Husband Can’t Handle Me

I really almost do not know how to start except that my horny now-ex-husband could not handle what I needed on a regular basis. Even with his beautiful 9 inch cock he could stay hard enough to take care of me. So, after the final conversation he drank till he passed out. I put on a summer sun dress with no straps, no bra and no panties and left.Town had several clubs but I was not into clubs at the moment so I thought as the burning between my legs got worse. I was rubbing my clit that was swollen and engorged and needed a really good fuck for a long time. There was a lake on the base, far away from the main base but there was almost always something happening there so I drove there and from the gate I could see a huge bonfire by the lake. I drove around the lake to the bonfire and parked the car. I kicked off my sandals and walked to the bonfire. There were about 30 people in different conditions of drunkenness some in couples but a few single guys that had make a day of football and drinking. I made sure to walk so that my tits bounced and went towards the fire. Even some of the couple watched me. I knew some of them and they gave a great hey Sue, what’s up girl? and from the guys, “Damn lady, nice.” I thanked them all and one girl asked “So what is up, hubby not with you?” I told her “No, the asshole is home passed out on the couch. We fucked for a while then he could not take care of me.” One guy, strong and obviously well endowed stood up with a beer and handed it to me. I drank it straight down and reached for another. “So what is it we can do for you sweet lady?” he said smiling.

I let my dress to the ground and played with my nipples, pulling them to make me moan. “Any more questions?” I said and he led me to a blanket on the ground and his shorts fell to the ground and he took me in his arms and his hands were on my ass lifting me and my legs went around his hips. I reached down and found his wonderful rod and guided it into my pussy. It slipped in and then he rammed hard and made me cry out, “Oh yes, damn, that is what I need>” He was doing curls with my legs around him his hands under my ass and up and down he lifted me. I was starting to have orgasms one after another and my pussy was grabbing it and not letting it slip out. I let out an animal scream, “Oh yes, oh yes, keep fucking me.” and he did just that. I do not know how many orgasms I had but I found myself on my back, legs spread and a different guy in me fucking fast. I looked into his eyes and he started to cum filling me up with more cum and he moved off and another dropped between my legs, “Come on guys, I need all I can get. My cunt is on fire and you need to soak it to put out the fire.” So far only the first had a good sized cock but then a chubby guy dropped his shorts, “Oh yeah, the Bull is gonna fuck her, let’s see her take the bull.” some guys were chanting. Now it seemed everyone was in a circle around us, guys and girls, all naked and guys getting hand jobs while watching me get fucked. Sure enough the “Bull” was on his knees between my legs and his cock was huge and thicker than anything I had seen on a man. He rubbed it in the cum dripping crack and then he pushed the head in and it began filling my pussy. I gasped and he pushed further in, now half maybe was in, or so I thought. The people were chanting, “Fuck her, fuck her!!!” He drove deep into me, hitting my cervix and making it scream in pain and pleasure. It was making it collapse pushing it further into me. My womb was feeling his pressure as he fucked me and drove hard and deep every time. It was at least a half hour and maybe more. He growled and his cock swelled even more in me and he began filling my womb. I could feel his cum going in and thought “If I have a baby it will be his.” He finished and then stayed there. He was moving slowly in and out just a little and then his cock grew back to full size. “This time is going to take a long time baby.” Again the chanting began.

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