How sister and I had some fun

I was a member of a gaming group (we played D&D, Werewolf and other games like that) that included 2 couples (a third couple for a short time),3 single males (me included) and single female. I had a tendency to be sexual in the games if at all possible and was vocal about the fun my ex and I had had with another couple before she left. Nobody in the group was a prude so we had some great discussions about sex and passed a lot of sexual innuendo between us all. One night I got a phone call from the female half of one of the couples and she started talking to me about what I had said about the wife swapping I had done with my ex. She got around to asking me if I might be interested in a 3 way with her and her husband. Apparently they had been talking about it and me for a little while and both were interested in trying it. Though she wasn’t a beauty queen she did qualify as a BBW. She had huge tits and a self proclaimed affinity for sucking dick, which her husband declared as excellant. We arranged the meeting for their place the following friday and they would have the kids farmed out for sleep overs.

I brought a video camera and they provided the beer. I asked them if they both were sure they wanted to go through with it and they both admitted to an eager nervousness. We put a porn tape on in the family room and had a beer to relax a little. Shell stepped into the bathroom and returned in a black teddy that was cut high at the thighs and low in the front with a hell of big smile she sat next to Bud. As soon as the first sex scene came on the video Shell moved over to me and knelt between my legs. She unzipped my pants and pulled my hard-on out. With big grin towards her husband then to me she started licking the head of my dick. As she tried to get to my nuts I stood to drop my pants to my ankles and Bud did the same (though he took his completely off since he didn’t have shoes on) and I saw that he had a little thinner but slightly longer dick than I had. Of course I had fears that he would be a monster and put my average little 6.5 inch prick to shame. Well Shell was doing a hell of a job on my cock so I was afraid I was going to cum too soon. So I stopped her and after taking off my shoes and pants, slowly and with a lick and suck at every chance undressed her.I had known she had big tits but she also had big suckable nipples that she loved to have played with nibbled on. When I got down to her pussy and saw that she kept it shaved I dove in. Now Bud came over and had Shell sucking on his dick as I ate her pussy then we switched. She was grinning from ear to ear with a cock in each hand leading us into the bedroom so she could lay down and have us go to work on her.

In the bed I buried my face into her pussy again and loved the taste of juices. She grabbed my head and said it was time for her to be fucked. Bud looked at me and said “company first” and we all busted out laughing. As I slid my dick into her soaking wet slit she tilted her head back over the side of the bed and took his cock balls deep in her mouth. I fucked her pussy as he fucked her mouth. She grabbed my head again and guided my mouth to her tits she started cumming as soon as I sucked in her huge nipple. We switched places again before cumming wanting to extend the pleasure. She came again with bud squeezing and pinching her nipples while ramming her so hard i didn’t have to move my dick at all. She was awesome with her mouth and tongue so my first blast was down her throat. As I let out a massive groan (and not so small load) Bud blew his too. We all layed back as she kissed us both thanking us for a great start. She went into the bathroom to pee and I asked Bud how he like sharing his wife, he just laughed and said this was going to be a great friendship. We all sat on the couch naked (mfm) for a while watching the porno making comments and laughing while our hands kept roaming around.

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