How i Fuck my little grand daughter

My father was a big business man. He married four times as circumstances called. he was 35 when his first wife died. He married again but the second wife also died after seven years. I am the son of his second wife. after death of my mom he married a third one, much younger to his age. For mysterious reason she could not cope with my father’s sexual whims as she found him pretty pervert. However she agreed to let my father marry a girl to satisfy his pervert desires. At that time I was 17 while my father’s new wife was just 15-years old. at this time my father’s age was 61. Years passed. My father died two years later in an truck accident. The new bride became widow. She and her parents did not opt for a remarriage for several reasons. She remained in my father’s house.
This, my new mother Nilima was not only younger than me but was pretty sexy as well. As things progressed she was unable to resist her natural sexual desires; so family elders, particularly, womenfolk devised a method to satisfy my new mom’s carnal desires. It was agreed that i should ‘fuck’ her secretly while openly maintaining a mom-son relation. I had really developed a habit to call her ‘mom’, and this progressed well. however in reality she was my more or less a ”wife” or ‘ sex object’ to me. I regularly fucked her without shame or guilt. when the householders found that she is pregnant with my semen, it was decided that i should shift to some other town, and tell the people that she is my wife. for both my and my mom Nilima’s sexual satisfaction we shifted from Kanpur ( U. P. ) to Imphal ( Manipur ).
Now I was both her ‘ son ‘ and ” husband ”. A daughter was born. We christened her name as ” Riyaa’.The next ten years completely changed our behavior and we both transformed from a husband-wife team to another strange phenomenon. For livelihood we chose a profession of dance and drama. My wife Nilima was, as I found, was a good sexy dancer. Similarly I knew to dance in an utter vulgar manner. Our ethos changed and collapsed up side down, as money could pour to us if we succeed in obscene dances and drama for entertainment. Gradually I became a perfect pervert; Not just I but she, that is , my wife or one time mom, also became pervert.
In our obscene program of dances it was usual to dance nude, not in the beginning of the program but later.we engaged a group of boys and girls to take part in the ” Live Show”. while the dance program started at 9 p. m., the ” live Show” was to start at 11:30 p.m. till 1 a.m. in ” Live Show” i and other boys will fuck girls while my wife Nilima will fuck with other males and boys, raw & naked.This was our daily practice and program, a very very popular one.
I remember i first fuck my own daughter, Riyaa, when she was just 10-year old. when she went home she told to her mother Nilima that she enjoyed it much, and she whispered to her years that ” papa should fuck me here in our house and home more frequently.”Thus an incestuous relation developed between me and my daughter with the consent of my wife. ( my former ‘mom’ ).About nine years later a baby girl was born to Riyaa with my semen in her womb.The baby was actually a grand daughter to me.
Now continuing our obscene stage program we two ( Nilima and Riyaa ) enjoyed daily sex fucking on the stage and of the stage. It included normal fucking ( cock into the pussy ) as well as blow job and ass fucking. Nothing was taboo.
years passed and passed; The baby girl of Riyaa has grown as a kid of 9-years; too sexy to tell. I christened her as ” Naumi”. Once when I was fucking Riyaa, it was a Monday afternoon, I thought Naumi must be in the school but it was not. When our fucking session ended she appeared disturbed and told to her mom, Riyaa, if she could be invited next time in this type pf sex pleasure ceremony. I patted her head and said ‘ yes, darling!! why in next session, why not just now!!”
So in front of her mom I hugged her from behind and pull down her mini skirt. i wanted to smell her panty so i poked my nose inside and oh, what a sweet smell, I cried with joy. Following my suggestion her natural mom, Riyaa, was holding her firm but small and soft buttocks, which I began to knead in a gentle way. Suddenly I unzipped my trousers and showed Naumi my hard erected Cock. Then Riyaa removed Naumi’s tops also, and the nine year kid was stark naked before my keen eyes. I myself became stark naked and indeed fingered her little pussy. Riyaa also became stark naked and suggested Naumi to suck my Cock just like a lollipop.I was curios to know if i could actually insert my cock inside Naumi’s little tender pussy. Riyaa tried to widen the gap of her lil pussy with her hands, and at least once my cock head touched Naumis widened pussy hole. with this ceremony i also caress her little ass, so smooth, round, soft, and firm.

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