How I Became a Milk Cow

This is the story of how I, Anna, became a human milk cow. It all started when I lost my job as an English teacher in Japan.
After falling in love with the culture and language of Japan I decided to forsake everything in my old country of Sweden and move to Japan permanently. I managed to get a job as an English teacher in order to pay the ridiculously high rent in my part of Tokyo. I was only 28 years old but looked more like 18. Everything was fine until I lost that job. How did I lose it? It all has to do with my good looks.
I’m a very attractive woman and I could easily be a playboy model or something of that nature if I so desired. I’m tall, blond and blue eyed, fit and jet curvy in all the right places. At that time I also had nice double D size boobs. I refused to model because I wanted to use my mind to get by and not my body like a whore. I was a smart girl and I didn’t need to sell out like that. In the back of my mind I always knew I could model if I really needed too. Needless to say all men found me appealing, too appealing in fact.
Almost every day some looser would ask me out or give me a compliment. It started to happen in my teens and it was exciting then, but as I grew up it got old real fast. I started to look down on men as a gender, they where all the same to me, only interested in sex. My male students, and even some of the girls, would sit and drool as they undressed me with their eyes, my male teacher colleagues was no different. Another day meant another student with a crush on me. It was always the same, even if I dressed very conservatively. Mr. Kazuhiro, the gym teacher, was the worst of all however.

One day, as I passed Mr. Kazuhiro in one of schools hallways late in the evening, he sexually harassed me! He seemed to have a desperate look on his face as he walked towards me in the hallway that evening. I greeted him with a nod as he was about to pass me by. He then suddenly grabbed my shoulders and pushed me up against the lockers! Mr. Kazuhiro was strong as a bull so his grip hurt me a little. I froze in total shock as I was pinned against the lockers. He started to kiss and lick my face like an animal as he confessed his love and lust for me, as if I did not already know. His hands were all over me. He was kneading one of my tits with his right hand through the fabric of my shirt, while his left hand was probing under my skirt. He told me that he wanted to “do me” right there in the hallway. But that’s crazy, even if I wanted him, I would never have sex in a public place like that. When his hand started to rub my pussy through the thin fabric of my white cotton panties, I suddenly unfroze and slapped Mr. Kazuhiro hard, right across his face.
To my surprise the slap stopped his physical assault on me, but started his verbal assault. He shouted that I was a “lewd western slut and a whore”. He also said that I had purposely lured him to me and flirted with him. In his mind I was some kind of vile temptress, toying with him. I told him that “he was imagining things”. After I said that last line, Mr. Kazuhiro looked at me right in the eyes and said “You will regret rejecting me, slut. ” After that he just walked away and I started to cry.
After that incident I talked to the principle to try and get Mr. Kazuhiro fired. Nothing happened. I talked to the police but of course they dropped the case due to lack of evidence. After all, it was his word against mine. Mr. Kazuhiro stressed me out simply by always being around the work place. As I passed him in the hallways he gave me dirty looks. I was never sure but I think he followed me around, even after work. Long story short, I dint really lose my job, I decided to quit. I decided to never work in a school ever again.
I slipped into a depression and soon stopped looking for new jobs. The attempted rape by Mr. Kazuhiro had left deeper scars in me then I had expected. No money was coming in and the time ran out. I failed do pay my rent and was about to get kicked out of my apartment. In desperation for money I stated to look for modeling jobs.
I found a modeling advertisement that promised to pay well. It had a picture of a beautiful girl, the pay was great and they offered many other benefits. The picture was modest and classy, so it did not strike me as a porn model agency. The advertisement went on to explain how their company was searching for busty western female models in particular.
Normally I would never pay attention to something like this. Of course I had opportunities to get lots of low status jobs, but that was below my posh standards, even though I was desperate. I knew I had the body for the model job, and I would rather do that then take another teaching job. The place was also open at the time and nearby. As I walked over there I wondered why the flyer asked for busty western girls, how many of those girls can there be in Japan?
When I got there it seem like the model agency had a pretty big office building. When I later talked to the receptionist and explained my errand she guided me to a waiting room and I sat down there. The receptionist suddenly came and gave me a glass of champagne for free. I believed I was getting the royal treatment and drank it, stupid thing to do. She had an evil grin on her face as she saw me take a sip. Soon I started to feel dizzy, but not in a bad way. The buzz I felt was nothing like what alcohol can give you, this was something else.
Of course the drink contained some sort of drug that had a strange effect on me. It made me feel euphoric, obedient and submissive. I was overwhelmed by a strong sensation that everything was fine. Yes, I knew I was drugged against my will, a very serious thing. But due to the drug I felt no anger or stress over that. Instead I just felt alright, like everything was great. The “slave drug” made my psyche completely open to any suggestion from outside. If someone had told me to jump off a cliff at that point I would have done it.
