Hubby sets you up to play with a couple

As we kiss I check the bonds that secure your hands above your head. Our lips part, my fingers trace a line from the corner of your mouth, across your cheek, dropping slowly down your throat and across your naked chest. Your body quivers despite the heat of the room, as they drag across your stomach reaching your silky black underwear. Then you feel them no more. I walk to the door, and am gone. You wish for a second that I had stayed but we both know that we will each derive our own pleasures from the next few hours; that even if you don’t see me, I will be watching.

You test the straps and find that they are secure, you cannot free yourself from this position of vulnerability, and nor do you want. You are spread-eagled on that big bed, with only those silky knickers to cover your essence.

The door opens and they enter. Hand in hand they cross the room to come to rest at the base of the bed. They face each other, seemingly not noticing your form. She is dark, with shoulder length hair, while he is tall and blond. She runs her hands up his broad chest and pulls his head down as she stands on tiptoes to meet his lips with hers. His strong arms embrace her as their passion awakens.

She runs her fingers through his hair before returning them to his firm chest to slowly work her way up his shirt, undoing the buttons with an expert but nervous hand and slipping it from his back. You can see that his torso is well defined, his abs firm and taut. She plays with his nipples as their tongues play between each others lips.

He breaks the kiss and steps behind her and takes her by the hips and turns her so that she faces your bed. She leans back into him as he runs his lips lightly over the base of her throat, and she raises her hands to tousle his hair between her fingers. As his hands rise along the sides of her body he catches the light material of her summery top and slowly inches it up across her mocha stomach. Purposefully he lifts the material and her firm breasts bounce delicately from their captivity. They are round and dark butterscotch in colour, with small but delicately pink nipples. Your mouth goes dry. Her top finishes its journey un-noticed. His big hands return to her thighs and slide across that short skirt to trace light patterns on her stomach.

Again she leans back with her hips, pushing herself back into his crotch and shimmying to an unheard rhythm. She reaches back behind them both and she runs her hands over his tight bum. His hands tracing intricate patterns on her stomach start to form lines along the sides and base of her breasts and you hear her inhale sharply at their touch. They lightly continue their journey, circling ever closer to her nipples, as his kisses dance over her throat, ear and cheek. Their rhythm intensifies as in response her hands slip between them, a slight lessening of the pressure from her hips to creating a path. His fingers lightly graze her nipples and at that moment as she opens her pert mouth with the sensation, you are suddenly aware that her focus is upon you.

You meet her gaze to find that her large brown eyes are alive with a fire, and, as he continues his ministrations upon her nipples, that she is consumed with an aching lust. She runs her tongue slowly across her lips, continuing her burning gaze and your breath quickens in response.

Meanwhile her hands are not without their own ministrations and his breathing is becoming ragged with her touch. She has somehow managed to release his trousers and they slump at his feet.

In response, he slides one hand away from her breasts and with a swift tug her flimsy skirt pools on the ground. She remains like you, in just her lacy underwear. Your palms are sweaty, your nipples harden watching their caresses and you know that you are wet with desire.

As if transfixed, she steps away from him, towards your bed and his hands trail from her breasts. She reaches for your foot and a spark of electricity flows from your toes to your brain as her small hands lightly touches your instep. Goosebumps break out over your body at her touch and you shudder with excitement. She eases closer to your body; you can feel her hot breath on your toes and then with the gentlest of touches she envelopes your big toe in her soft warm mouth.

The sensation is electric and you writhe in your captivity. She continues to toy with your feet, sending sparks through your body as she uses her lips, teeth, fingers and nails to gradually ascend your legs, seemingly never missing one patch of skin yet never striking next quite where you were expecting.

You notice from behind her small frame that he runs his hands and mouth over her body as she in turn pleasures you. You see that his muscular legs extend from jockey shorts which are taut and strained. As she reaches the apex of your thighs she kneels on the bed and raises her head, places her hands on either side of your torso and her eyes range over your body as if in contemplation as to where to sample next. Her breasts hang tautly, her nipples erect and you lick your lips in anticipation.

