How I became interested in incest

Since I was growing up fast, my mom wanted me to sleep in a separate bedroom, like my elder brother. However, I insisted to sleep with my parents even when I was in my fifth grade. Since daddy loved me a lot and I was emotionally attached with him, he always supported me and directed my mom to let me sleep with them. My mom, therefore, placed a mattress at the carpet and allowed me to sleep beside their bed. I was noticing that they wanted me to sleep quickly and at times even snubbed me for being still awake, as they pretended to sleep early. To avoid mom’s frustration, I started to act as if I was fast asleep soon after lying on the mattress. However, I started becoming curious as to why mom and daddy always wriggled so much in the bed and mumbled a lot before sleeping. However I could not understand except a few words uttered by my mom like “fuck me more, fuck me more, honey fuck me harder” and daddy’s growl like “Ooh,Ooooh, Umh, Aaah; I will rip your pussy apart my lovely hot bitch; Ooh, Ahh, I am cuming”. And then they would start rocking like machines with even louder moans. On one such night, when our room was fairly lit up with moon light entering through the large window pane, I saw something amazing happening on their bed. I was towards window in the dark and the light was directly hitting the bed. Mom was on her knees with her round plump ass cheeks lifted up and her face buried in the pillow. I was amazed to see mom’s shining ass cheeks with her pussy lips protruding behind. Daddy sat on the floor next to my mattress with his naked ass toward me. He parted my mom’s legs holding her knees, buried his mouth in-between and both started moaning and wriggling. I didn’t know what daddy was doing in her legs but I liked the way my mom had lifted her plump ass and the way her pussy was protruding below her ass cheeks. They changed several positions with their mouths always buried in each other’s legs and kept moaning; until daddy slept on mom’s belly, digging his crotch between her thighs with her legs wide open.

I kept spying my parents and concluded that my daddy liked to watch mom’s ass as he loved her. One day when mom was taking shower, I was sitting in daddy’s lap and watching a war movie. I saw a soldier pulling her trousers down and showing his ass to his enemies, not knowing that he was insulting them. I instantly giggled and I don’t know why all of a sudden, I pulled my shorts down, came on my knees and lifted my ass exactly in front of my daddy. Daddy was surprised to see my naked ass and told me calmly; not to do it again as it was bad. At that time I didn’t understand why it was bad; as he always watched mom’s ass at night and did something good between her legs which my mom happy. By the time I moved to sixth grade, I had known very well about mom’s pleasure as I had seen daddy licking mom’s pussy and entering his long cock in her holes. Seeing them doing all that I tried to emulated. When I fondled my pussy and ass holes for the first time; I felt thrilled and wanted to do the same every night. That became my regular practice before sleeping and I started enjoying it. However, the way mom lifted her ass cheeks and demonstrated her pussy lips from the rear; always looked impressive and intrigued me. One afternoon, Mom and I were having a siesta and daddy went to computer room. I didn’t want to sleep and followed my daddy quietly. As I entered the computer room, I saw my daddy watching the pictures of some naked women lifting their asses up and eating men’s throbbing boner. I kept watching quietly, knowing well that my daddy liked it. I came out quietly, went to the bathroom and rubbed my pussy and ass with my hands which felt amazing.

One day my mom was in the kitchen and I was with daddy in the computer room. Daddy was watching mail when few pictures of naked women popped up. Daddy felt embarrassed blaming the computer viruses and switched it off instantly. I don’t know why I again immediately rolled my shorts down; lifted my skirt up, came on my knees and showed my ass to my daddy. Daddy watched me naked for some time and then told me that it was not good as I was still very young. I kept my ass cheeks naked and he got confused. Meanwhile, I heard my mom calling us for lunch. Daddy quickly pulled my shorts up and told me softly not to ever do it in front of my mom. I was happy that he was not annoyed with me and only warned me not to do it in front of mom. During next few years, I kept doing it whenever I got an opportunity and daddy always stroked my buttocks mildly while sometime lightly touching my pussy lips with his fingers. However, he didn’t please me the way he pleased my mom. The time passed quickly and I entered in my teens. By the time I was in grade eighth, my body had developed very attractive curves. Since I was on plus side of weight, my round buttocks looked ample and my firm breasts with hard pink tits plump. Mom praised my figures, claiming it to be her genes. One day when mom had gone to market and I was in the computer room with my daddy, again a few naked women with busty melons and ample ass cheeks popped up. I instantly laughed, pulled my shorts down my knees and lifted my ass in front of my daddy almost touching his mouth as he was sitting in the chair.

