How i fucked my lovely aunt

Hello friends, my name is Aditya and I’m 25 years old. I am a resident of Hyderabad, she is very hot hot sexy aunt who lives in our neighborhood and she also works in a private office because she is a divorced woman, she needs her home and to take care her childrens. Had to do a job or else how would his household expenses go? aunts age is 38 years old.

Friends, she has two daughters, out of which the elder daughter is 18 years old and the younger daughter is 14 years old, both of they were studing, the figure size of my aunt is 38-32-38 and in my house when Also, I used to see his beautiful blond face, big size boobs and sloppy ass was very surprised and his elder daughter’s boobs were also very attractive 36-28-34 and she would look very attractive beautiful sexy. was.

Her ass was also very cute because her daughter too was still young, who was very young and very sexy like her mother. Friends, she always used to see that aunt with his sex-filled eyes, but she never paid much attention to these activities of mine and even if she did, she never even opposed me in these things. i Was thinking

One day when I went to meet her at her house, that day she did not go to her job with my good luck and at that time both of her girls had gone out of their house for their studies, so she was completely alone in their house at that time , she was wearing a yellow silk saree, in which she looked very hot, sexy and her blouse was very small in size, out of which her white bulging chest, that beautiful attractive road between her two mountains meant her The depth between the two boobes was also clearly visible, which I was seeing with my eyesight and saw me, she asked me to sit and offeres tea for me and I refused , but She went to make tea for me.
Now I was sitting on his bed in his bedroom and watching TV, then at the same time, a song of his favorite heroine line, whose name of the film was coming from the players, which I was now watching and when she heard the song her favourite song but i immediately, before she came, I changed that channel.

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Now she came to me and asked me to repeat the same song of Rekha again, I put that song and she was happy to hear it and went back and got the tea, she was very happy with that song and I did not even care about them. It is now that she is giving me a cup of tea and I forgot to hold it, maybe deliberately and that hot hot tea fell on my thighs, they saw that she was very nervous that hot hot tea fell on me. My leg was burnt and she was very scared thinking about this and she was very nervous. So he quickly went and brought a glass full of water and put it on my thigh and when she did not find any cloth or handkerchief in her hand, she immediately started cleaning it with the pallu of his sari.

Friends, when she removed her pallu, their boobs were clearly visible to me, who were also pressing down on my knees because of their bending down and due to touching, my cock was completely erect and at the same time, mistake. While cleaning the water with one of his hands started going on my trunk cock, she started cleaning it too and started to clean her boobs by pressing closer to my knees, due to which I could no longer stay and I At the time, i could not control my self immediately i grabbed her boobs and pressed her boobs she shouted loudly ahahah ahahahah , I did a french kiss on their pink lips, my cock was still in the hands of the aunt and both my knees were having fun pressing their boobs continuously and my lips were sucking their lips close. They sucked their lips for eight to ten minutes, and in the meantime, two and four times, they and I bitten each other, that is, licking each other’s spit, which made both my and aunt’s lips completely wet.

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By the time I stopped kissing, she had taken my cock out of my paint. So the aunt grabbed my cock and caressed it with his soft hands and felt it for some time and after that he started sucking the cock with her mouth like a slut and licking like lollipop and I was laughing ahhhhakhhh.

For about 15-20 minutes, she continued to suck my cock with great pleasure and i was also pressing her boobs very hard with both her hands. Now he had started to bite my penis lightly with his teeth, which caused strange movements in my body and I pressed his nipple with a little force due to which a loud scream came out of his mouth and that passion. After coming in and leaving my cock, now I started kissing my lips and cutting it. After a while, she started sucking my cock very loudly in her mouth and after some time, the fountain of my semen got inside her mouth and she was licking my cock with great pleasure. I lay down on the bed and she started undressing me.

After that she started kissing on my whole body, she was still wearing a sari and I took off her blouse and put it on one side, after that her cool bra pink silky bra which also had small holes. She also removed and I slowly stripped her completely and started licking her blond erotic body. I took a piece of ice and started rolling it on her body and I also rubbed ice on her pussy and rubbed it on her pussy. She was screaming ahaahaa hmhmhmaa aahhmmh and was lowering her ass that suddenly slipping and leaving my hand, that piece of ice went into her pussy and she screamed because of her coldness.
I was taking out that piece of ice with my finger, then she started telling me that let me that feel was very good, I left that ice inside her pussy at her request and now I can use her pussy with my tongue Started licking The ice was slowly flowing out of the heat of the pussy by melting it, and along with the snow, the water of his pussy was coming out together, which was licking with great fun. I tasted that the cold water was very fun and now the aunt was screaming loudly madarchod kha jaa uFFF aahah hmm ufffufuf ahha hmmh she screaming loudly madarchod eat my pussy this pussy full of yours and she is pressing my head to her pussy and now I started licking it hard , Started biting her pussy with her teeth.

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Due to that the voice of aunt’s siski too was now much louder and on the other hand both my hands were pressing their 40 size boobs very hard and those boobs had become completely red and milk started coming out of them. , After licking their pussy for some time, she told the day is yours , please come and drink my milk too.

Now I started sucking their boobs very hard, their milk was very tasty too, after sucking their boobs for about 15 minutes and drinking their milk, I started fucking them by sitting in Rockygy style and I started sucking on their ass. I put the cocks in his ass and he screamed very hard because of the pain, IEEE UFFFFFF PLEASE PULL OUT NOW, I am in a lot of pain, but even then I did not get my cock out and jerked them out loud she started giving sounds, after a while the aunt was also having fun and she also started to funnel her ass back and forth. Friends, at that time both my hands were on his ass and cocks were in his ass.

After about ten minutes of banging, I removed the semen of my cock in his ass. After that, I took my cock out, then the aunt started sucking it and licking it with my tongue and I lay on top of the aunt and kept sucking on her lips and also fingering her pussy. After a while we both got up bare and went to the kitchen.

There, both of us drank some juice and milk and then the cylinder kept there in my hand. Seeing him, a mischief broke in my mind and I put him in the aunt’s pussy right there, which went a few inches in his pussy. The aunt told me that this cylinder is very small, so you put your cock in my pussy and I put the aunt down in the kitchen at the same time and I put both feet of the aunt on my shoulder.

After that I put my cock in her pussy and first slowly and after a while, I started jerking hardly, due to which she screamed madder and loudly fuck me ahhhaha ahmmhhhaahmma hahamha hh today you tear my pussy, you Putting my hand in my pussy and pushing me hard, Chod Aahahaah, .

Now I was jerking even more loudly after about eight to ten minutes of banging, I told her that I am going to fall now. she told me that you take him out inside my pussy and at the behest of the aunt, I removed my semen inside his pussy and after that I lay on top of the aunt. Now both me and aunt were feeling a bit tired and lying on top of them, now i started sucking her boobs slowly.

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Friends, after that fuck aunt told me that I am very happy with this fuck of you. aditya, you have made me completely satisfied and after the fuck of that day I went to my house and on the fifth day when I got that chance again, I enjoyed the aunt very tightly from once and then she started telling me. That you have made my heart happy, you know how to fuck me very well and I banged aunty thrice that day, in which she gave me full support, due to which both of us were very happy, after giving many years to Aunty with my cock Had a chance to get fuck and I had got to fuck her raspberry pussy, so now a great need of both of us was fulfilled, due to which she also started being happy and I also started enjoying her by fucking her.

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