How the wife and I became swingers

Catherine and I had been married for a long time. Our kids are grown and we now enjoy our grandkids from time to time. We’ve found being empty nesters kind of fun. We get to sit around naked if we want and the weather permits.

I don’t know if it was a mid-life crisis or just turning middle aged that kicked my mind into overdrive, especially about sex. Catherine was only the second girl I had been with and I have never strayed our entire marriage.

These feelings that I might have missed something kept growing and growing inside me. I really love her and would never cheat on her. I know how much it would have hurt me if I found out she cheated on me.

I have this young friend at work and her and I talk about everything. She’s actually younger than my oldest son and is more like a daughter to me in a lot of ways. One day at lunch, we were talking and I blurted out how I felt about missing sex with others.

She took a long look at me and said, “Catherine’s too good a friend to me for us to play around on her.” Trying to gather my composure, I stuttered and stammered that I wasn’t talking about her and I playing around, it was just a feeling I get that I might have missed something. I swear I could feel the red glowing from my neck up and felt like everyone in the restaurant was staring at me.

She said, “Yeah, like what? Can you explain what you’ve missed?”

You know, she had me stumped. I explained it was just a feeling that I got from time to time. Without even looking up from her plate she asked me if I’d ever thought about swinging.

I admitted that it had crossed my mind but that Catherine would never go for it. She said, “Well, I have a couple of friends that are swingers and they really enjoy it but you’ll never know how she feels unless you ask her!”

At home, I did some searching on the web and found several swingers sites and did some research. I started chatting with some swingers and discussed my thoughts with them and got some ideas on how to best approach her.

After dinner one evening, I fixed drinks and we adjourned to the deck and our hot tub. After some playful kissing and petting (she had cum several times), I asked my wife if she had ever thought about swinging.

She sat straight up and had this panic look about her. She glared at me and said, “Are you having an affair?” I assured her that I wasn’t. She had these tears welling up in her eyes and blurted out, “You don’t love me anymore!”

I held her and said, “If I didn’t love you, I’d be having that affair and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

I’m still not sure if that was the right thing to say but at least it stopped her tears. I told her that I loved her more than anything in the world but had these overwhelming feelings of missing something and thought that by swinging we might add some spice to our own sex life.

It took several months for me to finally get her to agree to go to a swingers dance. She was apprehensive but after we had a few drinks, we enjoyed the dance. Nothing happened other than meeting some couples and a little dirty dancing, both with each other and with others but the ice was broken.

Catherine had stated that if we played, it would be as a couple only; no separate meetings or rooms. We met a couple, Jack and Kristi that were very interested in us but Kristi was bi and kept trying to get Catherine to go upstairs for some play.

Jack and I were ready to go and watch the two of them then join in but my wife was dead set against having sex with another woman. Another fantasy shot to hell, oh well.

By :R69runner

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