I don’t blame my daddy for what happened that afternoon. He rolled his hand at my ass cheeks gently and softly touched my pussy. “Don’t do it like this baby, otherwise somebody will enter something here” he said clutching my pussy lips with his finger and thumb and I hissed with pleasure. He rolled his finger down my ass crack and touched my clit. I moaned and wanted him to continue. He gently opened my pussy lips and rolled his moist finger in my slit. He came on the floor on his knees, parted my legs and placed his tongue at my pussy. My goodness, I was delighted with stimulation and wanted him to eat me with passion. Suddenly all the roads to heavens got blocked as we heard the door bell. Mom had arrived from the market. “I don’t mind you doing it in front of me or fondling your hot pussy in your room, but never do it in front of your mom” daddy told me with his pounding heartbeat. I lifted my shorts up and calmly went down to receive mom. The touch of my daddy’s warm hand at my ass cheeks and his wet finger at my pussy felt amazing and I always wanted him to do it. Same night, daddy as usual sat on the floor next to my mattress with his naked ass toward me. He parted my mom’s legs while holding her knees, buried his mouth in-between and both started moaning and squirming. I knew he was eating mom’s pussy and I felt a twitch in my hot slit and my clit stiffened. I was wearing panties and mini skirt. I intentionally moved my naked leg and touched my knees with my daddy’s naked ass. Daddy’s body fumbled with surprise. He looked back and gently moved her ass little away. He was eating my mom’s pussy with a passion as I heard my mom moaning with ecstasy. I snored lightly giving an impression of being in deep slumber and moved closer to my daddy by changing my side. While shuffling my position, I placed my hand under his buttocks, while touching his naked ass with the back of my hand. Daddy looked back to see if I was awake or asleep, while continuously fingering mom’s pussy and tried to remove my hand. He couldn’t see my eyes as I was in the dark. I kept mum but when he held my hand to pull it away, I intentionally pulled it upwardly while touching his balls and the base of his shaft. “My goodness, it’s so hot” I spoke in my heart.

After a few seconds I again inserted my hand under daddy’s buttocks. This time I was closer to him and inserted my arm under his ass up to my elbow. My hand reached directly under his balls. I felt a shiver down my spines, when his swooping balls touched my palm and the round head of his dangling cock plugged in the niche between my thumb and middle fingers. I felt my fingers wet with the droplets of his cock and my whole body wobbled with incredible delight. Daddy looked back and held my hand gently. I got scared but instead of pushing my hand away he lifted it up; gave his throbbing boner in my hand and squeezed it gently while pressing my hands. He lowered his ass a bit and I felt his pouncing balls resting and twitching uninterruptedly at my palm. Mom’s moans suddenly increased. “Ohh honey, you are real kinky today” she moaned. “Yes, yes this is what I always wanted, yeah this is the way; yes lick my sphincter, yeah eat my rectum, Ooh, Ooh, yaaaaah, lick my anus, Oh lord, eat my both holes, Ooooh, enter your finger deeper” Mom was moaning continuously with eternal delight and bliss. “Uoooooooooooh, Aaaaaaaaah, you are so gooooooood today” she screamed with pleasure. Daddy had always moaned softly but that night he also started moaning loudly as he was hotter than before. Mom was in a blissful world and daddy wanted to keep mom hot and not let her squirt easily as he was enjoying the grip of my hand around his hard meat.

