How to avoid dentention.

I looked up, startled. I was just passing a little note to the hot new student next to me, when my math teacher Mr. Stinson caught me. I froze, like a deer in the headlights.

He strode down the aisle, with that look that made me quiver. The look that spoke of his displeasure, but underneath was a look that made my insides do little flip flops. I could feel my tight little pussy give a couple of squirmy pulses as he stopped right next to me.

”I’ll take that note, Miss Bailor.”

Oh fuck. The note was very discriptive. It read, “Dear Paul, welcome to our school. I’d like to give you a very special welcome, with a welcome to school blowjob. You’ll never get a better suck off, my mouth is hot, wet, and eager to suck every drop out of you. Let me know where and when, and I’ll be ready! P.S. I love to swallow every drop!”

Having no choice, I handed it over, he took it back to his desk, and read it. I could feel the heat of my beet red face, thank god he didn’t read it out loud. I was mortified enough, I would have died of shame if the whole class got to hear it. His expression was neutral, as he looked back up at me.

“Miss Bailor, I do not tolerate passing of notes in class. This will earn you a 2 hour detention after classes today.”

I mumbled, “Yes Mr. Stinson.”

I noticed that he put the note in his desk, instead of just tossing it in the wastebasket. I wondered about that, as he returned to the geometry lesson he was leading. Damn, I hated detention. With it being mid May, and the weather turning so nice, being cooped up in a stuffy classroom was the last thing I wanted to do.

Math was my second to last class of the day, so all too soon, at 3:30 PM, I was trudging down the hall to Mr. Stinson’s classroom. I went in, and he was waiting for me.

“Ahh Miss Bailor, come in, please close the door, and take your seat.”

I did so, and watched as he took out the note.

“Very colorful Miss Bailor. You would like to give our newest student a welcome to school blowjob. Tha’s certainly a different kind of Welcome Wagon.”

I could feel my face start the flaming again.

“You claim that he’ll never get a better suck off, your mouth is hot, wet, and eager to suck every drop out of him, and that you love to swallow.”

Not knowing what to say, I chose to say nothing.

“I never knew that my 16 year old students were such experts at oral sex. So tell me, when did you start, as you so well put it, sucking cock?”

I gaped at him, stunned that he was asking me such a question.

He strode up the aisle, and standing next to me, said with that teacher in command tone, “”Miss Bailor, I asked you a question! When did you start giving blowjobs?”

I decided that I’d better tell him, and related how I’d started at 14, when my 17 year old brother talked me into it. When I sucked him to a gushing climax, and my mouth was filled with the creamy exposion of his load, I was hooked. After several times with my brother, I perfected my cock sucking skills. I worked hard on overcoming my gag reflex, and I got to the point where I could take a cock right to the balls. I loved having a hard cock filling my mouth and snaking down my throat. Even the ones who had a harder time cumming by oral sex, as soon as they felt my throat muscles stoking at their cock head, as I made swallowing motions, they’d be erupting like a volcano. School was great, any guy in class that I took a liking to, they’d get their cocks sucked. I had lots of cocks to chose from, and I was happy to show them my cock sucking skills. The grip of my lips, making sure that the cocks was well bathed in saliva, and the way my tongue would swirl around the cock as it rode in and out of my mouth. I made sure every one filled my mouth with a thick, juicy load, and I always swallowed every drop.

He strode to the front of the class, and said, “Interesting.”

He strode over to the windows, and drew the blinds.

“Miss Bailor, I will give you an offer. You can sit here wasting 2 hours in detention…or, if you would like to get out early, come up here and show me how well you can suck cock.”

I gaped at him again, but my pussy started the twinges again. Let’s face it, I loved to suck cock, and the idea of sucking a teacher’s cock started a hot little taboo zing going. He was a younger teacher, I guessed him to be mid 20’s, and for a teacher, he was hot.

I said, “I’ll be glad to show you how well I can suck cock.”

I saw him smile, and he went over to the door, locking it securely. He came back, took his coat and spread it on the floor in front of him.

I smiled back and walked up the aisle, adding a little swing to my hips.

I stopped a couple of feet away, and purred, “Would like me to be totally naked while I suck you?”

He growled, “Oh yes Miss Bailor, I would like that very much.”

