How I Fucked My Sister’s daughter

Hai my name is Praveen Kumar and I am a regular reder of this sex stories now I am going to tell u all my real sex experience with my sisters daughter who took my virginity. Let me describe my self I am 5’9″ height with good build and fair with brown hair and I look good and most of the girls like me and get attracted to me. I am a cool guy who don’t know anything about sex I use to study and do football practice that’s all and I was a Virgin till May 2000 it all suddenly happened that I lost my virginity to my sisters daughter

Let me describe my sisters daughter her name is Archana she will be around 18 to 19 years of age but she don’t look like that because she is little bit fat with big boobs and solid build her height will be about 5?6? fair and black hair. This incident happened in may 2000 when I went to my sisters place my sister lives side lane to our house. But I use to go to her house very rarely that day I went to my sisters place to give something which my mum gave me to handover to my sister. I went to here house and started calling here but I was not getting any respond so I went in and gave another call then to no one was responding I was about to come back I herd a voice that was archana she was shouting from upstairs of her house that my sister went out and she will come little late.

So I told her to come and pick the thing which my mum gave to her mother she came down and took and went back in a hurry ok well I left from there on my way back I remembered that I have to tell my sister that mum told me to tell me sister to come home in the evening so to tell that I went back to my sisters place and as I know that my sister is not there. I went upstairs directly to tell archana about it when I went upstair the door was open and when I pushed the door I could see archana fingering something in her pussy seeing here doing that I stopped for a movement and started staring at her to my surprise she was pressing here big size boobs also and then automatically my cock started erecting and as I watching she suddenly turned back and found me she got frightened and told me mama I am sorry don’t tell mummy about it and she started holding my hand I got a shock in my body then I told here I will wont tell anything to mummy but u have to do me a favor she said what’s that I will do anything for you I told here to show me here pussy and boobs once again she readily agreed for it and went and locked the door and came back and opened here night gown which she has put on

I got surprised seeing here body she was really a babe with a sexy figure her size is 38 32 40 seeing here I was stunned for the first time I was seeing a girl naked. Then I got a idea to touch her boobs so I went closer and touched them she dint tell me anything her boobs were hard and nipples were erected as I touched here boobs oooooooooohh god I felt like a heavy volt current passed in my mind after a little while playing with it she was responding well to my actions then she automatically took my hand from here boobs and guided it on to her soft pussy here pussy was clean shaved then again I felt like a heavy voltage current passed in my body I was rubbing only on the pussy as I don’t know anything about it my cock was rock hard and it was stuck inside my pant and begging to release it out mean while she took my finger and pushed it in her cunt hole I felt like very slippery and she was pushing my finger in and out after sometime she said mama you don’t know anything about sex then I reply I know but I don’t know much then she said I will teach you about sex then she undress me.

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