How my mom’s bf ultimately seduced me

My mother introduced me to her boyfriend, Trey, for the first time when I was 18 years old. It was the beginning of my senior year in high school and I was pretty innocent in many ways. Even though I had started to date by that time and even had tried sex once or twice, I was a pretty naïve teenager.

Mom and I had been alone since my father died when I was 9 and since then, she hadn’t dated much. Actually, I don’t remember her dating at all until Trey came along. I’m certain that she grieved for my dad for way too long, which explains my extreme happiness when my mom came home from work one day and informed me that she had met a new man.

I remember that day vividly because I was always concerned that my mom would be alone for the rest of her life. Now, I should explain that my mom wasn’t ugly or a bitch or anything. In fact, she was (and still is) quite beautiful and nice, and many younger men asked out my mom during this time, not realizing that she was already in her mid-30’s. The fact that she frequently exercised in order to maintain her cute body helped attract a fair amount of men. And her long, wavy, golden blonde hair, large breasts, flat stomach, and flawless complexion probably worked to her advantage as well (characteristics I am proud to say I inherited, although I am a bit shorter than her at 5’4”). I remember occasionally, some people thinking my mom was my older sister, which, of course, always made my mom’s day.

Anyway, my mom had been fixed up with Trey, a (cough) used car salesman, by one of her married friends. I remember thinking what a curious match for her- a used car salesman. Since my mom is a lawyer, I always figured someone with more education would be most ideal for her.

Anyway, my mom and Trey had already gone out on a few dates and she wanted me to meet him that next Saturday night. Mom seemed quite excited about Trey and I was anxious to meet him. Perhaps our blind optimism contributed to the chaos that followed. I’m not sure. But I can say that our lives were never the same after Trey entered our lives.


Saturday night finally arrived and it was refreshing to see my Mom all made up for her date. She kept asking me for make-up and clothing advice and for once, I felt like the parent in our relationship. By the time Trey rang the doorbell, I can honestly say that my mom looked hot.

I was sitting in the living room, watching television when I heard my mom open the front door and greet Trey.

“You look fantastic, Linda!” a loud, masculine voice came from the hallway.

“Thank-you,” I heard my mom answer. “Come… I want you to meet my daughter.” I could tell from the way she spoke that she was embarrassed by his compliment.

My mom subsequently led Trey into the living room. A handsome man, Trey stood about 6’2”, with short, dark hair, brown eyes, olive complexion, and a muscular build. With his thick, dark mustache, he sort of resembled Tom Selleck, I thought. He looked about 40 years old and was dressed casually, yet stylish.

“Trey, I would like you to meet my daughter, Jessica,” my mom announced proudly.

Trey smiled and looked directly into my eyes. He reached out for my hand and I accepted it. “Well, it is quite a pleasure to meet you, Jessica. I feel as if I know you already from what your mom has told me.” Trey shook my hand firmly and seemed to hold it a couple seconds too long.

“Yeah…It’s nice to meet you, too.” I said timidly. I broke eye contact with Trey after it became a bit uncomfortable. I then looked at my mom and asked, “So where are you guys going tonight?”

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