Hubby gets more than expected at an adult club

I’m a shy, introvert, smaller-than-average endowed husband with a beautiful, extrovert, larger-than-average busted wife. We had fantasized for years about bringing other people into our sex life before we actually took the plunge. We decided that we would attend a swingers club in a neighboring town that a friend of Shelley’s had told her about.

When we arrived at the club, the host introduced himself as Leo, a Latin looking guy wearing shorts and a muscle shirt. Leo immediately ignored me and, grabbing Cynthia by the arm, gave her the grand tour of the premises while I followed along behind. We walked down a corridor to a door marked “Gang-Bang Room”. The floor was upholstered and looked like one large mattress. There were also several raised benches, a circular bench in the center and mirrors on the ceiling.

“Every Friday night is gang-bang night”, said Leo. “We allow single guys in and they, along with several of our male staff, show a lucky gal the time of her life.”

“We’re more interested in swinging with another couple” I said. Leo shrugged and we went back into the corridor.

He then showed us through another door with a large sign on it that read “Hot Wife Room”. The room had gray stone walls, high ceilings, and a large round red cushioned bench centered between two large mirrors. There were doors on each side of the mirrors but he did not offer to show us what was behind them.

He explained that we were in luck that since it was Saturday, it was “Hot Wife Night” and looking at Cynthia he said that he hoped to see us later. He then pointed us to the locker room and told us to shower and put on the robes that we would find in each locker.

Cynthia looked at me and asked if I was sure that I wanted to go through with this. I responded that I would if she would and gave her a quick kiss. With that she went into the Ladies locker room and I went into the Men’s.

As I entered the warm room, I saw that it was empty except for a small naked man with what appeared to be a small cage over his very small penis. He announced in a nasal voice that he was the attendant. He showed me to the last aisle where I undressed and stowed my clothes in the far locker.

The attendant said he was just going for the robes and towels and walked out. With the towel on its way I streaked to the showers. I was so relieved that there were individual showers instead of one long wall of showerheads like there was in high school. I always skipped gym class so that the other guys wouldn’t see my 4″ boy-dick. I was so relieved, in fact, that I forgot to wait for a towel and just jumped in the shower. As I was rinsing off the soap I heard voices in the locker area. After I shut the water off, I stuck my head out of the stall and looked frantically for something to cover up with. Damn it, I thought, that little bastard forgot to bring the towel. This is crazy, I thought, high school is long past and after all, I am in a swing club. I took a deep breath and started toward the doorway. Unlike the guys in school who always sauntered around the locker room with their big cocks a-swinging, my flaccid little willie just stuck out and bounced slightly as I walked.

There were three well-muscled jock types standing in the main aisle talking as I walked out of the shower room. Two were black and the other was a well-tanned blonde surfer looking dude. As one they looked my way as I entered and I could feel myself getting red with embarrassment. They all looked down at my wee-wee and then looked at each other and snickered.

I excused myself as I tried to get by and one of the black guys said “No problem little man.”

At six feet, 220 lbs., I knew that he referred to my penis. When I got to the last aisle where my locker was, I saw that there were a half dozen other guys in various stages of undress. No one was talking or making eye contact and I figured that these guys must be below average endowment as well. All of us short-dicked guys must think the same: get as far away as possible so no one can see us when we disrobe. I donned my robe quickly and practically ran from the room.

I had to wait for a while for Cynthia to finally come out of the Ladies locker room. She exited with several other attractive ladies, all of whom were giggling. I told her that she looked very flushed and I asked her if the water was too hot. All of the ladies laughed and Cynthia said that it was very hot in that room. The other guys from my corner of the Men’s locker came out at that moment so I did not have time to question her.

Everyone seemed to be moving along the corridor in the same direction so we just followed along. I soon saw that we were headed into the “Hot Wife” room. Leo was there to greet us and I realized that there were now eight couples including us. Leo shut the door and ushered everyone toward the center of the room. The lighting was soft and there was music coming from speakers in the ceiling. Leo asked us all to introduce ourselves by first name only. I shook hands with the other seven guys and mumbled my name. They were all average looking guys in their mid thirties with the exception of Steve, a tall bald man of about fifty. There’s no way this old guy is getting a piece of my wife, I thought to myself.

After we all shook hands we turned our attention to the girls. Eight hot-looking ladies all with something different to offer in the looks department. Shelley has a classically beautiful face, blonde hair, creamy skin and large breasts. There was an ample breasted black lady, a tanned and toned blonde, a brunette soccer mom type, a tall hot Latin looking chick with black hair and smoldering eyes, a short flat-chested gal, a chubby brunette and an older, leggy blonde that must be the wife of the bald gent. I could hardly wait to get my hands on these fine ladies!

Leo explained that he would be bringing out a male dancer to get things moving. I’ve seen what a hot, sweaty dancer can do to lower girls’ inhibitions at a strip club so I figured this was a good idea. A door beside a large wall mirror opened and out stepped the largest black man I have ever seen. He trotted the few steps to the center dais and jumped up. The music took a rocky, raunchy tone and he gyrated his hips to the music. Every eye in the room was riveted to this masculine display.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and Leo directed me to follow the other husbands to a dimly lit corner of the room. We all leaned back against an iron rail and looked back at our wives who were cheering on the stripper as he removed his shirt. They didn’t even notice that we had stepped away.

