How to avoid dentention.

I looked up, startled. I was just passing a little note to the hot new student next to me, when my math teacher Mr. Stinson caught me. I froze, like a deer in the headlights.

He strode down the aisle, with that look that made me quiver. The look that spoke of his displeasure, but underneath was a look that made my insides do little flip flops. I could feel my tight little pussy give a couple of squirmy pulses as he stopped right next to me.

”I’ll take that note, Miss Bailor.”

Oh fuck. The note was very discriptive. It read, “Dear Paul, welcome to our school. I’d like to give you a very special welcome, with a welcome to school blowjob. You’ll never get a better suck off, my mouth is hot, wet, and eager to suck every drop out of you. Let me know where and when, and I’ll be ready! P.S. I love to swallow every drop!”

Having no choice, I handed it over, he took it back to his desk, and read it. I could feel the heat of my beet red face, thank god he didn’t read it out loud. I was mortified enough, I would have died of shame if the whole class got to hear it. His expression was neutral, as he looked back up at me.

“Miss Bailor, I do not tolerate passing of notes in class. This will earn you a 2 hour detention after classes today.”

I mumbled, “Yes Mr. Stinson.”

I noticed that he put the note in his desk, instead of just tossing it in the wastebasket. I wondered about that, as he returned to the geometry lesson he was leading. Damn, I hated detention. With it being mid May, and the weather turning so nice, being cooped up in a stuffy classroom was the last thing I wanted to do.

Math was my second to last class of the day, so all too soon, at 3:30 PM, I was trudging down the hall to Mr. Stinson’s classroom. I went in, and he was waiting for me.

“Ahh Miss Bailor, come in, please close the door, and take your seat.”

I did so, and watched as he took out the note.

“Very colorful Miss Bailor. You would like to give our newest student a welcome to school blowjob. Tha’s certainly a different kind of Welcome Wagon.”

I could feel my face start the flaming again.

“You claim that he’ll never get a better suck off, your mouth is hot, wet, and eager to suck every drop out of him, and that you love to swallow.”

Not knowing what to say, I chose to say nothing.

“I never knew that my 16 year old students were such experts at oral sex. So tell me, when did you start, as you so well put it, sucking cock?”

I gaped at him, stunned that he was asking me such a question.

He strode up the aisle, and standing next to me, said with that teacher in command tone, “”Miss Bailor, I asked you a question! When did you start giving blowjobs?”

I decided that I’d better tell him, and related how I’d started at 14, when my 17 year old brother talked me into it. When I sucked him to a gushing climax, and my mouth was filled with the creamy exposion of his load, I was hooked. After several times with my brother, I perfected my cock sucking skills. I worked hard on overcoming my gag reflex, and I got to the point where I could take a cock right to the balls. I loved having a hard cock filling my mouth and snaking down my throat. Even the ones who had a harder time cumming by oral sex, as soon as they felt my throat muscles stoking at their cock head, as I made swallowing motions, they’d be erupting like a volcano. School was great, any guy in class that I took a liking to, they’d get their cocks sucked. I had lots of cocks to chose from, and I was happy to show them my cock sucking skills. The grip of my lips, making sure that the cocks was well bathed in saliva, and the way my tongue would swirl around the cock as it rode in and out of my mouth. I made sure every one filled my mouth with a thick, juicy load, and I always swallowed every drop.

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