How can such clean girls be so dirty! – Dee’s Panties Obsession

Dee woke late the next day after a restful nights sleep. As she worked at least one day of the weekend she usually had at least one day off during the week, today being one of them. Sara had work and had already left.

Washing and housework was her agenda today but first she sat with a cuppa to wake herself up properly. She didn’t bother dressing, there was no one around to see and it was a warm enough day so wearing only her nightie and panties got stuck in to her work.

As she was hovering the lounge carpet her mind wandered and she was soon thinking of Sara. She felt a tingle of excitement between her legs when she thought about Sara’s dirty panties and how she’d worn them all day and how messy they had become when she returned them to her the night before last.

She was definitely getting wet now. Suddenly a thought struck her, ‘I wonder if Sara has washed them yet.’ Sara and Dee had separate laundry baskets in their rooms as they always did their own washing. Dee wouldn’t normally go in Sara’s room if she wasn’t home but her excitement got the better of her. She had to have a look.

Sara’s basket was empty. She must have already done her washing. Dee checked the washing machine, empty as well. Never mind she thought, they had to be washed sometime. She carried on with her chores.

As Dee was loading the washing machine she couldn’t resist having a sniff of her dirty panties before throwing them in. Kneeling in front of the machine she raised one pair after another to her nose and closing her eyes, lost herself in her fantasies. She was about to close the door when she reached in and grabbed the last pair she sniffed and put them to one side. She would save them for later she decided.

She treated herself to a long hot soapy soak in the bath but made sure she had enough time to cook some dinner ready for when Sara got in from work.

“Oh Dee how lovely!” Sara exclaimed as she stepped into the kitchen to find dinner waiting for her on the table.

“You often make me dinner so thought I should make the effort,” said Dee.

“Very nice, thank you honey,” said Sara giving Dee’s shoulders a squeeze and kissed the top of her head as she walked passed her to sit down.

After dinner Sara ran herself a bath and Dee retired to her room. As Sara stripped and stepped into the bath her thoughts were of Dee. She laid back and her hands ran all over her body imagining they were Dee’s hands, stroking her nipples, stroking her thighs, stroking her pussy.

Once again Dee couldn’t help her mind wandering, she thought of Sara stripping off and stepping into the bath. The hot soapy water caressing her body finding every crevice. She wished she could be that water. Dee knew it was wrong. Sara was her auntie! She shouldn’t be having these thoughts.

A knock on her door brought her back to reality, “can I come in?” called Sara.

“Yeah of course,” answered Dee.

The door opened and Sara stepped in holding one hand behind her back, “I know I should have washed these by now… but temptation got the better of me,” said Sara as she pulled her hand into view.

“I’ve been a very dirty girl today, I wore these panties to work, my dirty ones you wore for work the other day,” confessed Sara waving them in her hand, “I can see how you felt wearing them, I’ve been so wet all day. Don’t suppose you want them now though, far to dirty… I’ll put them in the wash.”

“NO…” shouted Dee and Sara laughed.

“Shall I leave them here then?” teased Sara.

“Yes please,” said Dee and reached under her pillow retrieving the panties she’d kept from her laundry earlier, “shall we swap!” Dee held them out to Sara.

By : storyfella

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