How daughter-in-law lets things proceed.

Arun sat down at the breakfast table to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and the paper. They had enquired and it would still be some time before lunch would be ready. He had already gone through that in the morning but paper is something that can be picked up again. Anytime. He was already pissed at the turn of events and the hard to get attitude of Rupa. A scowl crossed his face. The way she had snubbed him was still fresh in his mind.

A few seconds later Rupa padded into the kitchen. Arun looked at her longingly. He had always liked her. Why was providence playing such games with him? She was so bright, pretty, energetic and arrogant too. She often reminded him of his wife when they were first married. Even dressed in a pair of old flannel pajamas and half-closed eyes she radiated youthful beauty. His frown quickly changed to a smile as she shot him a quick glance and headed directly to the coffee maker. She poured herself a cup and they chatted for a few minutes about the weather and other mundane issues.

Thank God she was not sour with him. If anything her attitude seemed to be on the positive side.

When she asked him if he needed a refill he nodded. Then something happened that turned his life upside down. When she leaned over to pour his coffee the neckline of her top hung very low. Now, only inches away from his eye hung Rupa’s creamy white breasts. Not just cleavage, but everything including her thick brown nipples. For the five or so seconds the vision lasted he couldn’t pull his eyes away. When she stood up he knew she must have caught him staring and started turning red faced. But Rupa just rubbed her eyes, put back the pot and headed out of the kitchen saying how she had to shower and dress.

She had already planned to leave the door open a crack. Even with only one inch open one could still get a nice view of the shower. As she showered she imagined him watching her and had to fight the urge to slide her fingers inside herself.

Arun’s could feel his cock starting to get hard. Rupa closed her bedroom door and started the shower. She stripped off all the clothes and lay naked on the bed. She was so wet she just had to rub her clit for just a few minutes. For 8 years she had been the devoted girlfriend and then wife to Avinash, sharing her thoughts and body only with him. Now, in the span of a week she had allowed her elderly father-in-law get a close up look at her bare breasts. But what was the big deal? Breasts of young women are seen by so many strangers when they breast feed so what was the harm if she had allowed her father in law some voyeuristic pleasure? Did he like what he saw? Would he want to see more? Would he have dirty thoughts about her? It was obvious or he would not be making such suggestive gestures. Obviously his sex life was a non starter and that is why he was so desperate.She came hard, suppressing her moans as best she could.

It was apparent that he was making sexual suggestions. She felt outraged and flattered. Outraged because as her father in law he could even harbour such thoughts. And flattered that she could make a man who was her father in law so aroused that he was willing to take such a great risk. If caught, he would be the object of everybody’s ridicule and opprobrium. Still he was taking that risk. All because of her!

Fifteen minutes after Rupa had closed the door of her room, Arun was already stroking himself. The image of Rupa’s hanging breasts were entrenched in his mind. He thought that perhaps the free show she had given him was just an accident. Or was it deliberate? For the first time since Avinash had brought home the budding 18 year-old Rupa he tried to picture her completely naked. Shortly a thick stream of white cum began to flow slowly out of his rejuvenated cock.

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