Hubby watches his wife take on Big Sam

I told my boss I was feeling sick that Friday and went home early. I wasn’t really sick. Maybe it was one of those psychic things pushing me toward a long delayed decision. Or, more likely, I was just being my lazy self, getting a jump on the weekend. One thing for sure, a lot of things changed that day.

When I turned into my driveway I just about slammed into the pool service guy’s truck. It was parked in back of my wife’s car. Tammy always parks half way into the carport – drives me crazy. I pulled out and found a spot at the curb a little ways down our street.

I was walking back to my house when I happened to look over at the fence that runs from my house over toward the one next door. There was Larry, my neighbor, standing on a wooden box, looking over the top of the fence. There was no question I had to find out what he was doing. I walked up the yard. We have an olive tree pretty close to the fence. He was partly hidden by the lower branches. I didn’t want to scare the guy, even if he was peeping into my backyard.

I coughed when I got within about ten feet. He turned quickly. He recognized me and just about fell off his box. I had to ask, “What you doing there, Larry?”

He glanced back at the fence, then back at me. “Well, I’m kind of waiting to watch your wife get fucked by the pool guy.”

“That right?” was the only thing I could think of to say. Larry got down off his box and stepped over closer to where I stood. A sudden thought came to mind. “Ah, Larry, why don’t you watch her from your house?”

He looked down at the ground and nudged a small rock with his toe. “Well, I did, I mean I used to. But the fence between your yard and mine is ten feet tall. A couple of weeks ago I was up on a step ladder. I almost fell off. Over here is a lot safer, view’s better too.”

“So, this is pretty much a weekly thing?”

“Ah, no. two weeks ago was the first time, far as I know.”

I pointed briefly to the fence, “They get started yet?”

He seemed relieved to change the subject. “She was in the pool when the pool guy got here. She didn’t have her bathing suit top on. She got out of the pool and went in the house. I heard her ask him if he wanted something to drink.”

His voice trailed off and he looked down at his feet. My mind was filled with a dozen thoughts at the same time. On one hand, I was standing there having a ridiculous conversation with my neighbor. On the other hand, my wife was about to put the old horns of the cuckhold on my head, and not for the first time, maybe not even for the tenth time. Up until that day I always heard about her little escapades after the fact.

Many times, our foreplay pillow talk consisted of Tammy retelling a story about one of her walks on the wild side. It always worked for me. Hearing about her screwing some well hung stud, well, it made me want her so bad. We had talked about me hiding and watching. I had always begged off. That situation was about to change. All I had to do was stay and watch.

I noticed Larry was looking worried. He asked, “You aren’t going to go in there and do something crazy, are you?”

“You mean like get my shotgun out of the closet and blow both of them away, that kind of crazy?”

“You’re not, are you?”

I shook my head and took a deep breath. “No, I’m not going to do anything like that. I was just wondering if there’s room enough for both of us up on your box there. Sounds like Tammy puts on a pretty good show.”

Larry looked relieved. He smiled and raised his hand. He gave me a little punch on the shoulder and said, “Sure, there’s plenty of room. We’re a lot closer to the action over here. Last time they did it on the lounge chair at this end of the pool.”

I stepped up next to him. He was right, there was plenty of room for both of us to stand and look into my backyard. Climbing rose bushes Tammy had planted were tight up against the other side of the fence. Using that for cover, Larry and I had a perfect view without being seen. The pool guy was a ways away on the other side of the pool.

The man was tall, somewhere around six, five, I guessed. He was dressed in white painter pants and a white tank top. He was one of those ebony black men, so dark it was difficult to distinguish his facial features. His head was shaved bald. He had the skimmer net in his hands. Tammy was nowhere in sight.

I noticed Larry glancing over at me. I knew he wanted to say something but I was busy thinking. Up until that moment I had played things safe. I always had an out. I could pretend Tammy’s stories were just fantasy. If I stood watching at the fence, and actually witnessed her in action, my refuge of pretending would be gone forever. Honestly, I was torn.

“Quiet! Here she comes!” Larry frantically whispered. He looked over at me and kind of hunched down so just his eyes were higher than the fence.

I whispered back, “I wasn’t talking, you clown.”

Tammy stepped out into the open. Her bikini bottoms and a smile was all she was wearing. She held a can of beer in one hand. Our view was from the side as she got closer to the guy. The big black man smiled as he reached out for his beer. They were talking back and forth but they were too far for us to hear. Then Tammy turned and came back around the pool. Her big 36 D breasts swayed as she walked. Her nipples were playing a sexy game of peek-a-boo through strands of her long blonde hair.

God, I love her tits. They are all natural. She says all the women where she works think she has implants. I know better. The blonde hair, she gets out of a bottle, but the tits are real. They are probably too big for her thin, five six frame Gravity hasn’t touched them yet. Tammy is almost thirty and those puppies of hers stand out firm.

Judging from the expressions on that guy’s face and my drooling neighbor, I wasn’t the only one admiring Tammy’s tits. All eyes were glued to her chest as she walked over to one of our padded lounge chairs. She swiveled and planted her tight little ass on it and settled in. Larry had been right about the view. Out of the four lounge chairs we had she picked the one closest to the fence where we were hiding. We could see her from the side, not more than twenty feet away.

