Husband and wife forced to have sex during home invasion

One day my wife and I were lying down on our bed and were holding each other in a loving embrace. We were still clothed and had our bedroom door closed. While we were wrapped up in the moment, we were unaware of the masked man who had quietly entered our room.

When we both looked up and saw the intruder standing at the foot of our bed, we both gasped and froze.

The intruder motioned for us to stand up and then told us to strip. We both looked at each other and then we both began to strip. When we both got down to our underwear, we stopped. The intruder told us we were to both be naked, and ordered us to strip naked.

Fearing for our safety, we did as we were instructed and both of us removed the rest of our clothes until we were both stark naked. We attempted to try and cover up our genitals but were ordered to place our hands at our sides. Given the fact that the masked intruder had a gun pointed directly towards us and was waving it back and forth, we did as instructed.

While standing stark naked next to each other we grabbed each other’s hand and waited for what would happen next. It didn’t take long for us to find out his next move.

The intruder saw the cut up towels duct tape and blindfold on the table and threw them onto the bed. He asked us what they were for and I told him we were getting ready to have our role play fantasy sex where I would tie, gag and blindfold my wife face down on the bed and then have anal sex with her.

He told us this would be our lucky day and we would have a long time of having sex together. We didn’t know what he meant but we soon were to find out.

He told my wife to lay face down on the bed and to spread out her arms and legs. Then he had me take a towel strip and tie her arm to a corner of the bed. He warned me that I needed to tie her arm nice and tight and he would check it when I was done. Seeing it was tight, he told me to finish tying her other arm and then her legs. When I finished, he checked to make sure she was tied nice and tight. Then, he had me tie a blindfold over her eyes and then cover it with a strip of duct tape. I was then given a panty he found on the floor next to the bed that my wife had worn and my pair of boxer shorts.

He told me to take my boxer shorts and place them in my wife’s mouth and then cover that with a strip of duct tape. My wife began to cry and tried to tell the masked intruder that she would not be able to breathe. He told her to shut up and take the gag or he would shoot me. Reluctantly she opened her mouth and accepted the gag. After she had my boxers stuffed into her mouth and taped in tight, the intruder told her to talk. All that came out were mumbled and muffled sounds.

Satisfied she was securely restrained and silenced, the intruder turned his attentions towards me.

He had me take my wife’s panties and stuff them in my mouth and then place a strip of duct tape over my mouth to hold the panties in.

Then, he ordered me to start playing with myself to get my penis hard. Given he had a gun pointing straight at my head, I had little choice than to do as he said. I played with my penis until it became nice and hard.

When he saw it was hard, he ordered me to lie down on top of my wife and put my penis into her small rosebud. I started to push my cock into her rectum and continued until I was all the way inside. Since we had done anal sex together before, she did not have any pain and accepted my cock until I was all the way in.

The intruder told me to lie still and not move. He then tied my arms to my wife’s arms and my legs to my wife’s legs so we were both tied together face down in a spread eagle position. He then tied a towel over my eyes and placed a strip of duct tape over the towel.

By :victorious

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