How Grandpa and Uncle Frank Fucked Me

Grandpa was sitting in his favorite chair reading the newspaper while
absentmindedly rubbing his crotch. He called out to his young grand-daughter who was in the other room, “Janet, come in here.” She entered the room and said, “Yes, grandpa?” The old man, dropping the newspaper on the floor, unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi-erect cock. He told her, “Come suck grandpa like a good little girl.” Janet did as she was told, kneeling in front of grandpa’s chair and taking his cock in her small hands. She eagerly took the head of his penis in her mouth and began sucking him while sliding her hand up and down his shaft in short strokes. He watched her as she sucked him to hardness and marvelled at his good fortune. What man his age would not want to have a pretty young thing like this girl around the house to do his bidding? How in the world did he ever get so lucky?

She had been living with him for 3 months now and he had complete custody of her. He began fucking her almost immediately after she arrived on his doorstep with a social services representative. This official makes bimonthly visits to check on her, and the little girl knows better than to ever tell anyone what he does to her. Grandpa was well-endowed and it hurt her when he entered her in the beginning, often times causing her to bleed. She was scared at the sight of the blood, but he had assured her that in time she would be able to take his cock into her without it causing pain.

This proved to be true and now the little girl seems to enjoy the attention her grandpa shows her. She also likes living on a farm and having room to run around and play like other children. But she wasn’t like other children, but she did not know that. Grandpa told her many times that all grandpas have special little girls they fuck and there was nothing wrong with that..

The only thing that would be wrong would be to talk about it to others. He told her that what went on in their family was nobody business, and this seemed to satisfy Janet because she wanted to please her grandpa. And she did. Her 18-year old pussy was the tightest he had ever felt. It gripped his shaft like a vice. And he had taught her to give head as good as any man could possibly want. She stopped complaining about the taste of his seed weeks ago, now being able to swallow all of his cum without pulling her mouth away too soon. Yes, he was a lucky man.

These were his thoughts as he shot his load down her throat while caressing her soft blond hair with his hand. “That’s a good girl, honey. You go out and play now.” She ran outside as he stared down at his limp cock, which was glistening with her saliva. He stood and zipped his pants, walking outside. Squinting, he could see a familiar truck turning through the gate, which served as the entrance to his property. He was none too happy to see his brother’s beat up truck winding down the dirt road leading to the house.

“Damn it! What the hell are they doing here?” He walked out to greet his
brother Frank, and sister-in-law Blanche.

Frank was two years younger than grandpa’s 67 years. He was of average size, but had a belly on him. He was wearing blue jean overalls and had an ever-present toothpick in his mouth. Blanche was slightly younger than her husband, but looked older. She was a heavy woman and looked almost comical when she smiled due to her missing front teeth.

“Howdy, James,” said the woman. “We came out to meet that grand-daughter of yours.”

Grandpa said, “I reckon it’s time you did meet her.” With this, he yelled for Janet, who came running. He introduced them to the girl, who was promptly embraced in a bear hug by Blanche. “My, you are a pretty little thing, aren’t you? Give your old Uncle Frank a kiss now, you hear?” Frank leaned over to receive a kiss on the cheek from his great-niece. Grandpa told her to go back to playing and leave the adults to talk. They entered the kitchen where grandpa poured them all cups of coffee.

He could tell that Blanche and Frank were nervous about something and was just waiting for them to say what was on their minds. At this time, Blanche said, “She sure is pretty, James. I’ll bet you like having a pretty little gal out here all by yourself.”

Grandpa said, “We are still getting used to each other, but I don’t mind
having her here.” Frank and Blanche exchanged knowing glances and Blanche proceeded with her line of questioning. “It gets mighty lonely out here, don’t it, without any other grownups to talk to? You been without a woman around here for a long time, James. We could understand how hard it would be having a pretty little thing like that live here with you when your wife’s been dead so long.”

“What the hell are you getting at, Blanche,” said a very uncomfortable

“Now James, don’t fly off the handle here. What we are trying to say is that if you are beddin’ that gal, we understand,” said his brother.

“I don’t see how that is any of your business one way or the other,” grandpa said, hoping to end this conversation.

Blanche took his lack of denial as a positive sign and finally got around to the purpose of their trip. “James, you know how bad James and I have always wanted children, but could never have any.”

With this he blew up, “You ain’t getting that girl!”

His sister-in-law continued, trying to calm him, “No, no, James, that ain’t what we are asking. It’s just that if you are bedding her, she will eventually get pregnant. What are you gonna do then? You living out here alone with her? They will throw you in jail! What we would like is for you to let Frank bed her too, and when she does get pregnant, you let us keep the baby.”

“She ain’t even of childbearing age yet,” he said.

Frank chimed in, “We know that, James. But even if she can’t get pregnant today, she might get pregnant tomorrow. And Blanche has mid-wife experience. No one would have to know but us. Blanche can deliver a baby right here in this house!”

Grandpa had to stop and think about this. It had crossed his mind that this would be a problem down the road. And what in the hell would he do with a baby? This might be a fair solution. “There ain’t no way I am going to give up my right to bed her just so you can have a baby!”

Blanche offered, “You wouldn’t have to, James. It don’t matter who the
father is as long as it’s seed from the same family.”

Scratching his chin, he finally agreed. They decided Janet would leave with them and stay for a week. They would take turns having her on alternating weeks. Grandpa went out to the barn to tell Janet she would be leaving with Frank and Blanche.

“Do I have to go, grandpa,” she asked.

“Yes, girl, you do. I want you to do everything they tell you to do, do you understand? Remember that they are family, and what we do in our family is nobody’s business,” he told her.

