How I fucked my neighbour’s wife

I am Bikey and I am 45 years old married man . I stay with my family . This story is about how I made love to my neighbor’s wife Sandhya . Sandhya is an 33-year-old young sweet sexy soft lady .She has been gifted with an amazing body and her body contours are remarkable for a young lady of her age. The best part is her beautiful face and long silky black hair.
The first time I saw my neighbour’s wife was at the Diwali party my neighbour had hosted at his house. I was already seeking new taste about sex . The moment I saw her, I just couldn’t stop the lust in me to hold her and play with her. She was wearing a tank top and tight jeans and her breasts had made a sexy cleavage. I wanted to feel her ass and caress them while sucking her soft juicy lips.
It was a Friday evening and I had gone to the mall. I was walking when I noticed a young hot lady in a very short red dress. At first, I was just amazed by the beauty and the sexiness oozing out of the young hot body. Wet lips with lipstick and sexy smooth thighs were on the display. Before I could analyze further, I recognized who she was. She was Sandhya, my neighbour’s wife ! I decided to talk to her. So I went and called her.
Me: Hey Sandhya !
She turned around.
Sonia: Yes?
Me: Remember me?
Sonia: Sorry.
Me: It’s me Bikey. We met at the Diwali party. Remember me and my wife were in the same team with you for the beer pong?
Sandhya: Oh yes! I am sorry, I didn’t recognize you at first.
Me: Oh, no worries. I am sure a young beautiful lady like you has no reason to remember an oldie like me.
Sandhya: Oh no, it’s not like that. I was busy looking for something and couldn’t find it. So my mind was engrossed in that. And you are not that old. You surely look far younger than my husband !
Me: Oh! Thank you for that. So where is your husband ? Or shopping alone?
Sandhya: He has gone to the US for work. They will be back after two weeks.
Me: Oh, so the young lady is enjoying her time all alone.
Sandhya: Well, it’s not going great. I had asked my friend to come with me but she ditched me.
Me: Well, if you don’t mind, I can give you company. I am anyways free.
Sandhya: Really? Would you do that for me?
Me: Absolutely.
Sandhya: Cool.
Saying this, she came and hugged me. As soon as she hugged me, a current ran through my whole body. My penis felt an instant rush of blood! Holding her soft body and especially feeling her naked back were too much for not getting a hard-on. I just hoped that my she didn’t notice that.
Me: So, what does this young hottie wants to buy?
Sandhya: I wanted to buy a nice saree for a wedding in relation. But I just don’t know which one to buy. Moreover, I don’t know how to wear it. So, unable to try as well.
Me: Well, how about we buy a saree and go to my place. You can try it on and if it’s not good, we can return it.
Those days my wife and sons were gone to my laws house . So I was safe .
Sandhya: Wow, really? You are my saviour. Let’s go.
We finally reached the saree shop and started looking through many sarees. I was wondering what kind of saree will look good on her. When I scanned her body, I knew she has to wear a sleeveless backless light yellow red chiffon saree to look best. The bright coloured saree exposing her fair milky skin will make her a sexy babe on the wedding .
We finally purchased the light yellow red chiffon saree.
Me: Once you’ve tried and it looks good, we can come and give the measurements for your blouse. So what else you wanna buy?
Sandhya: Ummm.. I have something, but that’s fine. I will buy it later.
Me: Hey! It’s ok. Let’s buy it. I have all the time.
Sandhya: But, it’s fine.
Me: Sandhya.. what is it… tell me?
Sandhya: Ummm.. I want to buy some stylish bra and panties.
As soon as she said this, her face was all red and she was looking down all shy. I came and held her shoulders and said,
Me: Sandhya, you don’t have to be worried. Just go and buy whatever, I will wait.
Sandhya: Thanks.
She came back after some time and she looked happy.
Me: So, can we go to my place to try out the saree?
Sonia: Sure, let’s go.
While driving my neighbour’s wife was sitting next to me and her short dress had slid back. Her smooth sexy thighs were just so tempting. I so wanted to lick her but I controlled myself. Soon, we reached my home and we went in.
Me: Hey Sandhya, do you want anything to drink? A soft drink? I am sure you don’t take hard drink?
Sandhya started smiling and I asked what happened.
Sandhya: Well, don’t tell anyone , but I have tried it a few times!
Me: Oh, really? What have you had?
Sandhya: Vodka and Rum.
Me: Cool. Do you want to have rum and coke?
Sandhya: Ummm… Ok… But I may just doze off here. Will you be fine?
Me: Oh, don’t worry. Consider it as your own house. You can stay as long as you want. Please feel free to do anything. You wanna walk naked? You can do that too!
Sandhya: Lol. You are funny ….. !
Me: Hey.. Call me, Bikey. That’s the price you will have to pay.
Sandhya: Sure, Bikey. Now can I get my rum and coke?
I quickly made a strong one for my neighbour’s hot wife and gave it to her.
Me: How is it?
Sandhya: It’s a bit strong, but yum. Thank you so much, Bikey.
We soon started drinking and started some music as well. We just continued drinking and had made ourselves comfortable.
Sandhya: Bikey, do you mind if I wear a baniyan of yours? Don’t want to spill on my dress.
Me: Sure, go for it.
My neighbour’s wife went inside and changed and came back. She was looking like a sex goddess now. She had tied her silky hair as a bun and my baniyan being a bit transparent, I could easily see her bra and huge boobs trapped in them! She was wearing a black bra and her pantie was really small. My neighbour’s wife looked so sexy.
Me: You sure are very beautiful.
Sandhya: Oh Bikey, you don’t have to be so nice.
Me: I mean it. I mean, I would love to have you as my girlfriend.
