Hubby sets you up to play with a couple

As we kiss I check the bonds that secure your hands above your head. Our lips part, my fingers trace a line from the corner of your mouth, across your cheek, dropping slowly down your throat and across your naked chest. Your body quivers despite the heat of the room, as they drag across your stomach reaching your silky black underwear. Then you feel them no more. I walk to the door, and am gone. You wish for a second that I had stayed but we both know that we will each derive our own pleasures from the next few hours; that even if you don’t see me, I will be watching.

You test the straps and find that they are secure, you cannot free yourself from this position of vulnerability, and nor do you want. You are spread-eagled on that big bed, with only those silky knickers to cover your essence.

The door opens and they enter. Hand in hand they cross the room to come to rest at the base of the bed. They face each other, seemingly not noticing your form. She is dark, with shoulder length hair, while he is tall and blond. She runs her hands up his broad chest and pulls his head down as she stands on tiptoes to meet his lips with hers. His strong arms embrace her as their passion awakens.

She runs her fingers through his hair before returning them to his firm chest to slowly work her way up his shirt, undoing the buttons with an expert but nervous hand and slipping it from his back. You can see that his torso is well defined, his abs firm and taut. She plays with his nipples as their tongues play between each others lips.

He breaks the kiss and steps behind her and takes her by the hips and turns her so that she faces your bed. She leans back into him as he runs his lips lightly over the base of her throat, and she raises her hands to tousle his hair between her fingers. As his hands rise along the sides of her body he catches the light material of her summery top and slowly inches it up across her mocha stomach. Purposefully he lifts the material and her firm breasts bounce delicately from their captivity. They are round and dark butterscotch in colour, with small but delicately pink nipples. Your mouth goes dry. Her top finishes its journey un-noticed. His big hands return to her thighs and slide across that short skirt to trace light patterns on her stomach.

Again she leans back with her hips, pushing herself back into his crotch and shimmying to an unheard rhythm. She reaches back behind them both and she runs her hands over his tight bum. His hands tracing intricate patterns on her stomach start to form lines along the sides and base of her breasts and you hear her inhale sharply at their touch. They lightly continue their journey, circling ever closer to her nipples, as his kisses dance over her throat, ear and cheek. Their rhythm intensifies as in response her hands slip between them, a slight lessening of the pressure from her hips to creating a path. His fingers lightly graze her nipples and at that moment as she opens her pert mouth with the sensation, you are suddenly aware that her focus is upon you.

You meet her gaze to find that her large brown eyes are alive with a fire, and, as he continues his ministrations upon her nipples, that she is consumed with an aching lust. She runs her tongue slowly across her lips, continuing her burning gaze and your breath quickens in response.

Meanwhile her hands are not without their own ministrations and his breathing is becoming ragged with her touch. She has somehow managed to release his trousers and they slump at his feet.

By : worldwanderer

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