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Hello friends I am going to tell u how I fucked my mom. Her name is Usha. She is professor in a college in my city. She is 45 and she little plump with huge boobs and huge round ass. My dad is officer in government department and he will be always go for tour and some time it will take 2 weeks for him to return. I never had any intention of fucking her until that day comes and now we are fucking regularly. I will tell u how that happened.

My father had gone for tour and he called us and said that he will one more week to come back and it was a Saturday and I know that there is hot movie in one of channels and I looked at the paper to which is the film. It’s a movie which I missed when it came last time and my friends said that its movie with nice story. Its something like a younger boy fucking his mother’s sister. I thought that I will watch that movie this time since only mom is there in house once she slept she will walk up only in the morning. By this time mom came back from kitchen after washing the dishes and sat near me and asked me what me reading in the paper in night. I said I am looking though the movies that night. She takes the paper and started looking at the paper. She came across this movie name since noted director who in the beginning was directing blue type of movies directed it. This move comes under one of his first movies. She saw his name ask me whether this movie is good. I said this good one, because if said this not good then she will not let me see it. She said she is going to sleep and gone to bedroom. It was only 10pm and movie will start by only 11pm. I browsed through the channel. After some time I saw mom coming out of room I asked what happened. She said she is not feeling sleepy and she will join me in seeing that movie.

. I decide to sit there and browse through the channel and by 11 still reluctant to put that channel and mom take the remote from my hand and put on the channel. Reluctantly I sat there watching the movie. Mom was fully concentrating on the movie. By half an hour the story of the movie become clear and she got embarrassed and she want to stop the movie and still she got interested by the movie. By this my dick began to grow in my shorts and tried to hide it from mom. She saw I am pressing my cock and she sat there as unaware of that. I can see that she is also aroused that her boobs under the gown become erected. She tried to focus on movie, but my bulge was in her mind. At that movement the hottest scene of the move came in which boy is fucking his aunt. Where they shows the boobs of the actress, and boy sucking it and all. I looked at the mom and say she pressing a pillow over her boobs and enjoying the movie. Now I was clear that she was horny.

Suddenly the power went off. And emergency was in the living room. Mom said to me to bring it. When I got up to pick the light mom also got up for taking some water from fridge. And we collided with each other and she fell on the floor. I said sorry mom I didn’t seen you I thought that u’ r still laying on the chair. She asked me go and take the light. When I came back she was still laying there. She asked me to help her to get up. I asked for her hand to pull her up suddenly I lost my balance and fell over her and my lips came in contact with her barren neck and I licked there unknowingly. My erect dick was between her thighs and she close her thighs same time. I laid over her for some time and came to know that she is breathing heavily and her nipple is getting harder my each minute. I am aware that all these because of the movie and my dick between her thighs. I become bold by this time and from where I got this courage and started to lick her on neck and face. She laid there still enjoying my licking and after some time she hold me tightly now I am sure that my mom Usha was under my control and slowly put my hand on her boobs and started to press it over the gown. She started to morn little bit now I am sure that she is enjoying and I opened the front button of her gown and started to press his boobs over her bra. And I pulled her gown upwards and started to rub her cute over panties and planted one kiss over his lips first time her lips was close on second time she opened her mouth and kissed me back. It was the most incredible kiss I ever had.

By :xyzabcson

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