Husband and wife seduce strangers

My wife and I had a long weekend coming up and decided to go to a larger town to rest and relax. Actually, we just wanted to get away from our friends and relatives. Our two children are married and living away from home, giving us more freedom for our activities.

Judy, in her mid 50’s is a very beautiful woman and could pass for a model in her 30’s. She is a real MILF and makes men’s heads turn in her direction and she creates quite a stir when in a bathing suit, either bikini or full suit. I am 60 and retired early with a very nice pension. Judy and I have been married for over 30 years and we both had experience sexually before we married.

Judy and I are very active sexually and have regular friends we enjoy sexually on regular occasions. There are times when we needed to expand our sexual exploits so that Judy could seduce total strangers. This was one of those weekends where we are both excited to find Judy a stranger to fuck. More like to drain a man or men of his or their sexual energy.

We always chose nice hotels that had a restaurant and lounge. This usually meant that the men were usually business men away from home and usually married. Being married we were assured that they would most certainly be disease free and condoms were not necessary. Judy liked the natural feeling and especially the feel of hot sperm being pumped into her from a spasming cock.

This was a long holiday weekend and would afford us more time. Plus, business men would be in limbo and looking for activities to fill their time. This was our tenth time picking up strangers in a nice hotel and we had become experts in snagging our prey. We got to our hotel at 1 pm, got our room and laid down for a quick nap.

At 6 pm, we arose, got our showers and dressed for dinner.

Judy and I enjoyed a nice dinner with a bottle of wine. We scanned the restaurant where Judy would spot potential partners for our planned Menage a Trios. We would discuss those that she spotted and rank them to our preplanned specifications. That would be manners, poise, build, age, etc. We would narrow the list down to about four that we would plan to seduce in the lounge later. Being a long holiday weekend, there were plenty to pick from so our list was larger than four. Most of them caused Judy’s mouth to water and she would squirm in her chair. I could see that she was getting hot and I knew that her pussy was very wet with anticipation.

Suddenly Judy grabbed my arm with a vise grip hold and said, “God, there he is, I want him to be our third”.

I glanced in the direction and saw a distinguished looking gentleman in his mid forties, dark hair with graying temples, 6 feet tall and wearing a suit with tight pants. You could make out the outline of a very long cock. I knew exactly why Jan chose this fellow. When Jan gets so horny looking at prospective partners, it causes my cock to get hard thinking of her attacking a new fuck-buddy.

I reminded Judy that not all of these guys will be in the lounge later tonight and this man may or may not be there. Judy’s smile turned to a frown and said, “I know, but I can hope he shows up. Maybe there is a way to seduce him without being in the lounge.”

I said, “Find an opportunity to accidently bump into him and tell him that later we will buy him a drink in the lounge.” Judy thought that plan just might work since it would be ‘we’ that would meet him. A neutral meeting and not the normal cheesy pick up.

Before finishing our last cup of coffee, Judy excused herself to use the restroom. She got up and walked toward the restrooms and ‘accidently’ bumped into her mark causing his glass of wine to spill. Judy was all over him with apologies and offered to pay for cleaning his suit. She finally told him that he should join her and her husband tonight in the lounge to make up for her clumsiness. He accepted to meet us at 9 pm. Judy then smiled and continued to the restroom.

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