Peeping over the fence was like looking at a painting. Half naked woman laid back in her lounge chair. Pool guy still going through the motions of cleaning the pool between slugs of beer. Bright sunlight illuminated the whole scene. If it had actually been a painting, I would have titled it ‘Big Titted Blonde About To Get Seriously Fucked’ and hung it in the living room.

At that moment, I was, like I said, seriously torn. I could have gotten off that box and gone in the house. When I got out to the pool, Tammy would have covered herself with her arms and run inside. The pool guy would have looked at me with a guilty expression and probably finished quickly. Or, I could have gotten back in my car and left the whole scene. My true feelings were somewhere else. I wanted to see my sexy little wife get fucked six ways from Friday by that huge black stud. Truth was, at that moment, I just had to see her in action.

The guy packed up the pool cleaning stuff. He came around toward where Tammy was watching him. He put his beer can down on the picnic table. Then he walked slowly across the cement until he stood next to her lounge chair. He towered over her.

“Mind if I sit down for a minute?” She moved her legs enough to give him room on the flat portion of the cushion. He sat on the edge, next to her feet, his hand coming to rest on her lower leg. He smiled and said, “Got a little itch here, do we, sweet Tammy? Something Big Sam can take care of for you.”

His voice was deep and melodious. She looked down at his big hand resting gently below her one knee, then back into his eyes, “Are you going to make me beg for it, Sam?”

His hand moved past her knee to the soft white flesh of her thigh. His fingers were squeezing and stroking her gently, moving almost to the fabric of her little bikini bottoms, before sliding back down to her knee. Her legs parted slightly and she pushed her long blonde hair back off her chest with both hands. Big Sam drank in her bare breasts with his eyes. “Sweet Tammy and her big sweet bosoms. Just lookin’ gets me twitchin’ in my trousers.”

His hand moved up her thigh. She reached out and traced circles around his knuckles and said, “Maybe you ought to let that monster of yours come out and play.”

He grinned and let out a laugh, “You women, you all want to see this big old snake I keep packed in here. If looks were five dollar bills, Big Sam would be a millionaire. That’s the truth.”

Tammy squirmed in her seat. “Rubbing my leg like that is getting my pussy wetter, Sam.”

The big man leaned forward and grabbed both sides of her bikini bottoms. She raised her hips. In one quick motion he slid the tiny thing down and off from around her feet. She laid back naked and smiled up at him. Sam gazed down at the thick dark hair covering her pussy. “Blonde, blonde hair on your pretty head — dark, dark brown hair all over that sweet little split tail. Guess you’re foolin’ most of the people, all of the time.”

Tammy leaned forward. She put her open hand on the side of his face. “Are we going to talk all afternoon, or fuck?”

Sam nodded. He covered her hand with his own and moved them gently down to rest on her leg. He bent down and started taking off his shoes. When he was barefoot he stood up. He pulled his tank top over his head and tossed it next to the chair. His eyes were locked on Tammy. She stared at his fingers as he unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly. He stepped out of his pants and stood with his arms hanging at his sides, staring down at the naked woman laid out in front of him.

Tammy’s eyes were riveted on the enormous bulge at the front of his white briefs. Sam stood there and let her look. Only when he was ready, did he slip his thumbs under the elastic at each side and start easing them down. Tammy was squirming, rubbing the sides of her legs in nervous anticipation. Finally, Big Sam pushed his underwear down to mid thigh. His huge tool flopped free and seemed to sway slowly from side to side like it had a mind of its own. His cock was just semi hard but rising as he looked down at the naked white woman, waiting for him to take his pleasure.

“Look at the size of the monster,” Larry whispered. I sure couldn’t argue. It was obvious he had earned the title of Big Sam. I honestly wondered how he would get that log into my slender wife. Anticipation was getting thick on both sides of the fence. Tammy was squirming on her lounger looking at the huge dick in front of her like she was being charmed by a snake.

She moved over to sit on the edge of the cushion. With both hands she grabbed his hardening shaft and played with the skin around the tip. Sam was uncut. Tammy slid back his thick foreskin. The wide purple head of his cock glistened with fluid in the bright sun. She looked up his towering frame and ran her tongue in broad circles around his cockhead.

Sam grinned down at her, his hands casually resting on his hips. “Bring the big black snake to life, little Tammy. Get him hard, you’ll be taking care until he goes back to sleep.”

She was taking more and more of his cock in her mouth. Her lips were stretched. She jacked on his hardening shaft with both hands. Her blonde hair was falling across her face. His cock kept getting thicker and more rigid. Tammy pulled back, still licking, when the big purple tip of his cock could no longer fit in her mouth.

Big Sam reached down with both hands. He caught her under her arms and pulled her to her feet. She shifted her hands to keep stroking his long black shaft. As she stood straight he lifted her up off the ground. She squeeled and reluctantly let Sam’s giant shaft slip from her fingers. He pulled her close, his cock slipping between her thighs. She braced herself with her hands against his chest. Then he lowered her until she had the length of his cock pressed against the outer lips of her pussy. He had to bend his knees as her feet touched the cement.

