How I Fucked My Roommate’s Indian Girlfriend

My name is Ralph I am a light skin black man and I am 6-2 and weigh 180 pounds and I am 20 years of age.

I have decided to transfer and attend a college in Rochester NY, majoring in computer technology. Upon arriving I was assigned a room by the resident advisor on my floor. I did not get a roommate because no one else was assigned to the room. I would later learn that there were less than 25 minorities living on campus. There was a total of 3000 student living on campus.

So it was no surprise that I would be the only minority in most of my classes. I was the first minority to enroll in the new computer curriculum at Rochester. It was in the spring semester that I got a roommate.

We however didn’t socialize with one another. We did however get along as roommates. Let me describe Larry. Larry was 6-0 and weighed 170 pounds had long black untrimmed hair and was Caucasian. Larry was majoring in chemistry but was not a nerd.

My college roommate had an Indian girlfriend. Her name was Prisha. Let me describe Prisha.

Prisha’s complexion was light milk chocolate , smooth skin and she is a statuesque , long legged slightly built young lady. Prisha had long jet black silky shiny hair. Most times Prisha wore her hair in a ponytail. Her hair extended down to her nice ass. She was 5-10 and weighed about 150 pounds and as I said she has long legs. She had at least 34 D or 34 DD tits. Best of all she had a nice big round delicious ass. At night I could hear Larry fucking the shit out of her as she moaned. Larry was fucking Prisha at least 3 times a week. Larry owned that pussy. On the weekends Prisha would spend the night. During the week Prisha stayed in our room as her and her roommate absolutely did not get along.

Late one Friday night as I was coming back in, Larry was on his way out to the liquor store to get some rum and some wine.

Larry told me that he would be back around 1:00 AM.

When I entered the room I noticed that his girlfriend Prisha was in the bed. I could see her because of the open door to our room was illuminating parts of our room. As I took off my clothes and go into my bed I could hear Prisha lightly snoring. This is when I got the crazy idea.

I took off my tee shirt and my underwear. I am now totally naked. My plan was to slip into the bed with Prisha and pretend to be Larry. I weighed the consequences if I got caught, but proceeded with my plan anyway.

So in the darkness of the room , I eased into the bed with Prisha.

As I moved along side of Prisha I realized that she was totally naked. Prisha has smooth soft skin.

Wow her body was so warm.

My hardened dick was resting on her nice round ass. I then reached over to cup her nice tits. I then started to massage her tits and nipples. I tell you it was a hand full.

While I was massaging Prisha’s nipples she repositioned herself. It was at that moment that I got really scared.

Now Prisha was laying on her back. I could once again hear her snoring. I too now repositioned myself. I moved down between her now spread opened long legs. I then took the head of my dick and slightly brushed it over her pussy slit. Prisha moved just a little and I thought I heard her moan. In any case her legs spread open a bit more. Now I took my moistened dick and placed my dick head right on Prisha’s wet pussy hole. I could feel Prisha move again and this time I knew she moaned for sure. I then eased my dick into Prisha’s hot juicy pussy. Prisha moaned a little louder this time. I then started pumping my dick slowly. I had most of my weight being supported by my arms. I started fucking Prisha faster. Then I really got scared when Prisha moaned out loud and call out Larry’s name “Oh Larry”. Then Prisha wrapped her arms around me. I was scared but I kept on fucking her. Then I could hear Prisha saying baby this dick is really nice tonight. Prisha then wrapped her legs around me. She had me in a bear hug. I kept on pounding that juicy fat pussy.

By :SnakeBiteRalph

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