I stripped in front of him, feeling the twinges of lust as I bared my body to him. When I was fully nude, his eyes went over my body appreciatively. From my 34C chest, down over the flat plane of my belly, down my legs, and back up again, until his eyes lingered on my freshly shaved pussy.

I heard him say softly, “Oh yes Miss Bailor, very nice, I love to see the bare pussy look. Very sexy.”

I could see his trousers tented out, and I went to my knees, and undid his belt, sliding down the zipper. I love to be in the classic subservient cock sucking position, on my knees servicing a hard, demanding, arrogant cock. I slid my fingers under the waistband of his trousers and boxers, and slid them down. His cock rose up to greet me, oh it was big, the biggest one I’d ever seen. My eyes were wide as I gazed at that rampant cock. I leaned in, and started to plant kisses up and down the side of his cock.

“Mmmm, oh yes Miss Bailor, please continue.”

I pulled down on the foreskin, and the big head popped up, shiny and pink. I started to lick at that big head, going after it like it was an ice cream cone. Growls of pleasure greeted my efforts, and I ran my tongue over my lips, making them wet, shiny and slippery. I lowered my head and took him in, my wet lips sliding down the shaft of his cock as my tongue played over it. I let my hot wet mouth wrap around his cock, I was salivating like a spigot as I surrounded Mr. Stinson’s cock with a tight, wet sliding ring of pleasure. I had 6 inches in, then tightening my lips, I pulled back up slowly, then slid down his pole again.

I enjoyed hearing his sounds of pleasure as I got into a rhythm of my blowjob, bobbing my head back and forth, taking in a little bit more on each in thrust. I loved to suck cock, ever since my 17 year old brother had taught me how to suck his cock when I was 14. I’d become very, very good at it, I was on my knees and sucking my brother’s cock every day, I adored the thick rush of sperm that filled my mouth, my brother was a shooter, and he always filled my mouth. The taste had been amazing, and I’d become a first class cock sucker, I learned how and where to kiss, lick and suck. I smiled inwardly at the memory, then concentrated on the cock filling my mouth.

I continued to bob my head back and forth, taking him in bit by bit. I could feel his hands gently caressing my head, stroking my hair. Ummm, I loved that. I pulled back to take a big breath of air, and holding it, I heard Mr. Stinson’s gasp of pleasure as I swallowed him down to the balls, my throat muscles contracting around the head as his cock snaked down my throat. I kept him there for a few seconds, making the swallowing motions so he could feel the flutterings of my throat around his cock. I pulled back, breathed out and in, held it, and swallowed him whole again, letting his swollen cock head slide down my throat again.

I could hear Mr. Stinson’s continuous grunts of pleasure, I smiled inwardly, I’ll bet he’s getting the best suck job ever. One more deep throat, and the flutterings of my throat around his cock did it.

Mr. Stinson grunted, “Oh yeah, best suck job ever, gonna fill your sexy mouth, yeah, yeah, YEAH!”

I felt a pulse running up his cock, and then the explosion. I let the first blast gush straight down my throat, pulled back quickly, and the second gush hit the roof of my mouth. He wasn’t done yet, and I felt his thick, gooey load spewing all over my tongue and coating my gums, I kept him in, wanting every last drop. My mouth was full when I pulled back, and I looked up at him, opened my mouth to show him the big load he’d gotten off, then swallowed every drop.

I purred, “Ummm, that was yummy! A great cock suck is never complete without swallowing every drop!”

I could feel my pussy, wet and achy, oh god, I needed to cum. I was going to have to duck into the restroom, and rub myself off.

I started to pick up my clothes, and when I rose up, Mr. Stinson said, “Not quite yet Miss Bailor.”

He said, “One good suck deserves another, lay back on my desk, please.”

I did so, and watched with lust glazed eyes as he parted my thighs, his face hovering just above my pussy.

“Ummm, tight teen pussy, I’ll lick you until your toes curl baby.”

I felt his mouth press against my lips, OH FUCK, the feel of his tongue sliding out, and stroking at my pussy lips was beyond compare. I let out a long, drawn out growl of pleasure, my clit was already erect, throbbing with need, and I felt loving licks getting closer, closer, then, oh god, long sweeps of a hot wet tongue swabbing at my clit.