A door suddenly opened and a man approached me. He looked like a doctor or scientist with his white lab coat. The man said that all my possessions, including my life, now belonged to the company he represented. I nodded in agreement. He went on to inform me that I was never to leave this building alive. I was to become a sex slave and a milk cow. Again I nodded in total agreement, as if that had been my plan all along. After that he asked for my identification. He also found out that nobody knew I went there, that information seemed to please him. After that he ordered me to remove all me clothing. I instantly obeyed him. From that moment on, I was to be naked for the rest of my life.
He led me into his doctor’s office. It felt so strange to walk in there naked, the floor felt cold to my naked feet. He told me that he was going to inject my tits with a substance that would make my tits grow and produce milk. I was ordered to stand in front of him, facing him, as he prepared his syringes, one for each breast.
I was ordered to keep my arms raised above my head, presenting my breasts to him. “These tits are perfect for milk production” he said, while looking exited.
I stayed in position whilst the doctors needle penetrating my right breast. I hardly noticed the pinch of the syringe because of the drug I had taken. I should be screaming in pain since it was a sensitive area, a big needle and a large injection. I could feel the strange liquid as it started to take up space inside my breast. The slave drug I had taken before must have been pretty powerful stuff. After that he did the same thing to my left boob. Then he gave me a plaster band-aid on each boob and also gave me a more general medical checkup.
After that I was sent to what seemed to be a prison cell. It was a small room, barely big enough to have a bed in it and a toilet. I sat down on the bed and time started to fly by. There was a video camera in the ceiling, so I was constantly being watched. There was also a TV in the corner of the room. It always featured the same show on loop. The show was about cows on green pastures bellowing and eating grass. The slave drug made it very hard to keep a coherent thought in my mind. Just as I was about to figure something out, the thought vanished and I had to start over mentally.
Every now and again, the doctor or someone else would walk in and pass me a cup of different pills. Because I was under the influence of the drug, I gladly consumed the new drugs without any protest. Because of this I was permanently under the influence of the “slave drug” and who knows what else. I was also given lots of fatty and sugar rich food. Much more then I could eat. I was ordered to eat as much as I could without vomiting. I tried my best. Everything I ate had lots of strawberries in it for some reason. Despite all that good eating my belly did not get any fatter; instead I just got a strange feeling in my tits. They always felt bloated and sore. I also noted that my skin was turning more and more white. At first I figured that it was due to the lack of sunlight.
Days went by, then weeks. I started to forget things. I could only vaguely remember who I was or why I was in this cell. My skin had become bone white now and large black spots hard formed on random places, like on a Holstein cow. Every morning I noticed that my tits where bigger. Sometimes I would just sit and stare at them. I could almost see them grow before my eyes! This process of growth was probably very painful, but the drugs saved me from all pain. When I entered my cell I had double D size boobs. Now I had tits bigger then my head and they were still growing. My huge tits always felt hot and sensitive now and my nipples had become bigger and puffier. All the body hair from below my neck started to spontaneously fall off and it did not grow back. My skin was smooth and soft all over. Constantly the looping tv-show about cows went on in the background, even at night. As I slept I started to dream that I was a cow every night. When I woke up, my old life was all but forgotten.
Because of the boobs, I could now only sleep on my back. One morning I woke up to find my sheets were soaked with milk. At first I thought I was just sweaty, but the sent was sweet. As I sat up on my bed I noticed that milk was dripping from my nipples. I looked down at my huge boobs. They had grown again. They were now the size of basketballs! Every second a new drop of milk formed on my nipple and dropped. I gently squeezed my swollen tits and jets of milk shot out of my nipples. It felt extremely good.
The more I squeezed my giant boobs the more milk I gave. The many jets of milk showered the floor of my cell and the milk supply seem endless. The more I did this, the better it felt. Soon I felt a wonderful orgasm building up. This was strange to me since I have never had a orgasm without touching my pussy. As I came I bellowed “Mooooooo!” and my milk actually hit the wall on the other side of the room.
When the orgasm was over the fear came over me. I had lost the ability to speak! I could not make a sound other then “mooo!”. The looping tv-show and the drugs had changed me somehow. I refused to accept the change. I was still human. I tried to shout; ” you can’t take my humanity!”, but instead I said; “Mmmmmoooooooooooh!” Oh God…I was Mooing like a stupid cow! And I could not control it.
The next day a woman came and removed me from my cell. She just walked in and told me to follow her. As I left my cell, I realized that I had no idea how much time I had spent in there. Had I been inside the cell for a few weeks or a few months? As I walked my huge tits jiggled and bounced while my nipples leaked milk continuously. After a long walk down a hallway we arrived at what looked like a photo shoot studio. I was ordered to pose in different sexy ways as a photographer took pictures of me. At the time I had no idea what the pictures would be used for.
After the photo shoot that lasted for about an hour, the woman ordered me to follow her again. She led me further down the hall to what looked like a big barn door. She had taken me to what can only be described as a stable! The stable was filled with horsy’s stalls only each stall contained a beautiful cowgirl with gigantic tits. I was lead to an empty stall. The floor was covered in soft hay, just like in a barn. As I sat down in the hay, I realized that there were no locked doors in this place, there was no need. All the prisoners where drugged. I sat there listening to the other cowgirls bellowing constantly in the background, realizing that I was now one of them.
