How i became Teacher’s Pet

I was like anybody else, a healthy 17 year old. There was nothing awe inspiring about me. I was 5’2, outgoing, had a big social circle of friends who adored me, had a loving home, a good education and cute looks. With my soft caramel skin, pink full lips, long black hair that reached my waist, my tiny hips and luscious supple breasts, I wasn’t the most gorgeous being around, but I could still turn quite a few heads. Back then, I had a tutor. He was a plump looking old gentleman, 5’8, 42 years of age who home tutored mathematics to a few freshmen in college. He lived with wife and twin kids. I had been studying under him for two years by that point. He was a very nice and friendly guy. He’d properly praise students for doing a good job and would help those who lagged behind in studies. A pat on the head, a pat on the back , an occasional half hug was very normal to him and his students. He would lean over his students while he taught maths. Noone ever thought anything of it. He never touched anyone inappropriately and never glanced at anyone in a perverse way.So when he leaned over me and showed me the maths I had done wrong, it was nothing abnormal. Over the course of the year my grades had improved tremendously, there was nothing to complain about. Occasionally when he would lean over, take the pen from my hand and show me how to do a math correctly, the cap of the pen or the knuckle of his thumb would accidentally brush over my underside of my breasts. It happened only a few times and he showed no indication of ever noticing. It was a day duing the beginning of monsoon season. I was suddenly caught by a late evening shower on my walk to his house for my tuition classes. School had just ended for the day. The weather had not forcasted any news of rain for the day so I did not carry any umbrella with me. I arrived at his door, soaked down to my bones and shivering. I hurriedly rang the doorbell to be let into the warmth of his home. Waiting for the door to open, I saw his neighbour in the next building hurriedly unlock his own door to get inside. The poor soul looked half a decade older than me and like a drowned rat, he had been caught in the rain just like me. The door infront of me creaked open, revealing Sir . It was unusual for him to come to the door, his wife always did that.He took one look at me and quickly ushured me inside. He disappeared into his room while I stood inside his living room, cold and shivering, dripping from head to toe. He came back with a towel in hand and suggested I change into some of his wife’s clothes before I caught a nasty cold. He informed me how his wife and his kids had gone over to his mother-in-laws place for about a month for their kids’ school vacation. He had stayed behind for his students and he assured me his wife wouldn’t mind me borrowing her clothes. I say no reason to say no. I put down my bag (waterproof, thank heavens) on the living room floor and went inside the bedroom to change.Sir followed in behind me and headed to the dresser. He found a white selwar kamiz for me and laid out on the bed. He looked at me up and down with a small smile playing on his lips.”Here, change into this quickly, you look cold””Thank you” I whispered as I wiped my hair with the towel.”Besides” He said while he moved towards the door, “Its a good thing that its after sundown so noone could see you look like that. Now, change quickly, I’ll be waiting for you in the study room.”I looked down to find my white shirt sticking to every curve of my body like a glove, hugging my breasts as beads of water rolled down my chest towards my fully visible maroon bra. The rich color made a beautiful contrast against my exposed skin. The rain had made my shirt completely translucent. I blushed hard as Sir walked out of the room.I locked the door and started changing. To my dismay, my bra and panty were soaked through by the rain. I had no choice but to leave them to dry with the rest of my clothes. I peeled them off my body one by one and doned on his wife’s clothes. The selwar and orna was fit perfectly but the kamiz was two sizes too big for me. It rolled off half my shoulder. I sighed and draped the orna over my chest. Beggars couldn’t be choosers. I changed and hurried towards the study room, grabbing my bag on the way.Taking a seat, I took out the study materials and started to solve some maths. Sir leaned against a wall infornt of me while he watched me study. I looked up and found his eyes burning into mine. With a start, I realized he wasn’t looking at my face at all. I followed his gaze and looked down to see where his eyes led. The loose kamiz’s neckline and orna had slipped down to reveal the curve of my left breast and the nipple was slightly peeking out. The nub was swollen