She leans forward and the touch of her hair across your throat seems like a cascade of tiny electric shocks. Despite your desire to taste her lips, she plants tender kisses on your throat and blows a gentle breath around your throat and ear. You strain against your ties wishing now that you were free and yet enjoying the powerless position in which you are held. She whispers softly that his body is hard and strong, that you will enjoy him, but first…

She traces the line of your chin from your ear to your mouth with her tongue, and you feel her breasts rub gently against yours, her nipples hard and hot. She plants small hot kisses on your cheeks, around your eyes and back to your earlobe. A teasing kiss at the corner of your mouth and she traces with her tongue a tantalizingly tickling line around the edge of your lips. Your mouth is open and you struggle to catch her tongue, to end the torment and for the moment that you have waited for, seemingly forever, to arrive.

She toys with you moving her hand to grab your hair so that she has more control over your movements. She continues to lick your lips, her tongue wet, small and agile. You open your mouth more, wanting to savour her touches, as she licks along the edge of your teeth but manages to evade your hungry kiss. You both are breathing hard when finally she lowers her mouth to yours; you feel her lips much softer and sweeter than any man’s.

As you kiss she lowers her body onto yours, the softness of her hot skin covers you, rubbing against you with a gentle litheness. You feel the bonds on your feet release and instinctively wrap your legs around hers realising that somehow she has lost her last shreds of clothing and she emanates a great heat against your upper thigh.

You continue to explore each other’s mouths; tongues wriggle and dance with each other, lips slip wetly together, she bites gently on your lips, pushing into the depths of your mouth, seeking to taste every part and you respond needing to taste the sweetness and softness of her lips which is so tantalising and addictive. She runs her hands through your hair, down over your throat then trails them up your bound arms. If only you were free then you could touch her soft skin and explore her small tight form.

You are both lost in this utmost pleasure until she peels her mouth away, your lips straining unsuccessfully to maintain that exquisite contact, until quite shockingly a movement over you replaces them with a very different kiss. While you were lost in her mouth, you failed to notice his movement and now he stands over you. His mouth seems large, almost rough compared to her delicate form, his taste strong and salty compared to her sweetness and you lose your breath once again. He is gentle but insistent with you; he too wants to know your mouth, to probe it, to bite it, to taste your sweetness.

As she reluctantly moves away from your mouth, she gives little kisses down your neck and across your throat, her hands tracing the sides of your torso while she wriggles her body down against yours. She forms tracks across your body and her hands and mouth meet at your breasts, tormentingly failing to encapture your sensitive nipples, but skirting around them, teasing with false assaults only to leave them aching in anticipation. Her small hands cup your breasts from below and force them together, creating that deep valley between them, which is quickly filled with her lithe tongue as it continues to tease and taste your hot skin.

Then suddenly her thumbnails draw across your aching nipples and a kaleidoscope of colours erupt in your brain, an involuntary spasm wracks your body as they return to taunt those most sensitive points; you gasp into his mouth. She plants more kisses across your breasts and captures your nipples between forefingers and thumbs; rolling them, squeezing them, running her nails across them in sharp counterpoint to her soft fingertips.

Your nipples are ablaze, the heat spreads across your breasts, as she torments them into erect peaks, only to engulf them in her sweet wet mouth. The contrast is exquisite as her tongue slides gently across those tips before her lips surround them; drawing them into her hot mouth, sucking in a frustratingly random pattern of softness and strength, sometimes drawing her teeth tenderly across their solidity before returning with a vengeance to suckle forcefully on their ever increasing sensitivity. She substitutes one nipple for the other in a confusingly frustrating pattern and your breath is ragged under her torment, while you continue to explore his mouth.

He senses your arousal and pushes you harder, biting your lips, battling your tongue for domination of your mouth.