The woman gave me an oversized plastic breast pump. The pump was powered by an electric motor. She ordered me to use it whenever I felt the need. I also received several big empty plastic bottles that I was going to fill with milk and a coolbox to store them in. After giving the instructions she just walked out. I already felt the need to use the pump.
I started the pump and attached its suction cups to my breasts. I felt the lovely suction instantly. Instead of a constant tug, it started and stopped like a pulse, causing my nipples to stretch and recede inside the cups. I didn’t realize how stimulating the experience would be, it felt even better then when I squeezed it out myself earlier. My milk sprayed inside the cup and poured down into the attached bottle, filling it up slowly. It felt so nice. My eyes rolled back.
I came again and again. Each time I came I bellowed loudly and the milk seemed to flow more easily. The process took several hours. Basically I drained my tits, took a break and just caressed my nipples. Then when the breast started to get full again, I drained them again. I filled up the first bottle, then the second. In total orgasmic bliss even the third bottle was filled. After that the milk flow slowed down and final stopped, filling about a third of the forth bottle.
Later, just before lights out, my filled milk bottles were collected and replaced by empty ones.
I spent the next day trying to fill all my empty bottles. Basically all the milk I produced that day went straight into bottles. One could say that the whole day was a long masturbation session, like if I was a teenage boy or something. On average I would say I had about one orgasm every minute during that day. I arrived at each orgasm without even touching my pussy. All I needed was my tits now. At the end of the day I had filled 8 bottles.
During the day I only took breaks for going to the “bathroom” which consisted of a plain metal bucket in the corner of my stall. And I also took breaks for eating and drinking. I only took breaks when I waited for my tits to fill up. The food was great, but I was getting dead tiered of strawberries. That day for example I received a big bowl of what appeared to be mashed strawberry pie mixed with melted strawberry ice-cream to form a thick paste. It looked like crap but it did not taste like it.
Time went by like this. My boobs got even bigger and my body learned to produce more milk faster. My breasts were getting so big and heavy now that they restricted my movement, but I was not fat at all. The only part of me that gained any weight was my boobs. My tits were the size of beach balls now.
Male visitors started to come by. Apparently I was now not just a milk producer, I was also a prostitute without pay, a sex slave. They would drop by one at a time and spend about 30 minutes with me each. Often I received over 15 men per day. All the men where breast lovers and had most likely paid very much to get their 30 minutes. There were so many of them, they just became horny anonymous Japanese businessmen who came to play with my tits.
The typical visit with a male visitor would go down like this: He walks in wearing a robe that he takes off. I’m usually sitting with my back to the wall, draining my tits with the pumps. He kneels before me and removes my breast pumps. He then starts to play with my tits. He kneads my huge boobs and presses his hands against them. He grabs pinches and pulls on my nipples and watches how the milk sprays out. He will soon start sucking on one of my tits to drink my milk, while he keeps playing with the other breast. After a minute of his sucking I will have an orgasm. He will drink my milk until he is full, then he wants his release. Usually they all want a “titty fuck”. Normally the men want me on my back for that.
They put his rock hard dicks between my breasts and tell me to squeeze them together. Then they fuck my tits. They usually talk dirty to me during the titty fuck. They tell me how I’m just a lewd cow, a whore and a slut. Since my tits are so smooth and soft and because the men are fucking that things they love the most they never last very long, they cum after about a minute of fucking my tits. Afterwards I use an old rag to clean up the sperm from between my boobs, get ready for the next guy who will want the same treatment.
My life was now all about producing milk and performing sexual favors all day nonstop in this manner. After weeks I got an unexpected visit, he came in wearing a robe like just another random businessman, but it was Mr. Kazuhiro, the gym teacher who tried to rape me! Of course I was shocked to see him. “I have been waiting for this” he said with a grin as he took of his robe. “I saw your picture on a bottle of illegal human milk, sold under the counter” he continued as he walked towards me. “I had to sell most of what I own to afford my 30 minutes with you, now I will punish you for seducing me!” He said with a mixture of anger and lust in his voice.
Like most men he started with my breasts, but he was rougher. He grabbed them hard, making milk spurt out of the nipples giving me both pleasure and pain. His strong hands did hurt when he pushed and pulled on my tits, but releasing milk felt good. After a while of this he stood up and told me to suck his dick. He had a very large penis, long and thick. He rolled back the foreskin to reveal the big shiny head, and then he told me to smell it. He told me that he hadn’t washed his genitals for days, because he wanted me to do it with my tongue. I ignored the foul smell and licked his dick and balls clean. After that he shoved his dick into my mouth. He ordered me to suck on just the head, while I stroked his shaft. I basically just jerked him off into my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head as he got close to finishing.
“I have saved up cum for days and you will eat it all” he said as he started to cum a huge load. Sperm started to spew forth into my mouth. He just kept pumping out the salty stuff and I swallowed it all.

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