and pebbled from the cold. I swiftly pulled my kamiz upwards, blocking the view and covering up with the orna. My face turned red from embarrassment and I dared not look up at his face.A few minutes passed as I kept doing my maths. As usual, when I was stuck with a sum, Sir leaned over my back and started to show me how to solve it. My body became aware of his presence due to the incident a while ago. I has caught him staring at my exposed chest. Suddenly the lid of his pen brushed lazily against my nipple. I froze. Without a bra in the way, the touch felt too intimate , too exposed. I tried to scoot back a little but my chair was trapped between Sir’s front and the table. He didn’t seem to notice at all. He kept explaining the maths as normal.I felt another brush of his pen against my breasts, only this time it kept happening everytime he wrote the maths down. The pen’s tip slid against the paper while the edge kept brushing over my nipple with every number. Goosebumps appeared all over my body. The sharp cap kept poking at my nipple, making my body feel strange. I angled away a bit, hoping the sensation would stop.In doing so, I had moved in such a way that his entire hand now was pressed snugly againt the right side of my breast. I sat rigid as Sir slowly but surly pressed his hand even closer into my side as he wrote the maths on my notebook. A shiver worked its way up my spine as I sat there shocked and scared. He was doing this on purpose. Even over cloths, his big burly hand felt scandling against my cold body. Yet, I did not shove his hand away.With a start, I realized that the sensation felt good to me. Yes it was very scary and unexpected but deep down, I was enjoying my tutor so subtly touching my young body. I had only ever been with my ex boyfriend before this and it shocked me that even something as simple as a half touch by the older man was starting to make me feel hot.I leaned heavily forward, placing the weight on my entire right breast on his hand. The pen slipped from his hand as his fingers lay trapped between my tit and my notebook. My heart tried to thud out of my chest. I had never done anything so crazy, so bold in my life, I had never imagined I would make a move like that to a teacher who was 25 years older than me.His hand moved, palm turned upwards and grabbed a handful of my breast. A tiny gasp escaped me. His big fat hand began to steadily massage my breast , slowly pumping it. My breathe hitched as his other hand joined in the fun. There I sat in a chair, which my math tutor standing behind me with his hands kneading my plump rounded chest. I felt one of his hairy arm slip inside the kamiz through the huge neckline. I moaned as he pinched my nipple between his thick stubby fingers while his other hand discarded the orna from my neck. His clutch became harder and rougher with each pump. I threw my head back and moaned throatily as his other hand joined the first. With my ample breasts in his aging hand, he pinched both my nipples and pulled at them, hard. My pebbled nubs grew hot from pain as electrifying pleasure shot down my spine. My hands flew upto my chest, moans spilling from my soft lips, as I grabbed at his hands which kept squeezing my breasts with varying rhythm.The stout hands pulled back leaving my breasts aching and raw. I turn back at him, eyes heavylided from pleasure. His hands suddenly started to manhandling me, pulling me up from my seat and towards him. I stood facing him, eyes hooded, cheeks red from a blush, lips parted and one of my breasts haging out the neckline of his wife’s dress. Sir roughly grabbed my waist with one hand and grabbed a fistful of my wet hair by another. Aggressively he brought his mouth down on mine, open mouthed and hungry. His slimy tongue forced its way between my plumpy soft lips taking advantage of my surprised gasp. His thick stubble roughly slid againt my face as he shoved his long slippery tongue deeper down my throat. Heat pooled between my shaking legs as brutish lips roughly devoured my mouth. Burly hands groped my delicate ass and squeezed. I moaned wantonly into his mouth, pushing my body flush against his chubby old beer belly. Big hands quickly made work of his wife’s kamiz, tearing it off my small frame, pulling it over my head. I stood infornt of Sir trembling and gasping for air. His sharp hungry eyes roamed my petiet body, as if devouring me with his eyes alone. I looked up at him dazed and horny and scared out of my wits.A devilish smile overtook his face as he said.”Get on the desk, child”I quickly scrambled up to the table and sat with my legs hanging off the sides. He trudged towards me, taking off his shirt and pant in the process. He stood against the side of the table in his boxers, standing between my open legs. He pulled me