He opened his legs and pressed his cock in my hand. He turned a bit and started massaging my naked legs with one hand while engaging mom with his tongue and the other hand. Soon his hand reached my belly and then further up touching my melons. He started fondling and kneading my busty breasts and pinched my tits gently. I could hardly control my whimper. Mom changed her position and came on her back with legs wide open and told my daddy to ride on her pussy. I felt sad as daddy would go away from me on his bed for making love with my mom. “They will soon squirt and go to sleep and I will have to wait for tomorrow to see the show and feel daddy’s finger at my melons”. I thought with disappointment. “I will fuck your ass today” daddy said. “Really; what a change, you never wanted to fuck my asshole before” Mom replied with surprise and started turning on her favorite Rockygy position. I also wanted to see her ass cheeks and her rear hole being fucked with a throbbing cock. But daddy perhaps had something different in mind. “I don’t want to make you tired, stay as you are; I will fuck your rear heaven and pussy hole throughout this night without aching your thigh muscles.” Daddy replied with love while pulling mom at the edge of the bed towards my side. I didn’t know why; as they always remained a little away on the other side of the bed particularly while making love. Perhaps he wanted to show me the feat. He bent mom’s legs folding her knees, lifted her ass cheeks a bit up and started entering his throbbing cock in mom’s wet and slippery anus. I had heard mom asking daddy to fuck her anus several times. Daddy had licked her anus but never actually entered his penis inside. I didn’t know why he decided to fill mom’s anus that night. I know mom is a passionate love maker in the bed. She as usual might have closed her eyes and I could hear her delightful moans.

While gently pumping mom’s anus, I noticed daddy looking towards me intermittently. Then I saw him stretching his hand towards me. Since I was a little away from the bed, he pulled mom a little more towards the edge and placed his hand at my belly. He tried to roll my body towards him while placing his hand at my midriff. I rolled my side and came on the edge of the mattress. He stated massaging my legs from inner side. It created a stir in my body. He further pulled me from my leg. I lifted my ass and slipped on the edge of mattress rolling my side with my ass cheeks up. I had come at my belly with left leg wide open at the floor and my ass cheeks fairly parted. He started fondling my ass cheeks and inserted his fingers in my ass crack down to my labia from the side of my shorts. His finger became moist with my dripping juice. While fucking mom’s anal hole, and moaning loudly; he lubricated his finger with his saliva and inserted in my legs. I lifted my ass a bit up, giving my daddy easy access to reach my treasure. He rubbed his finger gently at my slit and pinched my clit. It sent a shockwave down my spines and my pussy started dripping. He made his finger wet time and again and finally it starting entering in my love hole. I felt pain in my pussy as if some needle had hurt and pricked my entrance. I clenched my teeth to control my pain. Daddy perhaps could understand my pain, pulled his finger out and started gently rubbing my labia. My pussy was soaked with some fluid but his passionate fondling and gentle rubbing on my pussy petals made my pussy pulsating. He reentered his wet finger in my slit and it started slipping in easily. I was in seven heavens as he started stroking my pussy with his finger. He entered two fingers in my pussy and I felt even more thrilling. “Someday I will fuck you very hard” daddy growled loudly. “Fuck me hard now honey; fuck me hard daily” mom replied moaning blissfully. Although; I knew daddy was hinting at me as his fingers were probing my pussy continuously and he dug them deep in my love canal while uttering these words. Suddenly I felt my whole body shuddering with pleasure. I was gasping hard and reached my climax. I felt my pussy squirm and gallons of juice gushing out of the opening of my cunt at my daddy’s hand. I had experienced the first but most violent orgasm of my life since my road to adultery.

Daddy must have felt the splash of my gushing floods and pulled his wet fingers out of my cunt and my shorts. He pulled his cock out of mom’s anus, applied my juice at his cock and buried it in mom’s pussy. He kept fucking her for hours but I turned my face other way and went to sleep. In the morning I felt stains of blood at my shorts and inner thigh. I knew that my hymen was broken and I had lost my virginity. Next day, initially daddy tried to evade me but then he became normal. In the afternoon, when mom was having siesta, I followed daddy and went to the computer room. He was doing some work. I exchanged hello and I sat in the other chair. “Want to do some work”? He asked me. “Yes” I giggled aloud, pulled my pajamas down, lifted my shirt up and instantly came on my knees. In seconds, my round and ample ass was absolutely naked in front of my daddy. Daddy immediately got up from the chair, rolled his hand around my entire ass cheeks quickly while watching downstairs. “Please don’t do it doll; otherwise someone will punish you hard here” He touched my pussy from the rear and spoke softly with his heart gasping hard. I liked his touch and rather lifted my buttocks a little up; while giving him a meek smile. He massaged my pussy lips with one hand and started opening his fly with the other. Soon his nine inch long penis was throbbing in his hand. He applied his saliva at the round head of his boneless shaft and directed his cock at the entrance of my vagina.