Sandhya: Haha… I am flattered.
We soon completed our 5th drink and the horny animal in me was now acting up. The urge to just hold her and kiss her juicy lips was growing in me. I wanted to strip her and suck those soft melons. While I was thinking all this,
Sandhya: Bikey, can we have some shots?
Me: Sure.
We headed towards my private bar counter and we had some shots. We gulped down 5 shots and I knew I was high and I knew Sandhya too was feeling high too. She was enjoying.
Sandhya: Hey Bikey, I forgot to try the saree. Can we do it?
Me: I think we can try it tomorrow as we both are a bit high.
Sandhya: No, it’s fine. You are here so I am fine. Let me go and try.
My neighbour’s wife went in and came back after a few minutes.
Sandhya: Bikey, I don’t know how to wear a saree. I thought you said you would help me. Can you please help me out?
We both went to the bedroom and I took out the saree. I slowly started to wrap the saree around her and then put the pallu over her shoulder.
Me: Done. Check it out.
Sandhya: Umm… It doesn’t look great. This baniyan is making it look shabby.
Before I could say anything,she lowered her pallu, took off the baniyan and threw it on the bed. I was just stunned looking at her in the black bra. I was shocked to see her creamy milky cleavage. Those boobs were just trapped in those bra cups. She looked sexy and it was the ultimate seduction for me.
During all this commotion, the saree also opened and the chiffon saree was now all on the floor! I couldn’t believe I was seeing my neighbour’s wife in just her bra and pantie! It was like a dream.
She bent down to pick up the saree and asked me to help her wear it. I came behind her to help her wear it and for the first time, her soft ass rubbed against my hard cock. The blood in my penis was running wild.
Without wasting the opportunity, I just thrust my penis against her ass crack. She immediately turned and looked at me. The look in her eyes understood what her neighbor trying to do. There was lust in my eyes and she had clearly seen it.
I held her from behind and tightened my grip by holding her naked waist. Slowly, I moved my face forward and kissed her neck. She immediately pushed her head back resting on my left shoulder and I gave a small bite on her neck. She let out a soft moan and I knew the young hottie was now under my control.
I took out my tongue and slowly licked Her neck while softly squeezing her soft waist. The feeling of having a young sexy lady drunk and in just her bra and pantie in my arms, ready to be enjoyed was driving me crazy. But I wanted to go slow on my neighbour’s wife . I wanted to enjoy every moment with this sexy babe. I wanted to feel every inch of her body and listen to her soft slow moans.
Each time I bit her neck, her lips would slowly rub against each other and a seductive moan came out. The more I squeezed her waist, the more she thrust her ass against my crotch.
I slowly moved my hands down from her waist to her soft ass and as soon as I cupped her ass cheeks, it felt heaven. They were so soft and smooth. I could squeeze them forever. I squeezed them hard and She screamed in pain. Her scream turned me on and I bit her naked shoulder. I continued squeezing her soft ass and slowly slid her bra strap with my mouth.
I was itching to feel those soft creamy breasts. I was kneading my neighbour’s hot wife’s naked ass like a dough, slowly enjoying the softness of her smooth sexy ass. I had lowered her right bra and strap and was licking her right neck and shoulder. Then I slowly took out my hands out of her pantie and moved it up slowly up her waist feeling her silky body. Slowly, I went up and cupped her breasts over her bra. Oh god! They were so soft.
My dick was hard and just rubbed her ass and squeezed those soft boobs. She was a sexy lady. I went just crazy feeling her breasts and bit her neck hard. She moaned in pain and squeezed her breasts harder. I now lifted her and threw her on the bed.
I just stood and admired the young sexy lady with a hot beautiful body lying on my bed now. I knew I was going to enjoy this babe.
I went out and had three more shots and came back. I took off my t-shirt and slowly got on top of her. I lay beside her and inserted my hand inside her pantie and felt her soft pussy. It was wet and I let my fingers get wet. Then I took out my fingers and licked them. Her pussy juice was sweet.
I got on top of her and started sucking her lips. Her lips were so soft and juicy that I just sucked them for at least 10-15 minutes. I was slowly squeezing her soft breasts and sucking her tongue and licking her saliva. As soon as I squeezed her boobs harder, She moaned and bit her lower lips. I immediately pulled her bra and threw it away.
She was looking at me, her eyes were so sexy. A young sexy lady topless and in a black pantie lying and moaning. I bent and took out my tongue and licked her right nipple. She closed her eyes and I knew she was enjoying. I started sucking her pink soft nipples and slowly took her entire boob in my mouth and started sucking like crazy. It was soft, smooth and juicy. She held my head and pressed it harder against her breast.
I now started squeezing her other boob and was biting her other really hard. She moaned and asked me to go slow, but her pain was making me more horny! I didn’t want to fuck my neighbour’s wife so quick. I wanted her to realize what had happened and see how she reacted.
I continued to suck her breasts and slowly went down and started licking her thighs. They were so white and soft. I just bit there hard. She screamed and I bit her even harder. She tried to stop me but just couldn’t. I tore her pantie and spread her legs and rubbed my face on her wet pussy. Her juices were out and tasted so yummy. I couldn’t believe the sexy bitch was totally under my control.
I inserted my tongue in her pussy and started to lick it. I was rubbing the clit and licking. My neighbour’s drunk wife was moaning a lot and now it became louder. I continued licking her pussy and all of a sudden, my baby squirted her love juice and reached her orgasm. Her body trembled and I just slurped her love juice. I then climbed and hugged her naked body and lied beside her.
Suddenly my door bell rang .
I will narrate who was on my door and what happened afterwards on my next story !

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