by my waist flush agaist his throbbing clothed erection. It felt like a hot rod against my throbbing pussy as I threw my head back and moaned. His mouth descended on my neck kissing and biting downwards. My hands grabbed their way into his receding hair. I pulled his mouth closer to my famished body, unknowingly half starved for the touch of a much older man. And I had found it. With Sir. Right here.He sucked and bit into my tender skin mouthing words as he went. My body grew hotter with his whispers inbetween bites.”So soft…””….so warm””…Sinful””Delicious….””So fucking young…….”I moaned and rocked againt his hard cock while he finally took my nipple into his mouth. And sucked. Hard. I saw stars and my body tried to bring Sir closer, harder….deeper. His mouth sucked on my swollen nipples like a baby starved for milk. My senseless moans turned into a sharp cry of pleasure as he suddenly bit my hardened nub. Heady pleasure overtook me as pain and pleasure shot through my body. I began to beg him for “more” “harder” and “please please….. Please!!!”He undid the fastnings of my selwar as he sucked and bit my skin; now marred with lovebites. He sharply pulled it off my legs and sat face to face with my dripping wet pussy. I had forgotten that I was not wearing a panty ,that it was in his room drying as we did this sinful act.He smiled at me from between my legs. “Its like a wild river down here, look it’s even soaking the table”I bit my lips as I sat there exposed and trembling.”I forgot what a young pussy looks like, you look drenched in your sweet juices”I groaned. His words were making me twitch down there. Heat flowed in my body, trying to escape through the throbbing between my legs.”…….please!” I begged. Half sobbing.”You have to use your words child. What do you want?” Sir grinned kneeling between my legs.”Please….touch me….”He placed an open mouth kiss on my inner thigh. His tongue lapping at the delicate skin. His thick stubble burning sinfully against my flesh.”Nooo…! Please ….please ….aaaaaah not there””All you have to do is …..ask” He lighty blew air against my throbbing hole.”P-p-pussy! Pussy, please please just touch my pussy!!” I cried, gripping the desk with white knuckles.He laughed.”What a little whore you are, begging for an old man’s hands.”He took his beefy middle finger and delicately ran it over my trembling wetness. I sobbed for some contact. Snatching his hand I roughly pushed his thick finger inside my dripping wetness. It slipped inside. My whole body trembled as Sir gasped at my boldness. It had slipped in without any effort. He suddenly twisted his finger in, knuckle deep. I moaned as my wanton hole clenched around his digit. He quickly pushed in two more of his fat fingers inside. I screamed at his roughness, his fingers filling and stretching me like nothing ever before. The burn made me rock againt his intruding digits as he pumped them in and out vulagrly. I was being fingered by a man my dad’s age. The fleeting thought made my blood boil as I sobbed for more.”Look at yourself, watch your greedy little hole swallow up my fingers. Been so long since I’ve fucked such a tight little young pussy.” Gasping with my head thrown back , I rocked to the rhythm of his probing digits harder. His hands now dripping from my juices.”Aaaaah….so deeeeep!” I moaned out.My eyes flew open as I felt Sir’s tongue push apart the hood of my pussy. Lips surrounding prickly moustache dove in and sucked my little clitoris. The sensational send my body into overdrive as I rode his fingers screaming from pleasure. Slurping sounds filled my ears.Over stimulating pain and pleasure sent me into a frenzy of hot lust. I raised my head moaning and crying, towards the window right infront of me. My blood chilled as I saw the neighbour next door stood watching Sir knuckle and face deep in my pussy. He was the one I saw entering his house in the rain.He had a clear view of my legs spread wide open as I accepted this man atleast two decades older, this guy with a wife and kids, as he worshipped me between my legs. And I begged for more . My eyes took in the complete scene as I noticed the neighbour had a hand steadily pumping his own thick cock, now swollen and steadily leaking pre cum. The fire in my veins burned with a vengence. This guy was getting off watcing my elderly teacher eating my teen pussy.With a loud moan, I came with my teacher’s fingers and mouth working me as the guy next door jacked off to the scene.Sir stood up, licking off my juices from his broad fingers. He took off his underwear and positioned his cock against my waiting entrance. “Mmmh wait” I stopped him with my fingers against my chest. “Lie down on this desk….I wanna ride you”Sir grinned impishly as he laid down on the desk and I crawled over him. I assured him