“Fuck, oh fuck, fuck, FUUCCCKKK!”

I could feel my pussy clamping crazily, and I tumbled into orgasm, doing my best not to scream in pleasure, it felt like my pussy was exploding with pleasure, my body shaking crazily, my pussy pouring juices like a rain swollen river. I rode that glorious crest, until every last spasm had shaken my body. I drifted down, and felt soft gentle kisses at my lips. I looked down, dazed, Mr. Stinson had not stopped licking me, his face was soaked with my juices, and he was kissing my pussy gently as I drifted down.

He looked up, saw me getting my wits back, and said softly, “Miss Bailor, you are now free to go, I think detention has been served properly.”

He gave me back my note, and said, “Far be it from me to interfere in my student’s sex life. You can pass him this note, or better yet, say this to him face to face. Speaking for myself, I agree, you are the best cock sucker I’ve ever had the pleasure of sucking me off. Just remember no passing notes in my class, if you get caught passing notes again, the next 2 hour detention you would have to do more to avoid the 2 hours.”Ever since I’d sucked off Mr. Stinson’s cock, I was hungry for more. His cock was a beauty to suck on, big and hard, he’d filled my mouth with his male cream, and the idea of that hard pole of horny male flesh penetrating me, driving in right to the balls, made my panties wet. Before every math class, I’d need a tampon to soak up all the juices I was churning with, creaming my jeans while in class, oh yeah, get a huge wet spot, fuck, would my classmates ever give me a hard time about that!

Today was no different, daydreaming about holding that stiff prick, bathing it with my hot mouth, then the jarring thrust as he pulled out and rammed it into my creamy horny cunt, ohhh yeah, fuck, I needed it, wanted it so much.

Mr. Stinson was going up and down the rows of our desks, passing back our math tests. He slipped my test back to me, and there was a small note on top. I looked at it, read the note, and my heart started thumping. It read:

“Miss Bailor, please report to class after the final bell rings. This is NOT a request.”

I could feel my pussy throbbing, oh fuck, he’d hit one of my weak spots. Being ordered to do something turned me on like crazy. I didn’t need some new age boy, fumbling around, asking a million question, acting like fucking was supposed to be a consensus. I wanted to be told what to do, ordered to take that cock, and let the man, a REAL man, lead the way.

With Math being my second last class of the day, I was counting the seconds in my last class of the day until the final bell rang. I dawdled, went to the girl’s restroom, and slipped out my tampon, it was soaked. Hoping that I would soon have a hard, solid, flesh and blood replacement sliding into me soon, I eased open the door, the hallway was deserted. I quickly made my way to Mr. Stinson’s classroom. I entered, seeing that he had closed all the blinds, I closed the door behind me, locking it. Mr. Stinson grinned at me.

“Miss Bailor, now that you are here, we can begin. Get over here, strip your ass naked, then put your hands behind your neck, clasp them together, lift your arms up to shoulder height, and hold them there until I tell you otherwise.”

He was using the teacher in command voice, I could feel my juices start up again, the lust was prickling at my tight pink walls so delightfully. I stripped quickly, my pussy was seething with need. Lacing my fingers together behind my neck, I could feel my boobs stretch a bit as I lifted my elbows up to shoulder height.

He had a smile, it looked like he knew very well that I had a large submissive streak, and he was looking forward to taking full advantage of it.

His eyes devoured me, his hands slid up, and he ran his fingers through my long russet color hair, his blue, piercing eyes gazing into my hazel ones. Mr. Stinson’s hands and eyes combined, sliding down over my full, red lips, down the curve of my chin, eyes and hands going lower, his eyes locked onto my 34C chest. Having my arms behind my neck had helped to thrust my chest out to him, my nipples were stiff, hard as bullets, displaying how fully turned on I was. He cupped my boobs, sliding his hands around them, he stroked and toyed with my nipples, twisting them slightly, then tugging at them, making surges of pleasure rush to my pussy. My soft moans made him smile.