“Does that mean that Uncle Frank will want to fuck me, grandpa?”

“Yes, I suspect he will. You do what they tell you.”

“OK, grandpa,” she said.

Grandpa watched them drive off. He was upset that he has to share her with his brother, but thinks their help might come in handy later on.

When they got out of sight of the farm, Blanche told her husband to pull
over for a minute. “Now, girl, I want you to give your Uncle Frank a kiss..”

Janet said, “I already gave him a kiss.”

“Blanche sneered and said, “I ain’t talking about a kiss on the cheek. I am talking about a kiss like you give your grandpa.”

Janet turned to her uncle and pressed her lips to his, sticking her tongue in his mouth the way her grandpa likes. Frank was startled at first, but then felt his cock twitch as he twirled his tongue around hers.

His wife laughed and said, “That’s better. You need to learn right off to mind and do as you are told. Now let’s get home. We have work to do!”

That night, as they got ready for bed, Janet asked where she would be
sleeping. Blanche told her she would be sleeping in the middle of their bed with them. “And don’t bother putting on your gown. You won’t be needing that tonight!”

All three of them got in the bed naked. Janet quickly noted that Uncle Frank had a lot more hair between his legs than did grandpa. And he had a big belly on him too. Aunt Blanche’s huge tits hung down so low, they almost hid her belly. Blanche reached across Janet and grabbed her husband’s cock, giving it several strong strokes to harden it. This accomplished, Blanche said, “All right, Frank, give her a poke. Spread your legs for your Uncle Frank, girl.”

Her husband, though not liking the fact that his wife was watching him, was anxious to mount the little girl. He gingerly climbed on top of Janet and guided the head of his cock to her pussy lips. “She’s dry as a bone, Blanche.”

“Here, let me do it,” she said, reaching over on the nightstand and opening a large jar of Vaseline. She scooped out a good amount and proceeded to rub it on the little girl’s pussy, inserting two fingers into her vagina to make sure it was lubricated. “Now try it.”

Frank then easily entered the child, almost coming the moment he did. His wife was so stretched out and barren, that he rarely ever took pleasure there. This was different. This little girl was so very tight around his cock, he knew he would not last long before he came inside her. He humped her for a few short minutes, then shot his seed deep inside her, almost screaming as he did. The little girl didn’t seem to mind him fucking her, which was good. He was afraid he would have to hold her down while he did his business. He rolled off her and lay back on the bed with a smile on his face.

Blanche reached over and took a good-sized cork off the nightstand. “Spread your legs, girl,” she said as she herself spread the girls’ legs further apart so she could look at the girl’s wet pussy. She could see her husband seed oozing out, so she took two of her fingers and tried pushing the seed back into the little girl’s vagina. “Frank, slide that pillow under her hips.” He did this, thus elevating her lower half a little. “That’s better,” she said, inserting the cork into the girl’s vagina.

“What’s that,” Janet asked.

“It’s a cork from the cider barrel. It will help keep Uncle Frank’s seed
inside you so we can make a baby.”

“I’m going to get a baby,” Janet asked.

“No, we are making a baby in you, and when you have it, you will give it to us. You are too young to be taking care of a baby,” the old woman told her.

Blanche reached over and squeezed the little girl’s very small tits and
said, “When you have a baby, your titties are going to get real big and full of milk. That’s how you will feed our baby. It will suck these nipples right here,” she said, pinching Janet’s nipple. “I suppose your Uncle Frank and grandpa will want to have a suckle too when your titties get big,” she chuckled.

Janet slept all night in between the two of them, with the cork and Uncle Frank’s seed inside her. This was how she slept all week. Every night Blanche watched her husband mate with the little girl. She kept a close eye on him and would not let him be alone with Janet. She wanted her husband to father a baby with Janet, but she did not want her husband to have too much fun with her. Frank had wondered aloud to Blanche if the little girl sucks his brother’s cock. He was hoping Blanche would suggest that Janet do that for Frank, but she didn’t.

As it turned out, Blanche was not able to make the trip with them to return Janet to her grandfather’s house. While driving there, Uncle Frank pulled off the road and under some shade trees. His truck was out of sight from the road when he finally stopped. He turned to Janet and asked, “Janet, does your grandpa just fuck you or do you do other things too?”

“We do other things too, Uncle Frank,” was all the little girl said.

“Does your grandpa ever ask you to suck his cock for him?”

“Yes, he likes that a lot,” she said cheerfully.

“Your Aunt Blanche thinks that it would be bad for you to suck my cock. She said it would be wasting seed that should be going in your belly.”

The little girl thought about this for a moment and then said, “But grandpa said when I suck his cock, his seed goes in my belly.”

Uncle Frank smiled, and said, “Yes, that is true, but it will not get you pregnant. Someone has to fuck you to get you pregnant. If you don’t tell your Aunt Blanche, I sure would like for you to suck my cock. Would you do that for me? It would sure make me happy.”

“Grandpa said I should do everything you say,” she said, moving closer to him.

Uncle Frank turned, stretching out his right leg on the seat. He unzipped his pants and fished out his cock. Without speaking, Janet scooted over between his legs and leaned over to take him in her mouth. He watched her tongue dart all around his cock while her hand pumped him. Then she took the head into her mouth and sucked very hard as she squeezed his cock with her hand. He watched this little beauty thinking it must be a dream. He placed his hands on either side of her head and began to gently thrust his hips, fucking her mouth. He came hard and she swallowed his wet gift.

He pulled her up to him and kissed her passionately. “You were right…now my seed is in your belly! You are such a good girl and you make me feel so good. I hope your grandpa takes good care of you, honey. And you can come back to my house any time you want.”

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