Hot teenager and a little older guy

Jodi lived in a beautiful farm house in New England that her parents had given her when they moved to Arizona. She was 30 years old, a successful news writer and had been a lesbian since she went to college. Jodi had broken up with a love about a year ago and really hadn’t hooked up in a meaningful relationship since. Actually she was sitting in her room one day when she realized that she hadn’t had sex with anyone but herself in months and her masturbating was getting weird as she seemed to be masturbating on the same subject and it was starting to bother her. So she decided to go on gay cruise and see if she could find a new love, if nothing more maybe she could have a few days of wild sex, which would be pretty good for new fantasies; if nothing more.

The above has little to do with the story, however. What is important is that Jodi had decided that while she was away she would have some work done on the porch that went entirely around her house and was in need of repair and panting. A friend of hers from another New England state had lost his job and was looking for work and he was a great carpenter. So she set it up that while she was a way Jake would stay at the house, take care of her cats and fix the porch and she would pay him for the week.

So the week came and Jodi took off. Jake left the house early the first morning in his pickup truck went down the long dirt road, turned on the road that went into town. About ½ mile down the road Jake noticed this hot looking high school girl waiting for the school bus. He almost stared at her the entire time he approached and then in the side view mirror as he pasted by. She was blonde, long hair, nice rack, wearing a short top, micro skirt and Ugg boots, even though it was warm out. She must have been 16-18 years old he guessed.

Jake drove another ½ mile and saw another 2 kids and then the bus coming up the street. This was not a very populated town and he laughed that every family that had kids seem to have their own bus stop. Seeing as the town started near Jodi’s street, he guessed that the girl might be the end of the line.

Jake, thought to himself “I have to come by here everyday at this time.”

He got his supplies and went back up to the house and got to work. After a few hours he was working on the floor and noticed three marks where the stain hadn’t faded as much. He continued to work, but it got him thinking as to what the marks were and deduced that it was a tripod of some kind. He felt that if he lived here he would probably have a telescope, and figured that was probably what it was.

At about 3:00 he was taking a break and was looking down the hill when he saw the school bus coming back up the town road. He watched as the bus stopped a few times, he kept walking around the porch so he could see his beauty get off the bus. He was upset that he could barely see her. He watched as the bus stopped and then proceeded to Jodi’s road and used it to turn around and then head back into town.

Jake was about to move and go back to work when he noticed that he was standing right where the tripod marks were. He looked by his feet and then back up to the beauty’s house; they were totally in line. “You fucking lesbian you” he said out loud; talking to Jodi who was thousands of miles away. Jake stopped work right then and went on his search for what ever was on the tripod, maybe it was a great camera and Jodi had a stash of pictures or something.

Jake found that Jodi had left everything unlocked and he had free run of the house. He even found a vibrator in her night table, but it was plain vanilla, like the kind you get at mall or something, “no way” he thought.

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