How I became interested in incest

Since I was growing up fast, my mom wanted me to sleep in a separate bedroom, like my elder brother. However, I insisted to sleep with my parents even when I was in my fifth grade. Since daddy loved me a lot and I was emotionally attached with him, he always supported me and directed my mom to let me sleep with them. My mom, therefore, placed a mattress at the carpet and allowed me to sleep beside their bed. I was noticing that they wanted me to sleep quickly and at times even snubbed me for being still awake, as they pretended to sleep early. To avoid mom’s frustration, I started to act as if I was fast asleep soon after lying on the mattress. However, I started becoming curious as to why mom and daddy always wriggled so much in the bed and mumbled a lot before sleeping. However I could not understand except a few words uttered by my mom like “fuck me more, fuck me more, honey fuck me harder” and daddy’s growl like “Ooh,Ooooh, Umh, Aaah; I will rip your pussy apart my lovely hot bitch; Ooh, Ahh, I am cuming”. And then they would start rocking like machines with even louder moans. On one such night, when our room was fairly lit up with moon light entering through the large window pane, I saw something amazing happening on their bed. I was towards window in the dark and the light was directly hitting the bed. Mom was on her knees with her round plump ass cheeks lifted up and her face buried in the pillow. I was amazed to see mom’s shining ass cheeks with her pussy lips protruding behind. Daddy sat on the floor next to my mattress with his naked ass toward me. He parted my mom’s legs holding her knees, buried his mouth in-between and both started moaning and wriggling. I didn’t know what daddy was doing in her legs but I liked the way my mom had lifted her plump ass and the way her pussy was protruding below her ass cheeks. They changed several positions with their mouths always buried in each other’s legs and kept moaning; until daddy slept on mom’s belly, digging his crotch between her thighs with her legs wide open.

I kept spying my parents and concluded that my daddy liked to watch mom’s ass as he loved her. One day when mom was taking shower, I was sitting in daddy’s lap and watching a war movie. I saw a soldier pulling her trousers down and showing his ass to his enemies, not knowing that he was insulting them. I instantly giggled and I don’t know why all of a sudden, I pulled my shorts down, came on my knees and lifted my ass exactly in front of my daddy. Daddy was surprised to see my naked ass and told me calmly; not to do it again as it was bad. At that time I didn’t understand why it was bad; as he always watched mom’s ass at night and did something good between her legs which my mom happy. By the time I moved to sixth grade, I had known very well about mom’s pleasure as I had seen daddy licking mom’s pussy and entering his long cock in her holes. Seeing them doing all that I tried to emulated. When I fondled my pussy and ass holes for the first time; I felt thrilled and wanted to do the same every night. That became my regular practice before sleeping and I started enjoying it. However, the way mom lifted her ass cheeks and demonstrated her pussy lips from the rear; always looked impressive and intrigued me. One afternoon, Mom and I were having a siesta and daddy went to computer room. I didn’t want to sleep and followed my daddy quietly. As I entered the computer room, I saw my daddy watching the pictures of some naked women lifting their asses up and eating men’s throbbing boner. I kept watching quietly, knowing well that my daddy liked it. I came out quietly, went to the bathroom and rubbed my pussy and ass with my hands which felt amazing.

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