Leo explained that there was something exciting in store for us. My dick twitched in anticipation. He pointed to another door and clapped twice. Out stepped a beautiful twenty something goddess in a black leather corset. She was tanned, toned, had long black hair and her brown nipples peeked out over the top of the corset. She bent and slapped her shapely butt. She took something from Leo and then proceeded to dance her way along in front of us, brushing against our crotches.

She went to the end of the line and removed the first husband’s robe. She moved down and licked and sucked his dick. It sprang to life and he leaned back and moaned. She moved to each man in turn and did the same thing. I loved her oral ministrations when she reached me and I could hardly wait to have my turn at her pussy.

Once she had all of us “at attention” she pulled out a cloth sewing tape. She moved to her knees again and gave each dick a kiss and then measured it. I thought this was strange but went with the flow. I strained hard when she got to me but it barely made 4-1/8 inches. With the exception of the older bald man, Steve, and the black husband, Clarence, the rest of the other guys were in the same boat as I; below average penis size. Steve and Clarence, though, both sported thick 8 or 9-inch cocks. As she called out the measurements, Leo moved behind us and hand cuffed each husband to the iron railing. Kind of kinky, I thought, but I didn’t notice until he was done that neither Steve nor Clarence was cuffed. As soon as the last cuff clicked into place, our sexy goddess jumped up. She said, “From now on, any man not in cuffs will be addressed as Sir, Mister or Bull. You boys in cuffs will be referred to as cuckold, cuck, or cucky-boy. You will address me as Mistress.”

“What the hell,” I said, “I didn’t come here to….”

The bitch slapped me and said, “No talking and no complaining or you will be locked in a room in the dark by yourself with no idea what is happening to your wives.”

With that, Leo pressed a button on the wall and through the door stepped eight naked guys, including the three studs I saw in the locker room. There was much laughter as they made their way toward us.

Surfer man stopped in front of me. “If that’s all you have to offer your wife, no wonder she’s here.”

I started to respond that we came to swing with other couples, but bitch woman gave me a dirty look so rather than risk another slap I just nodded.

“Good cucky-boy” he said. I’m going to fuck that pretty wife of yours until she screams for mercy.

Why didn’t Shelley come over and get me out of this I thought as I glanced toward the women. I saw why none of the women were looking this way; they had all shed their robes and were fingering their clits as the stripper made his way around in front of them and hung his huge manhood in their faces.

“Pay attention, Cuck” surfer man snapped. “Every cocksman here has at least 8 inches and every cocksman here will be fucking your wife. I was speechless. She would never go for that. “Oh, and one more thing, we’ll be pounding every hole.” No way, I thought, Shelley has never let me touch her anally, there was no way that she would allow complete strangers to fuck her in the ass…would she?

All the studs paraded by shaking their huge manly cocks and making derogatory comments. Finally the last guy walked up to me and I shook my head in amazement! It was James Bell, a guy I hung around with when I was very young. We used to compare our dicks and even back then his was huge, thick and tan colored while mine was a tiny white needle dick. He once said that if I ever found out which one of us was normal to let him know. I used to find it surprising that a guy as short as Jimmy would have such a big cock.

“How’ve you been, Mike? Got yourself a hot looking wife I see. I’ll make sure I give her some extra special attention.”

I started to ask him to let me loose but corset girl was glaring at me so I just said “Yes, Sir.” Without so much as a backward glance, Jimmy laughed and walked toward the ladies.

My head was spinning as I stood chained to the rail. How could Jim be here? Why didn’t Shelley look over here and come help me? I looked toward her and froze as I saw the stripper offer his black monster cock to Shelley. She took it in her hand and slowly massaged it, cupping his balls with her left hand. As I watched, she leaned forward and took him into her mouth! My wife was sucking another man’s cock – a black man’s cock! She closed her eyes and started giving him all of her oral attention. Damn, I thought, she gives great head so I knew the pleasure that the stripper was experiencing. I could feel my pecker getting hard at the sight of Shelley blowing a strange cock.

As I watched, Jimmy walked up beside her and whispered something in her ear. She nodded and he moved behind her, slowly stroking his growing erection. He turned to me and smiled as he eased the head of his large prick into my girl’s wet pussy. Once the head was in her tunnel he put his back to me and rammed his hard cock deep into her. She screamed around the black cock in her mouth but Jimmy started pounding away at her pussy. I couldn’t see his cock penetrating her soft folds but from his clenched buttocks and the way she bounced forward with every thrust I knew she was getting royally fucked.

It was then that I noticed all of the other wives. Each wife was bent over the bench with a cock plunging away at her snatch. Leo and corset girl had taken Steve and Clarence over with the other hung studs. With eight hired guns, the stripper, and two hung husbands, there was plenty of hard cock to go around. The sight of all of these sweaty naked bodies was too much for me and I started playing with my own dick. Suddenly self conscious, I glanced at the other cuffed husbands but they were doing the exact same thing that I was – wanking and watching their wife being screwed.