Then as quickly as she arrived her mouth is gone from your breasts; with one little nip of her teeth as if to say that she will be back, her mouth makes its way slowly across your stomach, in a series of tiny kisses. Her hands still cup your breasts and one of his large hands joins them, tracing across your sensitive skin, before brushing backhandedly across your sensitive points.

Unexpectedly your hands are free; he has released your bonds; his hand joins its mate at your breasts in an asymmetrical mirror fashion. You lower your arms from their position of captivity and they have a will of their own.

One finds her head and you entwine your digits in her thick dark hair as her mouth reaches the top of your knickerline. You play with her hair as she teases along that boundary with her tongue. You slide your fingers through her hair and down to her neck. For the first time you feel the soft heat of her skin on your fingertips, her short hairs so soft and so feminine. They continue their journey delicately across her back and it is her turn to shiver under your touch.

Your other hand reaches behind his head and you pull his mouth tighter to yours, his hair light and short. You draw your hand across his cheek, feeling the beginning of a beard that is so contrary to her soft down. Across his throat and shoulder you explore, feeling that strong solidity of bone and muscle. His bicep is taut and solid; your hand feels small as you wrap your fingers around it, feeling the flexing of the muscle as he manipulates your breasts. Your hands flutter on; keen to use their new found freedom. You scrape your nails lightly across his broad chest, blindly teasing his nipples, tweaking them sharply; he retaliates twisting your tips between his large fingers.

You continue your journey, bumpy now as you encounter the definition of his abs and you find a stronger line of hairs that lead you further. As you reach his jockeys, you reach and grasp his firm bum in your hand, sliding down to find those solid legs. Tracing upwards you slide over his thighs and rediscover the light cotton fabric. Lightly you skim across, scraping nails over the large form that tents the material. He gasps at the contact and momentarily you win your battle for his mouth.

As they return, your fingers endeavour to encircle his hardness and it is your turn to gasp at his solidity and the heat that pervades through that thin covering. You grip him gently, realising somewhat excitedly that you will never be able to encompass his complete girth in your fingers.

Almost distractedly you feel her pull on your knickers and instinctively you lift your hips and they slide effortlessly down your legs. As they slip from your ankles you open your legs and feel the cool air rush to the wetness at your centre.

Still with his size in your hand you recognise that he alone has any clothing remaining and carefully you pull the waistband over his rod and they glide down to gather at his feet.

Alive with the touches on your body, you feel her start to explore at your very centre; her fingers slide smoothly past the line until recently was demarcated by that silky material. Her thumbs edge slowly down that crease at the top of your legs, while her fingers wander across to play in that thin band of hair that seems to point to your core. Her lips place tiny kisses along the tops of your inner thighs; you open your legs wider in invitation.

She can sense your heat and smell your sweet musk that signals your passion and excitement. Her fingers continue to investigate your sensitive skin, as her tongue runs quickly along the outer edge of your lips. She gently touches along the perimeter of your lips and opens up your stickiness, seeing for the first time your sweet pinkness, drenched in anticipation. As her hands move round to your buttocks, she licks deftly along that wet line of your lips, sampling your desire for the first time, your sweet salty syrup. She runs her tongue across her own lips savouring the taste and returns quickly to the source.

Once more she slides delicately around your lips, teasing and tasting, quickly dipping into your very centre, drawing up slowly but surely and brushing across your sensitive bud. You shudder at the sensation, your fingertips dig strongly into her small back, wanting more, as she withdraws from that most intense of touches.

Both of you know that she will not allow you to be satisfied that easily, she intends to tease you until you are about to explode with desire. She returns to your centre and laps once more at your juiciness. She slips her tongue inside you and runs it around; pushing against the roof, knowing that is what she likes. She makes her tongue solid, pumps it rapidly into you, fucking you with it.

Her fingers work at your buttocks, a finger moves gently between them, scraping delicately across the sensitive pucker of your bum. She continues for a while, fucking you with her hard tongue, occasionally slipping out to run along the length of your pinkness, teasingly avoiding your bud, before diving once more into your wetness.

