How my cousin Ana and I were introduced to incest and a swinging lifestyle

I was the only son and we were only 3 people in the
house. Mom, Dad and me. But when I turned 18, we had
a new member. My cousin Ana. She was staying far away
in the south with her parents. But now they decided
to shift her to our house for future prospects. So my
parents decided that she would stay with us. Dad had
his own business and Mom was working too so they
would be out for most time of the day.

Our house was big. We had four bedrooms (three on the
first floor, one below). Living room and kitchen were
on the ground floor. Ana moved to the corner bedroom
besides mine. So mine was in the middle while my
parents and Ana’s were on each side.

Ana had also turned 18 recently, our birthday’s being
5 days apart. She was beautiful with fair complexion,
brown eyes and hair. Standing only 5’5, she was one
of those short girls with hot ass. Her boobs were
big, sagging slightly by its weight. She was an
instant hit among my friends and men around here. She
was very confident about her and carried herself well
even in revealing outfits. She already had me go
crazy about her.

One more interesting thing was that my parents were
swingers. Though I didn’t understood the term till I
grew up. Sometimes another couple friend of my Mom or
Dad would come to our place and after drinks, my Mom
would accompany the male friend to the room on the
ground floor while Dad would take the lady to his
room besides mine.

I would of course be in my room above. I would hear
the loud moanings of the ladies who would accompany
him. Sometimes as I grew more curious, I would sneak
out of my room just to hear it. I could also hear my
Mom screaming from below.

Once probably they were very horny and couldn’t wait
so they all started in the living room. The lights
were on. I watched the guy on top of my Mom naked
thrusting into her. Her legs were wide apart in the
air while her boobs juggled as the guy moved in and
out of her. She was moaning loudly while my Dad was
on his back and a lady was on him with her face on
his groin. His face was buried between her legs and
it seemed he was eating her out.

Nor were my parents shy about their love making with
each other. They would kiss and fondle each other
around the house. My Dads hands would be all over my
mother’s breasts and between her legs. She would
press his private parts and then they would either
ask me to go to my room or them to go to theirs,
which would of course be followed by loud grunts from
my Mom. So I had learned about sex very early. I had
made out with girls from my school but nothing beyond
that. It was few weeks after my 18th birthday that
Ana arrived.

Ana and I hit off instantly. We used to be together
all the time and were very curious about each other.
I often checked her out and she knew it. She would
bend away of me so I could get a good view of her hot
ass, or in front of me so I can see her cleavage.
Slowly our attraction turned physical. We started
hugging and touching more. I would sometimes tease
her by playing with her hairs. She enjoyed it.

Sometimes while watching a sex scene on the TV I
would get an erection which made me very
uncomfortable. Ana would just look at it and smile
shyly. I could feel she was getting horny too. We
started watching TV together, sitting beside each
other, or putting our head on each other’s lap.

Once I was on the couch and Ana was lying with her
head on my lap, legs spread wide, watching a movie.
Suddenly there was a steamy scene which made my cock
hard, which obviously touched Ana’s cheek. She didn’t
move. I became very uncomfortable not knowing what to
do. But then she just got up with a smile and talked
about this and that as if nothing has happened.

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