he didn’t need a condom coz I was on my “safe day”. He agreed. All too aware of the neighbour watching, I climbled on top of the man and slowly rubbed the head of his fat cock againt my slopping hole.I slipped the head of the cock inside, groaning at the stretch. Sir moaned and steadied me with his hands on my wist. Slowly but surely , inch by inch I took Sir’s dripping wet cock inside,my walls clenching at the intrusion.With no time to lose, I sat on it, forcing the whole thing inside. A scream ripped from my lips at the fullness inside me. My entire belly felt full. Sir slowly began to rock his hips as I panted on his lap, his big hands began to massage my breats to relax me further. After a minute, I began to slowly bounce up and down, building up speed and rhythm as I went. Sir’s hips pistoned upwards as I began to ride him in a wild frenzy. Moans and pants filled the air, my tits bouncing up and down from the steady fucking. I peeked over and saw the neighbour watching transfixed while his own hand picked up speed.Everything turned into a haze of pleasure after that point. Sir had taken me in various positions on the desk. He let me ride him, then flipped me over and rode me. Missionary style, he kept plunging his thick hot shaft into me as I turned into a moaning sobbing mess.He whispered praises into my ear about how much of a good girl I was, how my young little pussy was so much more delicious and wetter than his wife’s ever had been. How tight I was unlike his wife who had turned loose after birth. He kept praising my youthful curves and my supple juicy body while he took me from behind, me on all fours, in vicious Rockygy syle.The air filled with the sounds of skin slapping against skin, my wanton moans , Sir’s low groans and the steady creaking of the desk as it lightly kept raining outside.I gasped as thick hot liquid poured into me , filling my insides with the old man’s cum. The heat filled my belly as he kept pumping in and out, riding out the rest of his orgasm inside my tight hole. He reached down and began to pinch my clit with his every thrust. Soon I followed his climax as I came for the second time that night.I lay there exhausted beyond belief, my brain trying to process the entire event. I looked at the window to find the neighbour cleaning himself with a tissue. I smiled.I had gotten two men off tonight with a body of mine which has such little sexual experience. My ex boyfriend was the first man I had ever been with and he had only fucked me twice. Barely And it had never been as intense or filthy as this experience. The whole layer of forbidden rules just made the experience that much hotter.A phone’s ringtone cut off my thought abruptly. It was my phone. I scrambled towards it, terrified by the clock that read it was 9pm. An hour later than I should have been home!
It was my mom at the other end of the phone.I picked up the call trying to stammer out a believable excuse. She sounded angry. Suddenly the phone was yanked out of my hands. Sir was speaking to mom for me.”Good Evening Ma’am. Yes yes your daughter is still at my house. You see there is a raging storm outside, she and 3 of my other students are stuck inside my house. Oh but don’t worry, my wife is more than happy to cook for them and let them stay tonight. My twins are excited to have more playmates for the night. Hope that’s ok. It really is impossible for anyone to leave in this storm.”I sat there dumbfounded as I wintessed Sir convince my mother to let me spend the night at his place. Right after he had fucked me bareback minutes ago.”And don’t worry madam” He said as he slipped his index inside my still dripping, cum filled hole, “I’ll take very good care of you daughter, as if she were my own.”My dark shiver ran up my spine at his filthy words. His finger began to squelch as he shoved it deeper into my pussy. My insides began to grow hot again. “Yes of course. She has a class with me tomorrow after school as well. She’ll be back home by tomorrow evening, safe and sound.”My eyes went wide at his words. There would be no going to school tomorrow, I knew. He planned to fuck me well into tomorrow evening. My insides screamed with disbelieve and happiness at the thought. Sir pulled his meaty finger out with a slight pop. “Good night Madam”. He ended the call as he looked into my eyes while he put his cum coated finger into his own mouth for a taste. A finger with both our cum intermixed. I jumped onto his lap, attacking his lips with mine while I guided his bulky rough hands towards my sore red breasts.With the rest of the whole night ahead of us, I had failed to imagine the more filthy sinful things Sir was about to do to me.But that is the story for another time.

By :Red Butterfly

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