When he pulled his left hand back, his right hand slid down my body, over the plane of my stomach. sliding over my clean, well waxed mound, fingers questing lower, until he found what he was reaching for. My eyes flared, and I let out a long, drawn out AHHHHHHH of pleasure as I felt his fingers sliding over my lips, three fingers poised, then thrusting into my wet, soaking pink folds. I gasped, the stretch of my tight hole opening up around the plunge of his fingers felt so good. His fingers started to pump in and out, slowly, then with increasing rapidity.

“Take it baby, gonna finger fuck your tight cunt, get you all ready, then I’m gonna ram my cock into your tight fuck hole, and you’re gonna love being fucked, my cock is going to make you cum like an overheated little slut.”

I growled, hearing him tell me what he was gonna do to me, made my lust burn like crazy. Having been ordered to keep my hands behind my neck, letting him do as he pleased, was making me crazy with lust. No “would you like,” or “do you want to” bullshit, telling me what he was gonna do to me, and that I was gonna love it. Ordering me to submit to his toying with my body, I was quickly becoming the overheated little slut that he said I was.

“Oh yeah, you really are an overheated little slut, your juices are gushing, baby.”

I growled, “Oh fuck, make me cum, make me cum Mr. Stinson.”

He grinned, and said, “Tell me what you are, and ask nicely.”

He pulled his fingers out of my wet soaking hole, I groaned with the loss of sensation, I wanted them back inside me!

“Oh yeah, give it to me, I’m your overheated little slut, I need your fingers back inside my fuck-hole! Finger fuck my cunt, make me cum, then ram your big prick deep inside me, make me cum again, just like a hot submissive live fuck doll!”

I squealed with pleasure as he rammed the three fingers back inside me, and then the thumb of his other hand reached down, and start tweaking at my clit. My pussy starting throbbing, I squealed as I felt my pussy clamp tighter around Mr. Stinson’s plunging fingers.

Tumbling into orgasm, I grunted, “Yes, yes, FUCK YES!”

My voice rose up to shout, as I felt the blissful waves of orgasm hit me, I couldn’t keep my hands behind my neck, I threw them around Mr. Stinson, holding on tight as my body shook crazily, he held me as I rode my orgasm, I didn’t trust my legs to support me.

My lust and my submissive side took over, and I growled, “Oh fuck, I need it, fuck me, fuck my burning cunt! Let me have it, slam my pussy, fuck me, fuck my fiery fuck-hole, fuck my overheated cunt, fuck my brains out!!”

His cock was swollen, rock hard, and he pushed me back gently. I felt my ass press against the side of his desk, and I spread myself over his desk, looking up, my face full of uncontrolled lust, I existed for nothing more than to get fucked hard. I felt the press of his dick, then shoving aside my lips, I growled with wordless pleasure as I was penetrated, urging him on until I was fully impaled, I was wonderfully stuffed as I felt his balls smack against my ass.

“Oh yes, that feels so good! Now put my legs over your shoulders, and fuck my cunt hard! Ram my cunt, I want your load up my burning cunt! Fuck me, and shoot your hot spunk up my burning fuck-hole!” I gasped.

I watched though lust filled eyes as he did so, hoisting my legs over my shoulders. My ass was hanging off the edge of his desk, he grabbed my ass cheeks, cupping them in his strong hands, and started lifting my hips in rhythm to the plunges of his steel hard cock into my burning cunt. Oh fuck, this is what I’ve needed, a mature man, taking me like a horny little slut, as he slammed his eager cock in and out, in and out of my needy, greedy cunt. Each in thrust he buried his cock right up to the balls. My juices were pouring out with each plunge, running down the natural channel, coating my tight ass hole with juices, making it twitch. I was panting and gasping, tossing my head from side to side as I writhed beneath him.

“Yes, keep fucking me! I’m so close, I need to cum, and I’m so close! I can feel your big cock throbbing, let it go, I’m your live fuck doll and I want you to flood my pussy!”

I felt one of his fingers trailing along the cleave of my ass cheeks, then rubbing me right there, right against the tight pucker of my ass hole. My body jumped, ramming up against his plunging cock, the sensation as he slipped in, pushing through the muscles, and entering slowly, shoved me into orgasm. I was cumming, cumming so hard as his finger probed my virgin ass hole, my pussy was throbbing, squirting crazily, I could hear the dull splatter of my juices hitting the floor, I squealed as I felt my pussy clamp even tighter around Mr. Stinson’s plunging cock.

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