Husband and Wife Robbed and Humiliated

After my Asian wife and I returned home after going out for a brunch with some friends, as we walked into the house from the garage and opened our bedroom door, we were greeted by a masked intruder holding a gun. He pointed the gun at both of us and told us to raise our hands in the air and not move. We both looked at each other and then raised our hands up to show him that we were going to comply with his order. My wife was wearing a long black sleeveless dress with a pair of black tights. I was wearing a pink shirt and a pair of dark grey slacks.

Once he saw that we were going to comply with his demands, he told me to go and shut the bedroom door. Then, he told me and my wife to slowly walk over to the bed with our hands still raised in the air. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a full roll of blue duct tape and threw it on the bed.

It was at this time that the masked intruder finally began to speak. “I want both of you to take off all of your clothes with you sir, stripping your wife and you lady stripping your husband.” When we heard this, we both looked at each other and hesitated for a moment, thinking this was not real. “Do it now!” he ordered, “or I will shoot both of you.” “Lady,” he said,” strip your husband first.” “Now!”

My wife looked at me first for approval, and I nodded my head to go and do it.

My wife unbuttoned my shirt, and then took it off and threw it on the bed. Then, she pulled my t-shirt up over my head and threw that on the bed as well. Next, she had me raise each foot and pulled off my shoes and socks. Then, she unbuckled my belt, opened my slacks, and pulled my slacks and boxer shorts down at the same time and then threw those on the bed as well.

“Nice,” said the masked intruder. He then turned to me and said “now it’s your turn to strip her.” “Do it now.” I first looked at my wife and she too nodded her head for me to do it.

First, I unbuttoned my wife’s sleeveless dress and removed it from her small petite body and threw the dress on the bed. Then, I had my wife lift up each foot one at a time and reached down and pulled her boots off her feet. Now, she was still left wearing her black leggings, a sexy red panty which was showing through the leggings and her black lace 32 a size bra that barely covered her small breasts. I then took hold of the waist band of her leggings and slowly pulled them down around to her ankles and helped her to step out of them. I then threw the leggings on the bed with the rest of our clothes. Just as I was about to pull down her panties, I heard the masked intruder say, “stop”. He then told my wife to sit down on the bed. Then I heard him say to me “now, take off her panties and bra.”

With my wife sitting on the edge of the bed, I grabbed hold of the sides of her panties, pulled them all the way down, took them off of her and put those on the bed as well. Then, I unclasped her bra and tossed that on the bed as well.

“Sit down next to her,” he said, “and don’t either of you move.” He then picked up all of our clothes, except her panties and my boxers, and placed them into a bag he was holding that also had some of our valuables he had found.

“My, don’t you two look nice in your birthday suits,” he said. “Lady, I wish I could stay and have some fun and play with your small tits and hairy bush, but I got to get out of here now.” The masked intruder then picked up the roll of blue duct tape and handed it to my wife. “Lady, I want you to take the duct tape, tightly tape your ankles together, put your panties in your mouth, wrap the tape around your mouth, lie face down on the bed and put your hands behind your back.” As the man had a gun pointed at us and fearing for our safety, my wife did as she was told to do.

Once my wife had finished and was now duct taped, tape-gagged and lying face down on the bed he turned to me and said, “Pick up the tape and tape her wrists together. Do it now”. I picked up the tape and wrapped it tightly around her wrists as I was told to do.

“Very nice,” said the masked intruder. “Now you do the same. Tape your ankles together, put your boxers in your mouth, wrap the tape around your mouth, lie face down on the bed next to your wife and put your hands behind your back. ”

Seeing he still had the gun in his hand, I did what I was told to do. Once I had finished and was lying down next to my wife, ankles duct taped, boxers stuffed in my mouth and duct-taped, and with my hands behind by back, the masked intruder picked up the roll of duct tape and tightly taped my wrists together.

“There, that should hold both of you,” he said. “Got to go. But before I do I have one more surprise for you.” “Be back in a minute,” he said. “Don’t go anywhere,” he chuckled as he left the room. My wife and I looked at each other not knowing what he meant by that last statement. We soon found out what he meant.

“Aw,” he said, “don’t you two look so nice and comfy. I have a surprise for each of you.” With that, my wife and I turned our heads to look at him and saw he was holding up two vibrators- a red one for her and a silver one for me. We both started to squirm, writhe and moan through our gags, not knowing what he had planned to do. “Stop that,” he yelled, “don’t you dare move or I will be forced to shoot you both right now.” We both stopped struggling and moaning through our gags and lay still. “Much better,” he said, “Now let’s get on with the fun.”

First, the masked intruder took so Vaseline and placed it in and around my rectum. Then, he placed the silver vibrator inside my rectum. “Don’t push it out,” he ordered, “or I will be forced to shoot you.” Then, he took some Vaseline and placed it in and around my wife’s small petite rectum and placed the red vibrator insider her rectum. “Same for you lady,” he said “don’t push it out or I will have to shoot you as well.” When both of us had the vibrators firmly pushed inside our rectums, we then each heard the sound of duct tape being ripped off the roll. He placed tape over my vibrator to hold it in and then did the same to the vibrator inside my wife’s rectum. “Sorry I can’t stay to see the show,” he said, “hope you two enjoy yourselves.” Right before he left, he turned on both vibrators to the high setting. “Have fun,” he said as we heard him leave the room and close the door.

As the vibrators began to rapidly pulse inside both of our rectums, my wife and I started to writhe, thrash and moan through our gags. As each vibrator was electric with a cord attached and was not battery operated, we both realized that there would be no way to shut off the power. My wife’s was plugged into a socket near the window and mine was plugged into a socket near the bed. As the vibrators continuously were pulsing into our rectums, both my wife and I were being given continuous anal orgasm from the vibrators. As both of us knew the only way to shut them off was to get them unplugged, we both began to squirm and move our bodies in a rapid motion, hoping to loosen the tape holding the vibrators inside our rectums. However, as hard as we tried, we could not get them out. The tape would not budge. After struggling for a while, I looked at my wife and tried to talk to her through my gag. I mumbled something to her like “let’s just lie still and eventually the tape will come loose and we can get free.”

Even though it this came out mumbled and garbled, she understood what I meant and she stopped struggling.

Both of us then lay there as the vibrators continued to buzz inside of our rectums, producing one anal orgasm after another. However, each time we both had an orgasm from the buzzing vibrators stuffed inside our rectums, we noticed that our bodies were beginning to become covered in sweat.

After what seemed like an eternity, (my wife and I had too many orgasms to count- maybe close to 150 total between the both of us) we noticed that the tape had loosened somewhat because each time we had an orgasm, the sweat produced by our bodies caused the tape to get wet. Finally, we both were able to break the tape that had secured our wrists. Then, each of us reached behind our bodies and pulled the vibrators out of our rectums. After the vibrators were removed and thrown still buzzing away on the floor, we both lay quietly for a minute and looked at each other with a sigh of relief. I then pulled the tape off of her mouth and she immediately spit out her soaked panties. I then removed the tape from my mouth and spit out my soaked boxers. We each then turned over onto our back and pulled off the remaining duct tape from our ankles.

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