When Leo and Mistress came back, she said “Oh no you don’t! No pulling yourselves, hands off!” She pulled out a riding crop. “Anyone touching themselves will be whipped with this” she said waving the crop in the air. We all groaned and released our grip on our penis. “Don’t worry, we won’t make you suffer” she exclaimed.

Finally, I thought, we’re going to get some pussy! Mistress grabbed the rail and pulled. I saw then that it was in a track at the bottom and the top rail was hinged. We had to move with it as she pulled and soon we were in a loose circle facing one another.

“If you want release, the only way is to stroke the little pecker of the cuck next to you with your free hand. Anyone caught touching themselves will be severely punished” slapping the quirt against the rail for effect. “You may go back to watching your wives being pleasured.”

I turned and looked just as Jim drove his cock to the hilt and, grunting like and animal, he pumped his cum into Shelley willing receptacle. As he was draining his balls into my wife, the stripper pulled on the back of her head until her nose was touching his pubes. With a mighty roar he let loose a torrent of hot semen deep into Shelley’s throat. She swallowed every drop and then lovingly kissed the head of his softening manhood. With a smile she thanked him and then turned and dropped to her knees and took Jim’s cock into her mouth. As she was cleaning his tool with her mouth, I could just make out Jim’s cum dribbling from her wet pussy onto the floor. As Jim’s cock began to come back to life he pulled away, waved it at me, laughed and moved counter clockwise around the bench to the next hot wife.

Watching my wife of seven years take two loads of white hot cum in as many minutes was too much for me. Without thinking, I started rubbing and pulling my rock hard 4-inch erection. SMACK! Mistress nailed me between the shoulder blades with her quirt.

“I told you before, no touching your own dicklette.”

One of the other husbands whispered, “The only way we’re going to get any pleasure is if each of us jerks the guy to his right.”

My brain said no way but each of us reached over and took hold of the next cuck’s penis. The dick in my hand was a bit bigger than my own, it was hard and yet smooth and soft to the touch. As I rubbed it, precum leaked onto my fingers and I used it as a lubricant as I began to find a rhythm and pump steadily.

I gasped as a hand grabbed my willie and pulled hard. “Easy” I whispered. The hand lightened its vise-like grip and began stroking and gently pulling my tiny piece of meat.

Mistress smiled at Leo and said, “There that’s better, it only takes a little encouragement.” She turned and sauntered off toward one of the side doors.

I looked back at Shelley. All of the girls were now flat on their backs on the circular bench. Each girl with her feet in the air, and each had a hung stud between her legs. As I watched, the guys all took a step back and the bench top turned like a lazy-Susan! When the next guy was lined up with a pussy he just stepped forward and plunged in with his hard cock. It reminded me of musical chairs – musical slut-wives! Every slut had her head thrown back in total abandonment. I couldn’t believe that these soccer mom types could get this wild. The man fucking my Shelley had a breast in each and was pounding away for all he was worth. Suddenly he made a few short strokes and pulled his cock free. He spurted 7 or 8 big streams of cum all over Shelley’s pussy, stomach and tits. Smiling, she said something that I could not hear over the music and moaning and began to rub the cream into her skin.

Mistress once again diverted my attention. “For any of you worthless cucks who feel the need to orgasm, here is where you will direct your spunk. We treat it the way your wives will from now on; by flushing it.”

She placed a large round glass bowl on a stool in the center of our circle. We were all jerking and being jerked at a steady pace. Between the manual manipulation of my penis by another hand and the thought of my wife’s cum filled pussy I could not hold back any longer. I aimed into the bowl and released my load. It erupted with such force that I was left gasping for breath. I pulled my softening penis away from its helping hand and leaned back on the railing. I kept up my end of the deal by continuing to jerk off the guy to my right. My cumming had started a chain reaction and soon every cucky boy was grunting and adding his cum to the bowl.

Mistress went around the circle and grabbed each of us by the penis and pulled at our balls. “You will continue to masturbate each other” she said, “I will tell you when you can stop.”

My little head was sore as my jerk partner began pulling again. Having lost my passion, my brain took over and I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. What was happening? Real men, real husbands don’t let their wives have sex with other men, I thought. What if my friends found out? What about my family? No one would understand. Suddenly I thought about Jim. Would he tell anyone that he fucked my wife while I stood by and watched…and wanked no less?

My thoughts were dizzying and I was nauseous as I looked toward the center of the room again. At first I could not see her but then I realized that Shelley was sandwiched between Clarence and surfer man. Clarence was lying down on the bench, Shelley was on top riding his massive black cock while the surfer ripped away at her ass! My head was screaming no, no but my boy-prick sprang back to life anyway. I watched that huge tanned, veined man-cock invading the hole that I had never been allowed to touch…and it made me hard. As the two men double penetrating my bride approached orgasm, I could feel my own semen coursing from my balls to the head of my dick. As they tightened up and rode her pussy and ass filling my wife with cum, I came in the bowl a second time. I heard Shelley cry for more as they pulled out of her gaping holes.

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