A hand slides round to your front and a thumb slides along your pink line before coming to rest on your clit. She leaves it there unmoving but with a small downward pressure while she continues to play with her mouth, despite your attempts to move your clit below it. Finally the thumb is allowed to move, and between it and a forefinger she draws back the hood from your clit and brushes her thumb over it. You almost buck from the bed with the intensity of the touch and her tongue slips from your cavern.

She raises her mouth over your uncovered clit and blows coolly. The extremes of temperature have almost the same intensity as the preceding touch. Another thumb takes the place of her mouth at your centre, pushing into the wetness exploring your depths. A warm wetness surrounds your bud as she takes it between her lips and sucks, drawing you into her mouth. She stretches you and flicks her tongue over the very tip. As your hand clamps to the back of her head insisting that she should not stop, she releases you and with one hand pulling back on the hood, begins to lap softly at your clit, occasionally mixing the mounting sensation with a jolting draw of her teeth across its tip.

As you slide your hand up his long legs, he opens them wider and your fingertips brush at the base of his balls. They are covered with fine hairs, and although you cannot see them you know instinctively that they are blond. Teasingly you run your fingers through them, playing with the shape and form, before taking his balls one by one into your hand. You are struck by their weight and size, and you roll them around in their sac.

Slipping upwards, you encounter the solidity of his cock standing strong and tall. You run your nails up the front vein, causing it to twitch abruptly and it seems a long way before you reach the head; the foreskin pulled back tightly over the shaft in his excitement. Sliding your small hand around its mass you confirm your initial thoughts as your fingers fail to meet. It is hot and hard; you slide your hand gently to its base, twisting around it’s breadth as you go.

Taking him between your thumb and forefinger you rise back up and play; finding some leaking pre-cum that you rub across his crown, around the ridge of his head that you know will be so sensitive.

He moves his mouth from yours; sliding his tongue along your throat. He circles your breasts with his lips and takes a nipple between his teeth and grinds down gently. His movement leaves your head free and you turn to find his cock and your accompanying hand close to your face. With a pull and a slight sideways shuffle of your body he is within reach. You open your mouth and lightly lick his head, sampling his tangy moisture of passion.

He redoubles his efforts with your breasts; rolling your nipples between his fingers, stretching them into heightened sensitivity, He envelops your nipple and the difference in force is incredible; while she suckled teasingly, he is intent on driving you to distraction with his attention; sucking hard and taking them fully into his mouth where he bombards them with his tongue in rapid oscillations. As his mouth manipulates your breasts, he runs his fingers over your sensitive belly and sides as your body rolls and rocks under the attention.

She is driving you crazy with her mouth and hands. She continues to lick your clit; sometimes softly with the tip of her tongue tickling the tip of your bud, sometimes hard with its flat broadness completely covering the whole area. Two fingers are digging deep in your wetness, exploring your depths, finding all your sensitive spots. She brings you to peaks and senses your imminent explosion, backing off just enough to subdue you momentarily before teasing you once more. Your hips are bucking and your legs are hooked tightly over her back.

He tastes good and you need his cock in your mouth. You slide your tongue along the underside of his hardness, until his head rests at the entrance to your mouth. You tease the crack with your lips, sucking gently to extract some more of his salty juice, and then push your lips over to engulf his head in your mouth. It’s big and he pushes in, wanting you to take more. You stretch your jaw to cover his shaft as he brushes against the roof of your mouth; you lick and slide along it needing to fill yourself with his cock.

Your hand pumps his shaft from the base, there is no way that you will take him all in. You tease him with your teeth gently dragging them along his length; your hand drops to play with his balls once more as you start to pump him into your mouth. As you pump, you suck at his stiffness, sliding off the end of his head, and then taking him deeply back into your mouth. You marvel at his size and wonder how it would feel to be filled elsewhere by this mass. But for now you want him, need him in your mouth.

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