How I got transformed from Straight to Gay then bi cuckold

Hi Readers, this is Rahul and I am going to narrate you various incidents which actually happened in my life. There are many layers in this narrative and have planned to split it into several parts. Here comes the first part.

Chapter 1 – College Days

I and my friends used to travel to our college on train/bus every day which was around 40 km away from our town. We were a batch of around 10 guys. We used to stand and roam around in the train at morning timings as the train used to be always crowded and while coming back home in the evening, the train used to be empty almost all the time.

It was one such afternoon while I was returning home on the train with one of my friends Jai, as others went watching a movie, we discovered that both of us were are attracted to each other’s bodies. I was sitting beside Jai and my hands were roaming around his thigh while talking. This excited him and his bulge was visible from his pants. We both noticed it and smiled at each other. Like that, everything started between us.

I started pressing Jai’s dick from over his pants and Jai as well had his hands on my zipper. After pressing my dick for some time, he looked around and as there were very few people on that coach and that too far off from where we sat, Jai opened his zipper and lowered his underwear and took out his dick which was glistening with pre-cum and asked me to suck it.

I straight away obliged and took his 8-inch black monster into my mouth.

Salty pre-cum tasted a bit odd initially but I was so excited to mind about it. Jai was caressing my cock over my pants at the same time while I was sucking his cock. Then Jai unzipped me and pulled down my pants along with underwear and when I was about to sit back, he asked me to wait and then examined my ass for some time and then asked me to bend a bit and then he examined my asshole.

Jai then asked me to kneel in front of him and suck his dick while he was sitting on the berth. I obeyed and started sucking his dick and licking his balls in between. Occasionally he rose from his berth so that his puckered asshole was in front of me to lick and I flicked my tongue around his asshole as well. After some sucking, Jai shot his load into my mouth and I swallowed without my knowledge as I was completely aroused. Then I cleaned his cock from cum and licked it clean without a spot. We reached our destination and then we went to our respective homes.

From that day onwards, we started meeting regularly at my house and have sessions. Jai used to visit my house, and both of us used to sit in our study room upstairs when my parents stayed down on the ground floor. I used to worship Jai’s dick all the time and only after multiple requests from me, Jai used to stroke and suck my dick.

Once when my parents were out of the station to attend a wedding, we had 2 days continuously at my house as it was the weekend. As usual, I greeted Jai with a very warm blowjob which ended up in me eating his cum and cleaning up his cock clean. Then we went out and had breakfast in a nearby hotel and came back home. Jai came up with an idea of a game. He told me that let’s start jerking off each other and whoever cums first will be the slave for the other for the day and have to do whatever the master commands sexually. He told if the slave is not able to complete the task, the master can punish him in whatsoever way he wants. I immediately agreed and both of us started jerking off each other. I was stroking Jai’s cock and he was stroking mine. Since I gave Jai a blowjob in the morning an hour ago, he didn’t cum fast and I came flooding in his hands first becoming the looser and slave for my master Jai for the day. Jai smiled and asked me to get ready to serve him for the day.

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