“Please cover your sexy heavens or else I will punish your cheeks with my stick”. He whispered while spanking my cervix with his cock. “I know you won’t punish me because you love me” I giggled and lifted my ass cheeks while parting my legs and revealing my pussy like my mom. Daddy rubbed his cock at my clit and pussy slit and it caused a chill in my body. “Come on, let’s go down now, if you show me this again I will really punish your pussy hard by entering something here.” Daddy whispered while touching my pussy and showing me his throbbing boner but quickly covered it. However, we got up and daddy all of a sudden pulled me towards him. He clenched me with his arms passionately; giving the touch of his hardness at my crotch and crushed my busty melons with his hug. He pouted his mouth and planted a passionate kiss at my lips. In turn, I quietly opened my mouth and he inserted his tongue in my mouth. He started exploring my mouth and eating my tongue passionately. Soon we went down and started watching a movie with mom. The clock kept ticking and nights kept passing. Our routine remained the same. Daddy would finger fuck me every night while fucking my mom and hug and kiss me wildly whenever, mom was sleeping or she was in the kitchen. However, he never broke the sanctity of father and daughter relationship. He told me that incest is not endorsed anywhere in the world, otherwise he would have fucked me deep down my uterus. By that time, I had reached my secondary level school and my body had developed into fairly seductive figures, capable of making my classmates cum in their underwear.

And then the lady luck came on our side. I was on summer vacations. My mom told me that my grand mom was not feeling well. As a result, she would have to go there and look after her for a week or so. My mom told my daddy that he should daily come home early from office and take care of me. On the very first night of mom’s absence, daddy spread my mattress and we reclined for sleeping. Daddy played a movie on the television and started watching it. “Daddy; Can I come on the bed” I asked hesitantly. He nodded positively, making space with him. I jumped into the bed and covered myself up to my midriffs in the blanket due to the chill of air conditioner. Both of us were in shorts as usual. Daddy’s naked legs touched my naked thighs and it sent a shockwave down my spines. The mere thought of being alone with daddy in the bed, made my pussy moist. Soon we got bored. “Let’s sleep” Daddy slipped in the blanket with his back towards me and switched off the television. I kept reclining with the backrest of bed, thinking whether I should sleep on the mattress and remain on the bed. “Why don’t you cover yourself and sleep honey” Daddy said softly while switching the night bulb also. That was an indication that I could sleep there, otherwise he would have left the light on. I quietly slipped in. I clenched daddy from the rear, clamping my arms around his midriff. “If you show me that thing today; I will really punish you hard” He turned his face towards me and whispered in my ear. “The way I told you, that day” he further added with a cheeky smile. “You know your mom is not around, so don’t do anything” He again murmured instigating me. “I know you are only threatening me and won’t do anything” I said with a cheeky smile, threw the blanket away and came out of it. I lowered my shorts, lifted my skirt, came on my knees and raised my naked ass cheeks towards his face.

Daddy could not resist it and he too came out of the blanket and positioned himself straight behind me. “You deserve a big punishment today; my beautiful little doll” He murmured while parting my legs and placed his mouth at my pussy. He didn’t do any role playing or finger fucking and instead started eating my pussy ferociously. I had never thought that it would be so amazing. His saliva was drooling between my legs. He opened my petals with his thumbs and inserted his fleshy tongue deep inside my cunt. My goodness, he was too wild. He rolled his wet tongue all along my ass crack, licking my rectum and pussy with one long stroke. He bit my clit with his lips and pulled it like a rubber string. “Ooh daddy, Uuuuuuh, Ahhhhhhh, please daddy, I love you” I moaned loudly. Daddy kept eating and squishing my dripping cunt. “I will punish your lovely hole with my hard penis” he said while showing me his throbbing boner and again started eating my pussy with passion and true love for his daughter. I felt a hard spasm in my body and my pussy convulsed strongly. I pushed my ass cheeks against my daddy’s face and felt his nose plugged in my ass crack. I moaned loudly with delight and squirted my love load in daddy’s mouth. He squashed my melons hard and gulped every drop of my love. I kept my pussy twitching unless every drop of my juice trickled in my daddy’s pouted mouth. He kept squishing and eating my pussy with long stokes of his fleshy tongue until my pussy started hopping up and down.

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