Hubby is tricked into getting fucked by wife’s black friend

The time was approaching 9 pm and I was just finishing the washing up. I’d had a particularly long day at work but my wife would be home soon and she would be very angry if all the chores weren’t done.

She had always been controlling of me ever since we first met in college but that’s a story for another time. Maybe deep down I knew she only liked my money but I was intoxicated with the thought of being her husband and jumped at the chance to marry her a year after we started dating. As long as I let her be in total control and did everything she said then we had a very good relationship in every aspect but one – sex. We had never had sex, we had been dating for 2 years and married for one of those but never had sex. She always had a reason to wait. “I don’t want you to only want me for sex,” or “Lets not ruin our first Christmas worrying about sex,” or “Maybe next birthday.”

My only sexual relief was masturbating whenever I had chance while she was out and in between the chores she had me do. I worked 9 till 5, sometimes for 7 days a week to provide for the house at the local factory, she did have a job but always seemed to be able to work from home or the boss would give her the day off for some reason.

This brings us back to that day, she had actually gone into work this day and said she’d be home about 9 because of a dinner meeting with her boss talking about some important business. That time came and went, then 10 went by with me sitting on the sofa waiting for her to get home.

I had been paranoid that she was sleeping with other men ever since we met but she always blew it off when I asked. I was starting to get worried when I finally heard a car pull up outside the house. I heard her enter. I felt relieved at her coming home until I could hear her laughing in the hallway… with a man! She eventually stepped into the living room with a man behind her, he was tall, elegant and handsome. He must have been in his 30’s but in perfect shape, muscles barely contained in his expensive white shirt.

The man spoke in a commanding voice, “Hey Stewart, I’ve had a few to many to drink and your beautiful wife said I could stay here for the night.”

I looked at my wife and she was giggling, while hanging off of his arm, “You don’t mind do you darling? Can’t have him driving home drunk and he lives to far away from me to just drop him back quick.”

I stammered a reply, “Well, I…,” but my wife’s stare cut me short and confirmed to me that it was an order not a question.

I continued stammering my reply, “Er, yes dear, I’ll go and make the spare bed up for him, its a bit small but …”

My wife interrupted me and laughed again, “Don’t be silly dear, he would never be able to fit in there, you can sleep in the spare bed and he can share our bed. It’s only for one night.”

I couldn’t believe she was telling me she would sleep in our bed with another man, but she had made it clear that my opinion didn’t matter and as I sat there she began to pull him away and they disappeared up the stairs.

An hour later I was cramped up in the tiny spare room that no one had slept in since we had bought the house a year ago. The walls and bed were bright pink, I was so embarrassed but tried to tell myself I was doing a good thing for my wife and it would probably make her really happy. I soon discovered that the radiator was broken too so the night would be cold and long.

I suddenly woke up to a banging noise, checking the clock it was barely midnight. The banging was non stop and I could hear my wife whispering. No she was moaning. Had all my fears been confirmed, had she been cheating on me? I tried to sleep but woke up several more times throughout the night to the sound of the headboard slamming the wall over and over again. I was too scared to get up and see for myself, but my cock betrayed me and the thought of my wife being happier than I could ever make her was making me hard.

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