to their cars, she stopped to give Lola a very sensual kiss, which they seemed to melt together as one, their tongues darting about in each other’s mouths. Then my wife turned to Tom and she wrapped her arms around his neck and she dove her tongue in his mouth as his hands cupped her ass, then her feet left the ground and it pulled her dress up over her cute little butt. In the light of night, it was easy to see, his hands cupping my wife’s bare ass as he squeeze each cheek for a moment. She pushed him away, then checked up at the house, never expecting me to be standing over at the side. Life as I knew it was over, it would be easier if I would have just died.

I put on my happy face and did my best to pitch in with the cleaning. What really surprised me was that Billy and his friends had jumped in and helped. Soon it was just Sandi and I. We got ready for bed and for some reason I thought maybe she felt she was missing something so I started caressing my wife’s nipples and breasts which used to get her juices flowing. But this time she pulled my hand off and said, “Not tonight Carl, I’m just way too tired. Maybe another time would be better.”

That night I couldn’t fall asleep, I tossed and turned like a fidgety child. After over an hour of this, I threw back the covers and sat up and put on my slippers, Sandi turned on her light and asked, “Carl, what’s wrong my love?”

I didn’t even turn to look at my wife of 31 years, I looked at that God-awful wallpaper she just had to have instead and said, “How can you call me my love, when you go to swingers parties and want to fuck another man? As far as I’m concerned, that doesn’t sound like you’re in love with me anymore, especially now that you have your house which you seem to love a whole lot more than me.” I walked out of our bedroom and went downstairs to the den and slammed the door then locked it. Soon I heard Sandi knocking.

“Carl, we need to talk,” said the woman that I had given my heart and soul to for so many years now. “Please Carl, open this door so I can explain things to you.”

I was too upset to say anything. I could hear her crying outside the door for quite a while, then I heard her shuffle back up the stairs and I unlocked the door. There was no comfortable place to sleep in the den, I hadn’t had any input on this damn house, Sandi and Glen had done all the design work, all I did was hand the blueprints off to my men, tell them to build it and write the checks. What a farce. I went to the liquor cabinet and had a tall glass of my favorite single barrel malt whiskey and when it was empty, I snuck upstairs and could hear my wife snoring so I crept in and took my pants off the chair. I didn’t want to go into my closet as the automatic lights would have woken my wife up so with my pants in hand, I went to the garage where my hunting stuff was and found some undergarments, socks and a shirt and jacket, then jumped in my truck and took off and went to the office. At least there I had a comfortable couch.

It was 7:00 when light poured into my office as Beth, my secretary turned on the lights and saw me. Then turned to see the half empty bottle of whiskey on my desk and the turned over glass next to the couch. “CARL BULLOCK!” she shouted, “What in the hell is going on? Why are you sleeping in your office and why the fuck did your wife call me this morning and ask if I would have an affair with you?” I could see Beth was upset but I had no idea what she was talking about.

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