how I lost my virginity

I grew up in a small suburban townhouse with my mom and my stepdad, without really knowing my dad. Growing up I didn’t have a lot of confidence or self-esteem. We didn’t have a lot of money and as a teenager I didn’t feel I any pretty. My mom had for most of my life been on unemployment benefits and my stepdad was in and out jobs as a truck driver. So, growing up we never had a lot of money. Therefore, I was always dressed in clothes from the supermarket unlike my classmates who were dressed in clothes from the clothes stores and even brands. One day my mom agreed to take me shopping because all my underwear was too small and started ripping up around the elastic.

When looking around the store I found a double pack with black G-strings and a per of low waist light blue ripped jeans. I thought I wound look super cool in these and for once I would could wear a G-string in the locker room like the other girls at school instead of my boring out-used panties. I showed them to my mom and she answered. “You aren’t going to be comfortable with that underwear and I’m not going to buy you jeans that are already broken. I found these for you instead and they are also cheaper.” A six pack of panties for the same price and a per of normal black jeans. I unwillingly accepted her choices.

My looks as a 16 years old girl could at best be described as average. I have dark brown hair with bangs, light blue almost grey eyes and a ring in the side of my nose I had done on my 15th birthday. I am 163cm tall and at that time I had a little round cheeks, chubby around my stomach, and a little too big butt with a few stretch marks on at the sides. Of course, even being a little chubby I still had small breasts which were only B-cups.

In school I didn’t get particularly good grades and even though I was always trying to be nice to people and make friends, it was like I was completely invisible to everyone else. The boys didn’t pay me any attention and the other girls mostly made fun of me because of my looks, clothes, or because I probably was the only girl in class without any sexual experience.

Only exception was Alice who was always nice to me. We would always eat lunch together and per up for group work. Even if she hung out with me at school and didn’t socialize much with the others, they never picked on her like they did with me. I guess because they were a little intimidated by her. She was smart, came from a successful family, and had a killer body. She was 175cm tall, an always suntanned slim body and big D cup sized breasts. However, we wouldn’t really hang out together outside school because she always had homework, family things or played soccer which she played on one of the best teams in the country.

Therefore, after school I would normally just go home and sit in my room listen to music and browse through social media while fantasizing about how my life would be if a had been as smart and pretty as Alice. I was so jealous of her. I always thought she had the perfect life. Sometimes when laying in my bed at night I would fantasies what one of the good-looking boys from the older classes would do to her in bed. Touch her. Kiss her. Thinking of that, would make me aroused.

It was one month into the summer vacation after I finished the 1st year of high school. It was Saturday around 18:00 and I heard my mom calling me down from the kitchen telling me dinner was ready. On my way down the stairs, I saw my stepdad and mom already at the dining table in the middle of the kitchen when someone knocked the front door twice and open it right away. It was my half-brother, Brian. Technically he was the son of my step-dad so I had no biological relationship with him. But I still called him my half-brother. He is 4 years older and had never lived with us. We were not really close and actually he had a way to always pointing out my flaws like asking me I gained weight or why I wasn’t going out with friends.

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