From where Larry and I watched, they made a strange sight. The tall black man pressed against the thin white woman along the length of her body. She was squeezing his dick between her thighs. Then Big Sam said, “Ride the snake, Tammy. Get me wet with your juice. Then we can get down to business.”

His hands were all over her big tits. She humped on the dick trapped by her thighs. Her moans got louder as she did her best to lubricate his hefty pole with her pussy juice. She grabbed the root of his cock with one hand and let her head fall back. Her long blonde hair fell in gentle waves that shook when she slid into him.

It looked like he was almost lifting her with his hardon. As impossible as that seemed, if Sam had spun around with my wife attached to the front of him, I wouldn’t have been surprised. I reached down into my pants. I arranged my hard cock so I pointed to the side. I wished I was alone so I could pull it out and stroke myself. And the dance in front of me was just beginning. Watching the real thing was a hundred times better than anything I could have ever imagined.

Big Sam picked her up again. This time he turned her and put her down on the end of the lounge chair. Tammy got on her hands and knees and looked back at her ready lover. He looked down at her naked white ass and lined up the huge purple tip of his cock with her waiting hole. Tammy looked back and said, “Fuck me good, Sam. But go slow at first.”

Sam moved forward. He jerked his shaft a few times to zero in on his target. Then he started to ease his thick cock into her wet pussy. Tammy raised her head and pushed back against the pole spreading her open. When Sam had buried the first few inches in her cunt, he started stroking slowly. Every push went in just a little bit farther. She was sucking air between her teeth and shaking her head as she fucked back in rythym with her big black lover.

Tammy squealed and cried out, “Yeah, baby. Fill my cunt with that big cock!” Sam pounded harder and faster. His hands gripped her hips as he looked down to where his pole disappeared between the tender cheeks of her ass. His cock still moving deeper and deeper with every stroke. Tammy had to brace herself against his pounding.

Next to me Larry had his cock out. He was beating his meat with one hand and holding on to the fence with the other. I threw my reluctance into the wind. The sight of Tammy getting her pussy reamed by that big black stud was too sweet. I unzipped and pulled my rock hard dick free of its confinement. I stroked myself, knowing I could shoot a huge load any second.

Tammy was letting little squeals escape her throat. Sam was pounding his cock into her pussy with long, powerful thrusts. His hands were almost lifting her again to give his cock the best angle of penetration. “I’m cumming again,” she called out as her body trembled. Sam drove his cock right through her orgasm. He was sweating buckets and straining to pound into her pussy faster and faster.

His cock was buried all the way into her cunt. His heavy balls slapped against her tender white ass with every full thrust he made. Tammy felt the new sensation and looked back at him. “I’ve got all your big cock! Now fill me with your hot cum! I want to feel you cum inside me.”

With that my slutty wife got to me. I squeezed my cock and blasted the first shot of my load against the fence. The second spurt was just as powerful. I closed my eyes and still saw the image of her tender white body impaled on that huge black cock.

Sam pulled his cock almost all the way out. He slapped Tammy’s bare ass with one hand. The sound of the smack filled the air. Then he pounded his huge tool into her cunt with one wicked thrust. “Feel that you hot little cunt!”

Tammy moaned and raised up on her arms. Her legs moved closer together as if she was trying to capture every drop. Big Sam shook with his effort. Sweat dripped down on the naked white ass in his hands. And his huge cock kept pumping wad after wad of cream deep in her cunt. When he slid his shiny rod back out, Tammy turned to look at the black snake she had drained. A smile spread across her lips.

Sam stood back. His long wet cock hung down, still twitching. Drops of cum hung at his exposed purple cockhead. Tammy laid down on her side. She brought her legs up and hugged them with her arms. Her bare ass was at the edge of the lounge. The big man turned and walked over to the deep end of the pool. He jumped in, feet first and bobbed back to the surface.

I was still hard. I tucked my cock down into my underwear as best I could. Larry was sheepishly doing the same. I could see three places where he had cum against the fence. I didn’t know what to say. I settled on, “Until next time. eh buddy.”

He nodded and stepped down on the ground. I thought he would walk away but he just stood there. Then I realized he needed to take his big wood box. I stepped down. He picked up the box and walked away.

I stood there staring at nothing for quite a while. When I heard the doors of Sam’s truck slam shut it registered somewhere in my mind. I heard the engine start. I let him pull out of the drive before I stepped around the corner of the house.

I found Tammy still on the lounge chair, laying on her side with her knees drawn up. She didn’t show any sign that she was aware of me standing just a few feet away. I stipped off my clothes as quietly as possible. Then I stepped up alongside her. My shadow fell over her naked body.

She opened her eyes and looked up at me. Then she looked at my hard cock straining out in front of me. Without changing expression she asked, “How long have you been home?”

I answered without thinking, “Long enough to see you get thoroughly fucked by the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.”

“And you want to fuck me too”

I reached down and took hold of her leg. She rolled onto her back and let her legs straighten. Then she scooted up on the lounge chair far enough so that I could kneel between her legs. “My pussy is still full of his cum.”

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