Huge Boobs with Bad Attitude

“These aren’t on the menu buddy! Only the refills are free,” snapped 19 year old Giselle Potter, as she caught yet another onlooker staring unashamedly at her gigantic teenage titties as they were molded into her skin-tight Mamma Mia’s Pizza white tee shirt with the restaurant’s name stretched widely across her colossal endowments.

It didn’t help matters that Giselle’s 5’4 elfin body made her mammoth boobs look completely disproportion with the rest of her slim body. Her tits hung low, just barely grazing the top of her naval. Her Mamma Mia’s Pizza shirt was tapered inside her black jeans which made it appear as if she was smuggling over-sized cantaloupes. “… So, is there anything else I can help you with, pervert!?” The middle age man gawking quickly returned to his seat with a noticeable hard on.

“Fuck Viagra! If his ol lady wants to get his dick up, all she has to do is bring him here to see you,” jokingly commented Joyce, one of Giselle’s co-workers.

“Fucking old perv,” Giselle replied. “Just another ordinary day in my life.”

“Well, if I had huge fucking tits like you, I don’t think I would be working at a pizza shop. Heard some titty bars are hiring,” ribbed Joyce.

“Hey bitch! Are you trying to get rid of me just because the men come in here to see me and these fuck ton melons and not you?” sternly responded Giselle. “Besides, I would if I could if I had someone to baby-sit my son at nights. I would definitely be making a lot more money shaking my floppy cans then I do in this dump. And that’s just in tips.”

“Gosh, sorry. Didn’t mean to touch a nerve,” said an apologetic Joyce.

“Holy fuck, I need a joint… If you’re truly sorry, then you’ll take over for me while I go puff one,” said Giselle.

“Its Saturday night! We’re swamp with customers. Besides, didn’t Mr. Alderman get on you the last two times he caught you smoking weed? I think he said he would fire you if he catches you again,” warned Joyce.

“Fuck that old decrepit motherfucker! He doesn’t have the balls to fire me. He knows my ginormous boobs are putting money in his pockets and food in his family’s mouths because its sure as hell not this god awful pizza,” angrily replied Giselle. “I’ll be back in fifteen before he even knows I’m gone.”

Giselle took off her apron and headed towards the kitchen to escape into the alley. She felt the many lingering pervert eyes of old and young males watching her as she walked by but mainly at her immense 34 double GG cup bazongas as they bobbed and swayed like heavy gigantic spheres do under her taut shirt.

As mention before, Giselle had a short, well toned and petite womanly figure with colossal breasts you would only find within the pages of big boob magazines or off the Internet. Add on that she was incredibly gorgeous and not just a pair of gargantuan tits with legs.

Giselle was pretty enough to be a model if it wasn’t for those hooters and her bad attitude. Her skin was ivory white and unblemished. Her gorgeous sapphire colored eyes gave her a porcelain doll look with the exception of the heavy dark eyeliner she loved wearing. She had thin yet long ruby-red lips and her straight flowing hair stop a few inches pass her neck with a mixture of light and dark browns colors.

“Fuck!” Giselle exclaimed… “I just remembered I had smoked my last joint last night.”

Giselle disappointment didn’t last long as Dexter, another Mamma Mia employee who had just clocked out of his shift, came across Giselle standing in the alleyway.

“Hey Dex… You done for tonight?” she asked.

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